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Underclassmen ,4 

The Oak Ridge School 

LANCER ’9 7 

Sandwich High School 

365 Quaker Meetinghouse Road 
E. Sandwich, MA 02537 

From Our Srtiall Beginnings . . j’} 

The Forestdale School 

^ ^ Henry T. Wing 


®^’l fM 

ay 18, 1996, the dayj^we all had been ? 
preparing for, finally arrived. Since freshmen 
year, Mr. Grimaldi, the class officers, and the rest 
of the class, discussed various themes, songs, and 
pew ide^ for our prom. Junior year, we finally 
decided on the theme. Phantom of the Opera. The 
theme alone brought exciting plans for oi|{;, pr^m 
to be different from all others. Our,^lasS picked 
the theme song, “Black” by Pearl Jam. From the 
very beginning, we wanted our p'rom to be unique 
and memorable. Instead of the usual prom gla^v,, 
we gave ^^ut" a sparkly silver candle in a glass, 
along with a redfose fb all the girls, and a ^an- 
tom? mask to all the guys. As we entered the gym 
that was' transformed into a theatre, we saw a 
week^ worth of preparation, from the chandelier 
and organ, to the bridges and waterfalls. The time 
came to crown the King, Queen, and cqurt. Dh 
the court was: Dave LeGacy, Jared McElroy, 
Stephanie Wilhite, Mgttj^oyce, Kar%Tr§p,t, Am- 
ber Greefil&f, Afghan Devine, Justifi Crompton, 
Stephen Burns, Cerissa Creedeft. Melilsa Lanoie, 
Amy,^Ted0Schi, Savvas Papadopoulos, 'feen, 
Losordo, Megfiann Hensen and Jacob Jos^lyn. 
The King was Sean ^.izotte and the Queen, 
Amanda Morrison. This night was fciemorable 
from start to finish. The class ojf 1997 came to- one to make our prorri'Thetiest ever and 
we did just that. 


Mike Flanigan introduces the soccer team. Kevin Knippenburg leads the senior class. Marni with her pj’s on. Bo cheers loudly for the class of ’97 
Laura and Laura ready for bed. Jeff and Mandy finally get to wear hats to school. Looks like Steve is having a bad hair day. Bobby, Katie, Eric, and 
Justin in their pj’s; they just need a Teddy bear. 

The senior class shows their spirit with 194 seniors wearing “Walk for Justin” tee shirts on Blue and 
White Day. It is easy to see why the seniors won spirit week. Just look at Jenn and Missy’s outfits. De- 
von Brady dressed as Criss Cross. Meg Sylvester, Christina Koestner, and Savvas Papadopoulos all 
wear pj’s and fluffy slippers . . . night, night. Retro Day shows our seniors have the true 60’s and 7()’s 
look. All the seniors get into the spirit during the pep rally. 

“We worked hard for three 
weeks on our routine and we 
know we were the best. 
Stephanie Wilhite deserves 
the credit for our polished 
look. Maybe the judges 
didn’t get the skit!” 

Kevin Knippenberg 

And Everyone Can Hear It! 

Katie Crupi and Nate Brown graciously accept their titles of Homecoming Queen and King. Corrie, Meghan, and Brenna are enjoying their last Home- 
coming dance. Seniors Holly, Jeremy, Katie, and Julie have the spirit. So Yung looks dazzling in red. Devin and Cathy dance the night away. Colin 
Walsh with his ’97 shirt. Danielle and Mike smile for the camera. Steve, Brad, and Brian are dressed up and ready to dance. 

A s spirit week began, thip se- 
niors led the way to a success- 
ful Pep Rally and Homecom- 
ing ’96. This year, “Pajama Day” was 
our first event. Our class carried spirit 
with us throughout the week with 
“^tro Day”,-“T^lga/Hat Day” and fi- 
nally the traditional “Blue and White 
Day”. It was the first time our class 
was so mpified. Tliere was no way any- 
one could come close to ^exceeding us 
on “Blue and White Day”. Our class 
pulled together and all wore the blue 
and white “Walk for Justin” tee- 
shirts, supporting both our classmate 
and our cl^s. The theme for this 
year’s Pep R^lly was music types. The 
Freshmen Class began the rally with 
their skit to Jamaican ska. The Sopho- 
mores* followed with a country line 
dance routine. “Soundtracks”, the 
theme for the Juniors, came directly 
after that, with a live Blues Brothers 
band. Finally, for tjjje gran J finale, the 
lights dimmed, the seniors came out 
suprising everyone. Our skit be^an 
with “G” and his gang. Then the 
whole senior class came out together 
and entered the rally thrbu^,^the 
trunk of the “Coolio” car. Joe Cole as 
“Vanilla Ice” and Stephanie Wilhite 
and all her dancers performed with ex- 
treme enthusiasm. Club ’97 followed 
with MC’s Suetronin and Brian Mc- 
Carthy. The entire senior class jj^riici- 
pated in the rest of the skit showing 
support for both our class' and the 
sports teams. This is the first time 
S.H.S. has ever had 100% senior par- 
ticipation. Student Council President, 
Savvas Papadopoulos, and Class of 
1997 President, Katie Crupi, intro- 
duced the fall sports teams, ^ch class 
cheered on the teams and encouraged 
them with their support. Three weeks 
of hard work and preparation really 
unified each class. Saturday after all 
the sports teams faced their rivals, ev- 
eryone came together at the Home- 
coming Dance. The dance had the 
largest turnout of any in S.H.S history. 
Homecoming Court members in- 
cluded;JFreshmen, Andrea McDonald, 
Jamie Dore, Todd Sadowski, Mike 
Christopher and Sam Brow#. Sopho- 
mores: Cara* Crul^, Caitlin Terry, 
Brian Jenkins and Ridhflifd Fields. Ju- 
niors: Trinity Broderick, Kerin Carl- 
son, Mike Cahill and Leonard Christo. 
Seniors: Mandy NTdrrison, Cerissa 
Creeden, Savvas Papadopoulos, K^in 
Knippenberg, King, I^ate Brown ami 
Queen, Katie Crupi. Everyone en- 
joyed themselves and it showed 
through their dancing all night long. 

Mandy Morrison and Josh Burbank . . . What a cute couple! Pat Hickson shows off his “Million Dollar 
Smile”. Kristen Crosby, Jenn Brabants, Stephanie Whilhite, Laura Varley, Katie Murphy, and Kristine 
Garrity show off their great dresses at the dance. Kelly O’Connell and Chris Darmon danced the night 
away. There’s Joe Cote dancing “Vanilla Ice” style. 

rom Separate Beginnings . 

To Sharing A 

Corey and Jason getting off the zip line. Josh is helping Julie with her 
harness. Jarrod and Chris take their lunch break. Jamie and Ryan 
help their group. The kids in this group get ready for action. Sean, 
Tom, and Phil find out what their group will be doing as their first 
event. Unity has brought this group together. Sara, Hilary, and Jen are 
ready for a fun filled day at Burgess. 


T he clas^ of ’97 has come a 
long way sinc^freshmarv 
year. , Coming from three 
di^'erent schools, we had to work 
as a group to come together. We 
had to overcome the obstacle of 
competing against each other. In 
October of our senior year, we 
^nt two days at Camp Burgess. 
As we arrived, we had to show that 
teamwork and effort was needed 
to meet yet more challenges. One 
of the hardest obstacles we accom- 
plished was the 1 3 foot wall where 
the group would have to figure out 
a strategy to put 8 to 1 6 students 
over the vyall. We also had to fig- 
ure out how to get our entire group 
o^er the peanut butter pit in a lim- 
ited amount of swings. The most 
difficult of all was the zip line. Sit- 
ting 65 feet up in the air was a per- ' 
^* sonal challenge, but you had the 
support of ireut c^assmate^ /\s 
each day came, to an end, the cjass 
of ’97 learned to trilst one ariother. 
Since weTiavp taken this trip, un- 
familiar classmates now have an 
understanding and trust for one 

Common Bond 

Jason gets help putting the tire over the 
log pole. Nicole, do you really trust 
Tom by following him blindfolded? Pe- 
ter Murphy and his group does the rope 
section of the obstacle course. Eric, 
Billy, and Brian wait to get their group 
started. Look closely, can you find Mrs. 
Wallin and “G” in among this group of 
happy Burgess campers? Sarah and Su- 
sie share a brief moment before the next 

Advisor, Friend 

“G” is a man who cannot be described by a few words. One word, 
however, that stands out in everyone’s mind is FRIEND. Whether it 
is shown through his work as an advisor, coach, or teacher, he has al- 
ways been there for us. “G” is always willing to spend his time during 
school, after hours, and on weekends to help us. His unique manner, 
incredible patience and understanding allow him to blend right in 
with the class. Everyone’s spirits are lifted with his inviting personal- 
ity, daily jokes, and sense of humor. 

We began our Freshman year with a fundraiser called “Pennies for 
97’’ which we followed through to our senior year, along with a penny 
candy sale at the Homecoming games. From there, we ventured fur- 
ther and took on projects such as Adopt-a-family, where we sat at Pu- 
rity with “G” at our side, collected canned goods, and shopped for 
Thanksgiving dinner for our adopted family. This is just one example 
of his willingness to sacrifice his valuable time. The Sophomore year 
magazine drive was a great success and added a boost to our class 
treasury. The ring dance brought the class even closer together. The 
uniqueness of our class was clearly demonstrated Junior year with 
our prom theme, “Phantom of the Opera.” Our gym was beautifully 
transformed through a lot of hard work. 

As we entered senior year with the pressures of college applications 
and deadlines upon us, we once again came together, this time to pull 
off our biggest fundraiser. The Walk for Justin was established to help 
support a classmate of ours. This event took a lot of time and energy, 
but it truly brought out the helping spirit of our class. We would be 
remiss if we did not mention our Homecoming skit with its three 
weeks of preparation and our Camp Burgess trip, which allowed all of 
us to share a common bond. 

When deciding to be an advisor for our class, he could not have 
imagined the obstacles that awaited him. At times, our class has had a 
reputation for procrastination and disorganization. Just when every- 
thing seemed to be at a standstill, he was able to pick us up and set us 
on the right track towards accomplishing our goals. With his helping 
hand and enthusiastic ways, he has guided our class through the past 
four years and inspired us individually and as a class. 

With love, the Class of ’97 

Peter Cannone 
Superintendent of Schools 
Jane Macdonald 
Curriculum Coordinator 
Robert Lyons 
Business Manager J-- 

Building Administration 

Russell Norton 
William Sangster 
Vice Principal 
Robert Woodbury 
Athletic Director 


Faculty And Staff 

Joanne Abbott 

Merry Sue Ahlgren 
Therese Alcorn 
Walter Alvezi 
Carole Antis 

Eugene Ash 
David Aycock 
Susan Bailey 

Brenda Baxley 
Foreign Language 
Julie Bach 


Teacher Of The Year 

) Jr 

Robert Hannon 

Tracy Bass 

Denise Benjamin, Department Chair 
Foreign Language 
Susan Blodgett 
Special Needs 

Kevin Brogioli, Department Chair 

Lynda Brennan, Coordinator 
School Psychologist 

Sheryl Burlingame 
Physical Education 
Michelle Baptiste-Burke 

Marite Burns 

Ruth Cahoon 
Foreign Language 
Laura Carlyle 

Marty Cosgrove 

John Crompton 
Special Needs 
Beatrice DeLacy 
Kathleen Duffy 
Special Needs 

Harry Eramian 
Social Studies 
Harry Evans 

Robert Fawcett 
Robert Fenton 
Social Studies 

Donald Franke, Department Chair 

What can you say about a man who knows and does it all? Bob Hannon, 
business teacher and department head, is admired and respected by both stu- 
dents and teachers alike. Because of his many accomplishments and dedica- 
tion to his students, Mr. Hannon won the 1 996 Teacher of the Year award for 
the Town of Sandwich. In addition to coordinating the business department 
and the School to Work program, Mr. Hannon serves as both mentor and ad- 
visor for the marketing and DECA classes, and he still finds time to run his 
own business. Ice Cream Sandwich. From a student’s perspective, Mr. Han- 
non is a teacher worth knowing. After all, where else could you find a teacher 
who helps to mop n’ glow pumpkins, sells Christmas trees in the dead of win- 
ter, organizes a faculty basketball game with the Patriots, and honors Moth- 
er’s Day with an annual flower sale? The funds raised from these projects give 
seniors the opportunity of a lifetime, the ultimate marketing trip to Disney 
World! This past school year ended with his greatest triumph ever — having 
first place National DECA winners for the first time in his 23 years of teach- 
ing. He truly deserves the title “TEACHER OF THE YEAR’’. 

Faculty’s Finest 


Mrs. Jeannie Wallin 


Mr. Harry Evans 


Mrs. Jeannie Wallin 


Mr. Richard McMorrow 


Mrs. Carole Antis 

Mr. Lou Grimaldi 

Mrs. Jeannie Wallin 


Mr. Donald Franke 

Mrs. Jeannie Wallin 


Mr. Lou Grimaldi 

Mr. Robert Hannon 


Mr. Richard McMorrow 
Mr. Harry Eramian 


Mr. Robert Hannon 


Ms. Margaret Nichol 

Mrs. Phyllis Follett 



Mr. Lou Grimaldi 

Mr. Donald Franke 

Mr. Bud Schermerhom 


Mr. Lou Grimaldi 

Mrs. Jeannie Wallin 

Mr. Donald Franke 

Mrs. Carole Antis 

Mr. Robert Fenton 

Phil Freshman 
Louise Gagnon 
Foreign Language 

Karen Giar 

Mark Gilmore 

Lou Grimaldi 
Sarah Hall 

Bridget Barstow Hart 
Foreign Language 
Maureen Hartel 
Special Needs 
Edward Heywood 
Robert Hickey 
Owen Hill 

Carolyn Hite 
Special Needs 
William Hulick 

Elizabeth Hutchinson 
Foreign Language 
Robert Inman 
Helen Jillson 

Lisa Ann Kashish 
Foreign Language 
Eileen Keating 
Deborah Lacroix 

Deborah Leary 
Speech Therapist 
Monice Maurice 


Justine McLaughlin 

Richard McMorrow 

Betty Lou Moore 
Foreign Language 
Joseph Moore 

Kelly Moriarty 

William Naylor 

Gilbert Newton, Department Chair 

Margaret Nichol 
Michael O’Brien 
Dave O’Hara 
Amy Orrico 

Diana Parker 

Michael Parker 
Brent Pearsall 
Physical Education 
Suzanne Pearson 
Pamela Potter 
Foreign Language 

Cynthia Anderson 

Deb O’Brien, Librarian 
Department Chair, Technology 
Mary Thulin 

Sandra Hibbard 
Marie Quinn 
Nancy O’Connor 
Hillis Earle 

Barbara Archambeault 
Lucille Lupien 

Senior Favorites 

“Mr. Eramian, because 1 learned a lot from him and enjoyed his 

Kathleen Gill 

“Mr. Hannon, because he shows us what the real world is all about. 
He’s funny and very understanding.” 

Kelly O’Connell 

“Mrs. Gagnon, because she always has a smile on her face. I always 
left her classroom in a good mood.” 

Joe Cote 

“Mrs. Stoll, because she is personal and she is understanding.” 

Lynn Pola 

“Ms. St. Pierre, because both professionally and personally she has 
so many admirable qualities that make her such a great role model 
for her students.” 

Erin Peterson 

“Mr. Schermerhom, because he came to the library on a Saturday 
when the power was out, to help me with a project.” 


“Mr. Brogioli, because he is the nicest teacher I know. You can al- 
ways go to him with a problem. I also felt that he is one of the best 
teachers this town has.” 

Heather Scott 

“Mr. Rose, because he works so hard to keep the whole radio station 
up and running, deals with many difficult students, tries to accom- 
modate everyone’s needs, has a good sense of humor, and is ex- 
tremely patient although his work often goes unnoticed.” 

Kathleen Keough 

“Ms. Esperson. because she is understanding, fun. and honest.” 

Danielle Duerr 

Shelly Price 
Richard Rose 

David Rockcliffe 

Laurie St. Pierre 
Susan Sanford 
Graphic Art 

Bud Schermerhom 

Victoria Shultz 
Special Needs 
Donald Shewchuk 
Special Education 
Susan Smith 
Foreign Language 
Linda Stoll 

Most Memorable Teaching Experiences 

“My most memorable teaching experience occurs yearly when I sit in the audience opening night 
of the school musical and watch it run like a dream. I always realize how very blessed we are here 
in Sandwich to have students who are dedicated to hard work and commitment and who are not 
afraid to take a chance. These are also among my proudest moments as a teacher.” 

Amy Orrico 

“During one particularly difficult class, I lost my patience with a group of students and decided 
to take action. All at once, 1 stood up, spoke loudly, slammed my lower desk drawer, and walked 
quickly in their direction. The serious reprimand turned to giggles, however, when the ties of my 
wraparound skirt caught in the drawer, and snapped me back to my desk like a yo-yo!” 

Suzanne Pearson 

“Because all the kids are so great here, every moment has been memorable . . . funny, embarrass- 
ing, cute, and sad! However, what always keeps coming back to haunt me and to this day makes 
me laugh was my second really important teacher evaluation — observation. It was my first year 
of teaching, the class was freshman earth science, and Jane Macdonald, the curriculum supervi- 
sor, was coming to observe me. I was very nervous and wanted everything to go great. As class 
began, just before Ms. Macdonald walked in, Brian Lalumiere had plopped himself rear first into 
one of my lab sinks at the front of the room. He was small enough that he got stuck “hard” in the 
sink, just as Jane walked in. We had to struggle to get him out, the class was in a frenzy, but I sur- 
vived. My evaluation, well ” 

Mark Gilmore 

“Fue mi primer dia con mi close de Espanol AP! My students amazed me with their ability to 
speak Spanish and their desire to learn. They continue to surprise me with their skills. (That’s 
this year’s AP class . . . )” 

Ruth Gaboon 

“The time I split my pants doing my “monkey in a puzzlebox” routine in psychology class.” 

Harry Eramian 

Sylvia Phillips Retire 

We all remember the quiet, kind teacher in Room 307, Mrs. 
Sylvia Phillips. She made sure students were able to see wild life, 
animals, and fish. We probably remember this most about her. 
Mrs. Phillips tended to the many species of plants in the green- 
house, even coming in weekends to water plants and feed fish. She 
wanted students to be successful in biology. Her one passion was 
horseback riding. She spent every free moment tending to her 
“farm” of animals. To our surprise, Mrs. Phillips retired last year. 
She kept it very low key, much like her personality. Sandwich High 
School will miss this caring, individual. 


Roger Saving Retires 

Susan Sullivan 
Special Education 
Ruth Switzer 
Guidance Secretary 
Silivo Tedeschi 
Foreign Language 
Elizabeth Thayer 

Kirsten Wabiszczewicz 

Jeannie Wallin 

Barbara Weakland 

Peter Wright 

Linda Therrien 
Fernanda Conti 
Clare Watts 
Sue Lindholm 

Roger Savino contributed to Sandwich High School with his 
witty personality and his knowledge of graphic arts. He kept ev- 
eryone interested in graphics, even students who were not in- 
spired by academics. He always took on the extra tasks and 
made sure they were completed. He was responsible for produc- 
ing all the programs for various school and community produc- 
tions, including homecoming, prom, graduation, and baccalau- 
reate. After his first retirement, Mr. Savino stayed to teach part 
time. He now spends days playing golf and occassionally he 
comes back to school as a substitute. The faculty, administra- 
tion, and community appreciate all he has done for us. Thank 
you Mr. Savino. 

Could you please spare a dime or a quarter for this poor homeless per- 


Jason Hamel 

Please don’t cry, 

For at peace I now rest. 

Please don’t be sad, 

Think of memories at their best. 

The book on Jason Hamel’s life started on Thanksgiv- 
ing night, November 28, 1996. We must look upon his 
death not as an end, but as a beginning of the first chap- 
ter. Freshman Jason Hamel’s uniqueness is described by 
his family and friends as his big heart that couldn’t tol- 
erate conflict or discontent, but made him a peace 
maker. He had a quick wit and sense of humor that 
could brighten even dark moods. Jason enjoyed school 
and being with his friends there. He was just beginning 
to blossom into an outgoing young man who loved play- 
ing baseball and basketball. Jason was fun loving and 
had special jokes that could cheer you up. His friend 
Danielle Cooke said, “I have many good memories with 
Jason and hold them deep inside my heart. He is my 
guardian angel.” “Maybe Jason’s accident took life 
away,” said Elena James, “but it also gave life to those 
who learned from it.” He had a close bond with his fam- 
ily and shared many of his happy and sad times with 
them. Jason will live on in the hearts of the many 
friends who knew him and the family that he loved. 

Please don’t be bitter. 

Days are too short and few. 

Please don’t be lonely. 

For I’ll always be with you. 

Please try to accept. 

That is was just my time to go. 

Please always remember. 

How I loved you so. 

Please be strong, 

Don’t be in any pain. 

Please wipe those tears. 

For we will meet again. 

Please show a smile. 

When you think of me. 

For in God’s hands 
Is where 1 now will be! 


With Three Years Down And One To Go, 

We Are Taking On Responsibility 

Advisors: Mr. Hill and Ms. St. Pierre 
President: Trinity Broderick 
Vice President: Laura Murphy 
Secretary: Kerin Carlson 
Treasurer: Mike Cahill 


X he year began, finally the class of 1998 had become Juniors. However, 
we weren’t sure what this meant. We were the people who had seemed so 
much older and intimidating when we were freshmen, but where did we 
stand? A united ’98 shone in the Homecoming Pep Rally by defeating the Se- 
niors in the mission that had seemed so impossible. Our skit of soundtracks 
featured including anywhere from the preps from 90210 to the Braveheart 
Warriors protecting the school from the evil DY spies who included our own 
Secretary, Kerin Carlson. Our own class treasurer, Mike Cahill as Robin bat- 
tled with Batman as they tried to bring peace to the school. November 
brought with it the First Annual Powder Puff Football Game, led by class ad- 
visors Mr. Hill and Ms. St. Pierre. Class President, Trinity Broderick, and 
Vice President, Laura Murphy, were delegated as captains. A fun, highly 
competitive game ended with a final score of 12 - 6. The class of ’98 was vic- 
torious once again. The class of ’98 once again goes against tradition by hold- 
ing our Prom at the beautiful Ballymeade Country Club in Falmouth. “Two 
roads diverged in a wood and I, 1 took the one less traveled by, and that has 
made all the difference.’’ Robert Frost. 

A. Aboltin 
A. Anthony 

J. Almeida 

K. Anderson 
J. Antoncecchi 
J. Antoneliis 
J. Arra 
A. Balboni 

J, Barry 
M. Bear 
A. Becker 
R. Berg 
N, Bidgood 
A. Bissett 
S. Bolsover 
N. Bonino 

T Broderick 

J. Burbank 
M. Burch 

M. Burridge 
M. Cahill 

K. Carlson 
R. Carrigan 
B. Cavallini 

A. Chadwick 
D. Chaprales 
D. Christiano 

L. Christo 

M. Ciccone 
H. Coleman 

N. Colonero 
A. Comeau 

M. Connors 
M. Corcoran 
K. Cote 
A. Coughlan 
R. Coughlan 
K. Crosby 
A. De Costa 
M. De Fazio 

E. De Martin 
K. De Meco 
1. De Naples 
J. Deady 
M. Dennen 
K. Domurat 
D. Dostie 
C. Dougherty 


A. Douglas 

K. Douglas 
T. Driscoll 

K. Earle 

J. Ellis 

J. Emery 
J. Enwright 

B. Everett 

L. Falconeiri 

L. Fish 
N. Flodberg 
S. Fourgere 
L. French 

A. Frye 

C. Gerhart 
G. Giampietro 

N. Giammarco 

M. Gilfoy 
G. Gorski 

B. Govoni 
J. Govoni 
J. Graceffa 

M. Grady 
W. Greenlaw 

A. Grondin 

L. Guadagnino 

M. Guild 
M. Hannah 

B. Harrington 

C. Harrington 
J. Harrington 
B. Harris 

C. Harte 
B. Hartley 
J. Harvey 
R. Hayes 
J. Henley 

A. Hepworth 
J. Hickey 
J Hixon 

B. Hladick 
P. Holske 
R. Holt 
R Hunnewell 

M. Hunt 

N. Hunt 
M. Jackson 

K. Jillson 

A. Johnson 

L. Johnson 
K, Johnstone 

M. Karnes 

K. Kelly 

B. Koller 

P. Lamontagne 
T. Lane 

A. Larsen-Silva 
S. Laverty 

B. Le Gacy 
K. Lehmann 

C. Lemke 
K. Lewison 
S. Long 

C. Loscher 

B. Loud 
R. Lucas 
J Luebbers 
D, MacDonald 
W Mackin 

B. Madden 

C. Mahoney 
R, Marrs 

M. Marshall 
J, Martinez 
M. Martinez 
J, Mason 

L, McCarthy 

M, McCreary 
M McGee 

E. McGowan 

T. McGuire 
E. Mclnnis 
B McMillan 
J. McNabb 
J. McNally 
S. Michniewicz 
M. Moriarty 

C. Murphy 

1-- Murphy 
E. Nycz 
K. O’Hare 
E. O’Reilly 

C. Oldham 
K. Orcult 

D. Otto 

E. Pardo 

J. Parent 
E. Parini 

A. Pawlik 
K. Pelrine 
S. Penney 

D. Picariello 
M. Pitta 
K. Polesky 

C. Potter 

E. Raspa 

Z. Reed 
T. Reilly 
M, Ritch 
M. Roberts 
M. Robertson 

D. Rocci 

J. Rodenburgh 
S. Rogers 
J. Rutty 
D, Sandborg 
M. Shakin 

E. Sheehan 
D. Sheppard 
S. Silva 

G. Simpson 
R. Skelley 

M. Smith 
W. Smith 

N. Sogard 
E. Sollis 

C. Soule 

D. Souza 

J- Soward 

A. Spanner 
C. Stutzman 

B. Sullivan 
J. Tarrey 

A. Teixeira 
J. Thomas 
S. Tomasek 

A. Tsakalos 
P. Varley 
A. Vemick 
J Vineis 
J. Vosburgh 
F. Wagoner 

C. Waite 
C. Walker 

A. Wolk 
A. Yaroch 


Not Freshmen, But Not Exactly Upperclassmen 

We Are Just In The Middle 

Ms. “W”, Cara Crupi, Katelynn O'Connell, Caitlin Terry 

Xhe Sophomore class has been involved in many fund-rais- 
ing activities. They have had several car washes, which have 
been very prosperous. The class of ’99 also sponsored the 
“Welcome Freshman Dance”, which proved a huge success. 
Other fundraisers include, lollypop sales and raffles. The 
class of 1999 has tried to help others. They have helped to 
pay for medical bills, for those who needed assistance. The 
class has also bought a brick which will be placed in the walk- 
way of the new Sandwich Playground. The brick will be en- 
graved with, “SANDWICH HIGH - CLASS OF ’99”. Class 
officers are President: Cara Crupi, Vice President: Caitlin 
Terry, Treasurer: Brian Jenkins, and Katelynn O’Connell as 
secretary. Ms. Wabiszczewicz is the class advisor. 

A. Abbott 

B. Alden 

C. Alder 
G. Alder 

J. Aldrich 
J. Anderson 
M. Anderson 
M. Anderson 

A. Antonellis 
M. Antonowicz 

C. Ashmankas 
E. Atkinson 
N. Avery 
J. Barrett 

J. Barrett 

K. Beaton 

M. Bedford 
J. Bess 
J, Bevans 
A. Bogus 
R. Bousquet 
C. Bradley 
N. Brault 
Z. Broderick 

D, Broyer 
J. Brynildsen 

D. Burbank 

E. Burke 
A. Camara 
N. Caputo 
S. Carieton 

E. Caruso 

A. Casali 
H. Castellanos 
A. Cerulli 
C. Chismer 
K, Clark 
C. Clifford 
P. Colombo 
M. Condon 

D. Connolly 
K. Coveney 
R. Crane 
C. Crupi 
A. Cumming 
C. CunnifT 
R. Curran 
C. Daly 

J. Dashuta 

C. DePersis 
S. Delorey 
D Derome 
M. Djxon 

D. Donovan 

L. Drumm 

M, Ducie 

E. Dufault 
P. Dugan 

J. Dulmaine 

K. Eident 
S. Ely 

K. Emanation 
J. Ferrara 
R. Fields 

B. Fitzgerald 
J. Fitzpatrick 
M. Foley 
J. Fournier 
M. Fox 
T Frazier 
T. Garrity 

B. Genatossio 

T. Giampietro 

B. Gibbs 

C. Gibbs 
B. Gilrein 
S. Glaser 

D. Godinho 

A. Gracia 

B. Graham 

C. Graves 
J, Grodin 

J Handrahan 

J. Flannah 

D, Flansen 

K. Flaraldsen 
K Hartmamn 
A Flelfen 

FI. Hendy 
W. Hibbard 
A. Holland 
J. Holmes 
P. Holmgren 
A. Holt 
R. Holthouse 
A. Hopkins 

L Hoppen 
D. Hughes 
J- Irvine 
B. Jenkins 

J. Jenkins 

K. Johnson 
R. Johnson 
J. Kassick 

J. Keenan 

L. Kelly 

M. King 
J- Kinne 
S. Kirby 
B. Kirrane 
J. Klaassen 

E. Koestner 

M. Kyttle 
J. Lanata 

J. Larkin 

K. Larkin 
K, Latimer 
J, Lavallee 
('. Lawson 
P LcGacy 

C*. L.cmanis 
M, Levine 
A. Lizotle 
K. lA)nergan 
J. Loomis 
J MacDonald 
J. MacLeod 
M MaePherson 

D. MacQuadc 

R. Mahoney 
K, Malcolm 
C. Markham 
C. Marnik 
K- McGee 
R. McGee 
E. McGinn 

J. Metcalf 

J. Metcalf 
T Milano 

K. Mogilnicki 

K. Miller 

J. Mohre 
M. Monahan 

S. Monarch 

P. Morris 

K. Mowry 
M. Munroe 
K. Murphy 

I . Murphy 
M. Neill 
N. Nesbitt 

T. O'Brien 

K. O’Connell 

A. O'Neill 
K. O'Neill 
M. O’Neill 

J. Osiund 

K. Papadopoulos 
R. Pape 
J. Pans 

B. Parker 
K. Pasquale 

J. Peterson 
K Piper 

K, Powell 
J. Raynor 
E. Redmond 

K. Resnick 

C. Rice Peters 
M. Richardson 

A. Richmond 
J. Rogers 
K. Romanowicz 
J Ruggles 

A. Russel! 
J. Ryan 

J. Sandborg 
P. Sands 
R. Santos 
R. Schaufus 

B. Scott 

C. Selfridge 
A. Senese 
H, Shaffer 

J. Shea 
C. Sheehan 

L. Shields 
J. Silva 

B. Simison 
S. Sogard 
K. Souza 
A. Sproul 

A. Stewart 
M, Strauss 

L. Sullivan 

L. Swift 

C. Terry 
E. Timlin 
L. Tousignant 
J. Ventresca 

J. Wabiszczewicz 
B. Walsh 
S Walsh 
K, Waskiewicz 

J, Watson 
A, Watts 

B Weaver 

K. Welch 



Arriving In The Fall Of 1996 Not Knowing Where To Go 

We Are Just Starting Out 

the last class of a dying millenium and the harbinger of 
the next, the Officers of the Class of 2000 have many chal- 
lenges ahead of them. The first challenge was the Homecom- 
ing Pep Rally, in which, after spirited debate, the officers and 
their classmates choose to do their skit and float on Jamaican 
Ska. About forty freshman participated in the skit. For the re- 
mainder of the year the class officers are planning activities 
and fund raisers that will involve as many freshmen as possi- 
ble. It should be a groovy year. 

Advisor - Mr. Rose 
President - Andrea McDonald 
Vice President - Todd Sadowski 
Treasurer - Lindsay Boyd 
Secretary - Jamie Dore 

M. Aldhurst 

K. Ally 

K. Alvezi 
J. Anderson 
M. Archambeault 

N. Arsenault 

S. Avery 

B. Babiarz 

M. Baker 
E. Baresel 
J. Barmarsh 
J. Bassick 
E. Baxter 
E. Bazilio 

C. Bello 
N. Bidgood 

A. Bolton 
M. Boucher 
T. Boundy 
C. Bowles 

L. Boyd 
S. Brogan 
K. Broyer 
E. Buckingham 

E. Buckley 

M. Burke 

D. Burridge 
P. Cadieux 
K. Cahill 
C. Canney 
J. Carrigan 
M. Catania 

A. Chambers 

L. Chancholo 
C. Chaprales 
S. Chesky 

M. Christopher 

N. Coates 
J. Cohen 
A. Colon 

N. Colonero 

B. Connolly 

C. Connors 
N. Connors 

D. Cooke 
M. Coolidge 
S. Costa 
A. Cotter 


M. Cotter 

R. Creeden 

N. Crompton 

A. Crosby 

R. Cross 

J. Cusack 
E. Davis 

B. DeConto 

G. De Pontbriand 

S. De Vellis 

R. Dealy 
M. Deehan 

J. Dore 

J. Dwyer 
B. Ellis 
J. Erickson 

B. Ericsson 

K. Feeley 
E. Fenstermacher 

K. Ferris 

K. Finnigan 

L. Fish 

S. Flynn 

T. Fougere 

G. Fournier 

S. Furman 

M. Gayton 

T. Genatossio 
A. Gearhart 
K. Gianmarco 

M. Gilfoy 

N. Golas 

A. Grandy 

A. Graves 

L. Graziano 
R. Green 
N. Grillo 

J. Grodin 

B. Haislet 
J. Hamel 

M. Hammer 

K. Haney 

L. Hanson 
J. Harper 
G. Hawes 
D. Hazelton 
J. Held 

J. Henkels 

K. Henley 
E. Hibbard 
K. Holt 
B. Hood 
D. Huelsman 

M. Hughes 
J. ladonisi 
D. lannoiti 

N. Irving 
E. James 
K. Judge 
K. Johansen 
J. Johnson 
M. Joyce 

C. Kasper 
J. Kauffman 

J. Kelley 
B. Keohane 
E. Kinchla 
J. Kingston 

T. Kirsch 
W. Kolb 
J. Lacasse 
E. Lachance 

J. Lanoie 
J. Lcmirc 
B. Leonard! 
M. Lindholm 
B. Lmdo 
M. Lizottc 
S. Long 
M. Loomis 

K. Lopez 

K. Lovendale 

A. MacDonald 
M. MacDonald 
D. Macedo 

K. Madden 

B. Mahoney 
S. Martillotta Cohen 

R. Martin 
M. Martins 

A. McGinn 

S. McGrail 

M. McGrath 

N. McGrath 

J. Mercier 
M. Merlet 

C. Michniewcz 
E. Miller 
S. Miller 
W. Miller 
J. Mogardo 
M. Mott 
S. Mullen 
J. Murray 

A. Nelson 
J. Newton 
S. Nickerson 
M. Norton 
L, O'Connell 
M. O’Neill 
J. Oriola 
H. Papadopoulos 

C. Parkinson 

B. Perry 
J. Piccariello 

L. Podryhula 
R. Quinn 
T, Quinn 
A Radant 
S. Ralston 

H Read 
S, Read 
M, Reed 

L. Regis 

M. Reilly 

D. Ricker 
J. Rocci 

A. Roden 

M. Roller 
S. Russell 
T. Sadowski 

C. Salvadore 

B. Sances 
S. Scalese 

D. Schermerhom 
J. Schmitz 

K. Scott 
W. Scott 
A. Senese 
D. Silva 
K. Slagle 
Z. Smalley 

A. Smith 

B. Smith 

L. Smith 
J. Somma 
J. Sotirkys 

C. Soule 
K. Souza 

C. Spero 

T. Stanton 

D. Strock 

S. Stutzman 

L. Sullivan 

M. Sullivan 
B. Taggie 

J. Teixeira 

E. Theberge 
A. Thomas 
P. Thompson 

M. Walker 
C. Walsh 
K. Ward 
C. Welch 
M. Whittles 
E. Williams 
J. Willis 
T. Wilson 

B. Yaroch 

C. Zanis 

K. Tonini 
D. Torri 

J. Vaughn 
N. Vetrano 

K. Viola 

N. Vockrodt 
K. Voelxen 
J. Vosburgh 




Who makes the yearbook? The answer to that popular question is the 
Lancer staff. To make a yearbook is hard work, and to belong to Lancer 
means sacrificing lots of time and effort to produce the best yearbook possi- 
ble, Mrs. Antis heads the Lancer staff and she does a great job. The work 
that goes into the yearbook that you don’t see is what is the most important. 
Deadlines have to be met, whether it means getting it done early or rushing 
to finish it by the last possible second. Yearbooks are about memories, but 
to record and remember all of them takes time, and lots of cooperation. The 
Lancer staff includes: Sarah Kinchla, Amanda Harris, Samantha Nurse, 
Erin O’Reilly, Ana Vemick, Amanda Morrison, Taryn Challies, Cerissa 
Creeden, Missy Lenois, and Jennifer Powers. 




Dec A, Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a class 
taught by Mr. Hannon. The program teaches students about 
marketing through hands on experience. Each year members at- 
tend a conference where they take two written and oral tests. 
With good scores, members can move on to the next stage ot 
competition. Members include; J. McElroy, K. O Brien. S. 
Kinchla C. Latimer, M. Lenois, K. Murphy, S. Rogers, J. Black- 
ledge. R. Biggien, K. Earle. B, Everett, K. Garrity, T. Johnson, E. 
Hannigan, B. Lalumiere, P. Lumontagne, R. Lucas. B. Marrs. J. 
McNally. L. Murphy, K. Perry, B. Polcaro, N. Stavros. and R. 

WsDH broadcasts Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. From 
10 A.M. to 2 P.M. students learn various aspects of radio broadcasting, pro- 
duction and management. WSDH airs local and national news, sports and ^ 
receives the local weather from the Forestdale Weather Watchers from the 
Forestdale School. Sprinkled throughout the day are programs on health, 
safety, geologv, and astronomy. The music varies from a mixture of easy lis- 
tening hits from the 50’s to the 90's, or focuses on a particular decade for a 
given week. Kicking and screaming all the way, students are exposed to the 
music they wouldn't normally listen to and thus expands their musical hori- 
zons. From 2 to 4 P.M, weekday afternoons such shows as the “Kitchen 
Sink" and “The Not So Phabulous Show” give you the newest music trends. 
WSDH is . . . THE MECCA OF GREAT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Bow to the 
Mecca. Broadcasters include: Jen Barry, Rachael 
Beal. Nick Bidgood. Nate Brown, Matt Burch, Nicole 
Burgund, Jen Burns. Kevin Cahill, Joe Cote, Colleen 
Dugan, and Katie Eident 



International Studies 

International Studies operates a weekly model United Nations simulation 
designed to teach students about important issues in world affairs. Students 
play the roles of ambassadors from nations that send delegates to the UN to 
present their nations positions and bargain for a solution to the problem 
that serve their interests. Students develop speaking skills and problem solv- 
ing skills, and the most important thing is that they learn while having 
FUN!! Members: Chris Kirrane, Colleen Dugan. Nate Boudreau, Matt 
Joyce, James Jewell, Eric Dolan, Andrea Wolk, Heather Nickerson, Danielle 
Picariello. Mark Hannah. Buzzard, Erin O’Reilly, John Anderson, Matt 
Robertson, Tom Reilly, Andy Johnson, Kendell Jillson, Meg Cote, Adrienne 
Larsen-Silva, IC2, Ana Vemick, Bob Burgess, Steve MacPherson. Joe! Carl- 
son, Annie O’Neill, Meredith Kyttle, Crystal Chismer, Jen Vosburgh, Jean- 
nie T. Ryan, Eileen Timlin, Caitlin Cunniff, Todd 
Sadowski, The Madden Brothers, Mike O’Neil, Jon 
Larkin, Anthony Teixiera. Rebecca Johnson, Alison 
Sproul, Jared McElroy. Matt Dixon, Chris Moe- 
ilnicki. Will Hibbard. Savvas Papadopoulos, Leo 
Christo. Christina Bradley, Christina Lawson. 

MEEKO, Steve DeVellis. and Joe Dwyer. 

Mock Trial 

Mock Trial participants play the role of lawyers and 
Witnesses, in the Mass Bar Association Mock Trial Tour- 
nament. This year marks our third year as participants 
m the tournament. The hopeful court includes: Matt 
Wellman, Racheal Skelley, Erin O’Reilly, Annie O’Neill, 
Chris Kirrane, Crystal Chismer, Cristin Ashmenkis’ 
Meredith Kyttle, Nate Boudreau, and Nick Vockrodt. 


Under the advisory of Mr. Schermerhorn, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Sproul, the 
Renaissance program came together to enhance the image of Sandwich High 
School and its students. In order to complete this goal, the students meet 
once a week to discuss ways to help the community and to better the school. 
This includes, helping with Daffodil Day, dressing up as ushers for the com- 
munity school performances, and putting together events for the school such 
as dances and this year’s Powder Puff Football Game, which they hope will 
become an annual event. Members include: Katie Murphy. Michael O’Neill, 
Jenny Brabants, Alicia Douglas. Heather Nickerson, Crystal Pape. Hillary 
Thomas, Coleen Harrington. Erin O’Reilly, Ana Vemick, Taryn Challies, 
Loren McCarthy. Matthew Martinez, Jason Dulmainc. Kelly ’Tonini, Kris 
Kelly, Lauren Graziano, Kristine Garrity, Nicole Nesbitt, April Stewart, 
Dave Rocci, Allison Sproul. Courtney Gerhart. Sarah 
Scalese. Sarah Fougcre, Trinity Broderick. Megan 
Ritch, Melissa Sances. Whitney Smith, Kristen Tho- N 

mas, and Katie Clark ^ t 





The instrumental talent of Sanwieh High, the Band is a group of students 
who participate relentlessly for concerts that they perform for the public^ 
This year, the Band has participated in a concert at the Eastern State Expo- 
sition, otherwise known as the Big E, and will be performing in the Holiday, 
Winter and Spring concerts. Select members from the Band also perform in 
the All-Cape Band. Band members include: Douglas McDonald, Casey^ 
Soward, Scott Bolsover. Matt Wellmen. Andrea Wolk, Katie Eident, .An- 
drew Russell, Danielle Pkariello, Kendall Jillson, Chris Otto, Rachel Skel- 
ley, Jeremy Burke. Katie Butland, James Thomas, Kurt Salsbury, Meghan 
Hensen, Amy Spanner, Kyle Garrity, Jennifer Loomis, and Brynn Scott 

Jazz Band 

The Jazz Band is composed of a group of talented musicians. It 
is different from the regular band in that it gives the performers 
a chance to create solos. The Jazz Band participates in all the 
school concerts plus the ,A11 Cape Jazz Festival and the Interna- 
tional Association of Jazz Educators Competition. The Jazz 
Band consists of: Jeremy Burke. Katie Eident. .Andrew Russell, 
Ben Koller, Chris Otto, .April Chambers, Kendall Jillson, Chris 
Soule, Casey Soward, Nate Moore, Meghan Hensen, Scott Bols-''^ 
over, Adam Deally, James Thomas. Ben Losordo, Nathanj 
Caputo, Jennifer Loomis. Brynn Scott, and Kurt Salsbury 


A talented group of students, the Chorus continues to work 
hard and give respectable performances. Undaunted by their 
small size, they performed well at the Eastern State Exposition 
(Big E), and promise to do the same during the Holiday, Winter, 
and Spring concerts. Under the direction of Mr. Heywood, the 
Chorus practices during a forty-five minute period each day. 
Singers include: Michelle Bedford, Desary Cook, Dawn Derome, 
Lois-Eliz Drumm, Kate Feeley, Amy Hopkin, Mary Jackson, Lee 
Johnson, Kerri Judge, Melissa Sances, Rachel Skelley, Jason 
Sotirkys, Allison Sproul, Jacquelyn Teixeira, Erica Theberge, 
Kristen Thomas, Leann Tousignant. Janet Zylinski. Bethany 
Gibbs, Jason Almeida, Aimee Chadwick, Kate Malcom, John 
Sotirkys, Kim Souza, Anthony Teixeira, Kate Clark, Mark Han- 
nah, Carina Salvador, Wendy Scott, Jennifer Holmes, Courtney 
Bolton, Christopher Otto, Andrew Jones, and Adrienne Holt 



Madrigals is an elite group of singers, who also belong 
*to the school chorus. In order to belong to this group 
^ each student must tryout. They perform in public shows 
and in school concerts. Despite their small size, they are 
able to produce an amazing sound. Members include; 
Jason Almeida, Aimee Chadwick. Kate Malcom Kim 
Souza, Anthony Texeira and John Sotirkys. 


Style is a small selected singing group that performs in 
school concerts as well as in many community shows. 
They also compete in many competitions around the 
state. The music selections are at an advanced scale, this 
means that each person has an important part. Each 
member must hold her own in order to make the songs 
harmonize. Members are; Mark Hannah, Savvaas Papa- 
dopoulos, Jason Almeida, John Sotirkys, Kate Clark, 
Kim Souza, Elena James, Emily Gucwa, Jen Vosbourg, 
Nicole Burgund. Hillary Thomas, Courtney Bolton, and 
Melissa Walker. 

Knights Theatre Company 

K nights Theatre Company (KTC) is a theatre organization 
made up of high school students, and is led by Mrs. Orrico. KTC 
puts on many performances around the community, such as; the 
Haunted House, the Holiday Variety show, and the Coffee 
^ House. Their performances are always enjoyed by everyone, and 
everyone involved always has a good time, KTC consists of; 
Michelle Ardito. Courtney Boulton, Nicole Burgund, Jen Bums. 
Katie Clark, Colleen Dugan. Jill Durgin, Jen Griffith, Emily 
Gucwa. Sarah Haskell, Jennifer Holmes, Brooke Johansen, 
Kathleen Kcough, Jared McElroy, Nate Moore, Jami Nydam. 
Savvas Papadopoulos. Crystal Pape. John Sotirkys. Hillary Tho- 
mas. Kristen Thomas, Rebecca Weiner, Jason Almeida, Richelle 
Carrigan. Aimee Chadwick, Amy Frye. 

Mark Hannah, Jessica Hickey. Mary 
Jackson. Kristina Johnstone. Jared Mc- 
Nabb. Keith Mott, Dana Otto, Danielle 
Picariello, Anthony Teixeira, Jennifer 
Vosburgh, Andrea Wolk, John Anderson, 

Caitlin CunnifT, Beth Drumm, Jason 
Holmes. Erica Koestner, Christina Law- 
son, Kate Malcolm, Michael O’Neill, 

Brynn Scott. Kim Souza, Eileen Timlin. Kesley Johansen. 


Chess Club 

Math Team 

The Math Team, headed by Mrs. DcLacy, is made up of mathematically 
inclined students. Practices are attended weekly, and meets arc home and 
away. Each meet consists of six rounds which tests your ability in areas of 
math, geometry, algebra 1 and II. as well as trigonometry. To earn a Varsity 
letter in the Math Team, you must earn a certain number of points. These 
students are being given the chance to refine the skills that they already pos- 
sess, while learning to expand upon them. Members included; J. Jewell. T. 
Reilly, S. Morris, J. Burns. K. Jillson, M. Sylvester. E. Gucwa, D. Gucwa, 
M. Di.xon. M. Gayton, L. Miller, E. Fenstcrraacher. S, DcVellis, H. Nicker- 
son, and J. Barmash. 

Under the advisory of Mr. Rose, the Sandwich High School Chess Club, i 
now in its seventh year meets Tuesday afternoons at WSDH. The club is for i 
all students who want to learn, play and improve at chess. Within the club, ^ 
there is a smaller group. These are the strongest five or six players who make , 
up the chess team. The chess team competes in the Southern Massachusetts ’ 
Chess League. Last year, Sandwich’s first in the league, the team got off to a 
rocky start losing the first six matches before rallying to win the last four. In 
the last four matches the team dominated by winning 19 of the 20 indvidual ; 
games. This year the team hopes to improve on last year’s 4-6 record. Play- i 
ers include: Andrew Becker, Sam Brown, Kevin Broyer, Frank Evola, Rich- 
ard Fields. Jim Fitzpatrick. Josh Grodin, Jacob Josselyn, Steve Long. Mel- 
issa Merlet. Maryanne Mott, Pat Morris, Todd Sadowski, and Colin Walsh | 




Odyssey Of The Mind 

Odyssey of the Mind is a national program, in which participa- 
tion encourages students to strengthen problem serving tech- 
niques. To be a successful team, students must be able to work 
cooperatively, think creatively, and not be afraid to dream of the 
impossible. Four long term projects are the issue, these must be 
completed as well as a few spontaneous ones. The program is 
open to all grades and people who enjoy a challenge and are will- 
ing to commit to the team until spring, when the tournament 
comes. The underclassmen team consists of: A. Richmond, K. 
Waskawite. M. O’Neil, C. Chismer, C. Ashmankas, Coaches are 
Mr, Norton and Mr, Moore. Upperclassmen team consists of: J. 
Rodenbough, J. Vosburgh. J. Burns, J. Jewell, K. Jillson, S. Mor- 
ris, T. Mcquire, Coach: Mrs. Bolsover. Mrs. Rodenbough is the 
director of both teams. 

Th e National Honors Society is a group of hardworking students who do a 
lot for the community. TTic members arc involved in various groups and 
sports, while maintaining a 3.7 average. While you have to receive all A’s to 
be invited in to the NHS, you also have to be willing to give time to the 
community because eight hours of community service is required. The 
group volunteers to help run the Blood Mobile with the American Red 
Cross, and in the New Hope “Adopt a Family” program. This group con- 
sists of all Seniors, and is headed by Mr. Parker. Members include; Marissa 
Meucci, Michelle Ardito. Kristen Thomas, Christina Koestner, Cristan 
Greenlaw. Kara Trent, Meghan Sylvester. Savvas Papadopoulos, So Yung 
Morris. Christine Latimer, Emily Guewa, Colleen Dugan. James Jewell, 
Crystal Pape, Nicole Burgund, and Jennifer Burns. 

Student Advisory Council 

Student Advisory Council are members elected from the Stu- 
dent Council serving two year terms. They handle communica- 
tions between the student body and the school committee. Rep- 
resentatives from SAC sit in at the school committee meetings 
and voice our concerns as a school body, so that the students 
have a voice in what is being done at our school. Ms. Bach acts 
as the advisor for Student Council and Student Advisory Coun- 
cil. Members include: Jared McNabb, Loren McCarthy, Megan 
Ritch, Savvas Papadopoulos, Matt Robertson, Jared McElroy, 
and Meg Sylvester. 

Student Council 

National Honors Society 

The Sandwich High School Student Council is a conglomerate of elected 
students who run under a strict parliamentary procedure to represent their 
school as a “whole”. The goal of the Student Council is to address all con- 
cerns and opinions with the intention of enhancing the scholastic and inter- 
scholastic environment of Sandwich High School. Ms. Bach acts as the advi- 
sor of this group which includes: Savvas Papadopoulos, Jared McElroy. Meg 
Sylvester, Jenn Powers, Missy Lanois, Jared McNabb, Matt Robertson, 
Loren McCarthy, Andrea Wolk, Andrew Johnson, Annie O'Neil, Kristen 
Larkin, Kristin Mogoliniki, Kristen Ashmankis. Meredith Kyttlc, Mary 
Kate Lizotte, Ryan Martin, Lauren Graziano, and Mike Christopher 



Competition Cheerleading] 

Competition cheerleaders are chosen by the coach. Dawn Capra. In order, 
to be part of the squad, you must try out. So far this year, the squad has won 
two first place trophies, one in Taunton and the other at Boston College 
High School. This squad has also been a big help by giving their time to as- 
sist in the coaching the Pop Warner cheerleaders. The squad includes? 
Stephanie Wilhite (Captain), Nicole Brault. Melissa Baker. Katie Marnik, 
Kerry DiMeco. Jill Enwright, Elizabeth Pardo, Katelyn McGee. Erin SoIlis,= 
Suzanne Delorey, Kristen Douglas, and Stephanie Furman 

Powder Puff Football 

The First Annual Powder Puff Football Game started as an idea 
one Wednesday night. How about bringing football to the high 
school in a different form. This year's rivalry between the Juniors 
and the Seniors proved to be the missing ingredient. For the Juniors 
it was a chance to hold on to the win at Homecoming and for the Se- 
niors it was a chance to make a come back. It was a great idea. It also 
fit right in with the ideas of Renaissance whose goal is to enhance the 
community and the students together through activities such as this 
football game. It will hopefully become a lasting tradition in the 
school. The Snack Shack offered to donate all their profits to help 
the Crompton Family’s medical bills, and the money earned from 
the informal dance held afterwards went towards the Renaissance 
treasury to help promote academic excellence. 

M.C.’s Whitney Smith (Junior), Jen Brabants (Senior), and Katie Murphy (Senior) Seniors L to R; Kcough, Holmes. Garrity, Nurse. Tedeschi, Varlcy, O’Connell, Morrison, 
Powers. Duerr, Trent, Cronin. Devine, Wilhite, Goff, Lanoie, Thomas, Crupi, Campbell, Latimer Juniors L to R: Rogers, Varley, DiMeco, Crosby, Yaroch. McCarthy. Mur- 
phy, Parent, Gerhart, Picariello, Broderick, Fougcrc, Berg, Ritch, Connors. Comeau, Cote. Vernick, Nickerson, Murphy, Larsen-Silva, .Anderson, Pitta. O’Reilly, Raspa, 






Most Likely to Succeed Most Wanted by Administration Best Musician 

James Jewell Jen Bums Brian Polcaro Erin Hannigan Ben Losordo Meg Hensen 

Best All Around Broadway Bound 

Tom Johnson Jacob Josselyn Savvas Papadopoulos 

So Yung Morris Dave LeGacy Nicole Burgund 

Class Clowns 

Nate Brown Sara Buckley Steve MacPherson 



Worst Cars 

Adam Golas Meg Henson 

Late for Graduation 

Steve Sampson Sarah Alves 


Chad Mowry Kristen Thomas 

Most Gullible 

Mandy Morrison Nick Stavros 

Best Eyes 

John Franzie Robyn Vockrodt 

Most Outgoing 

Damian Caputo Katie Crupi 


Best Smile 

Pat Hickson Corinne Pereira 

Class Couple 

Christine Latimer Dave LeGacy 

Best Friends 

Rich Yohn Brian Polcaro 



Kelly O’Connell Jason Sietins 

Most Dependable 

Christine Latimer Sue Cronin Dave LeGacy 

Best Friends 

Marina Valle Jen Griffith 


Class Spirit 

Joe Cote 

Katie Crupi 

Most Athletic 

Meg Devine 

Devon Brady 

Worst Drivers 

Jen Brabants 

Nick Stavros 

Best Cars 

Tim Coveney 

Meg Hensen 

Pablo Picasso 

So Yung Morris Justin Crompton 

Biggest Flirts 

Cerissa Creeden Steve Bums 

"Memories, my friends, so it seems, are the 
keys to all my future dreams, therefore 
whether we are together or apart, if you are 
not in my presence, you’ll be in my heart.” 
likes: mom dad tracey SC KC AR PH HH 
CH GC RG CB all friends field hockey #17 
hse parties kb remembers; susie green- 
burg’s missions w/hil 17-2 st-mike’s uvm 
villanova 4/20/96 all proms hmcmngs ph’s 
aftr prom all phish shows/cncrts nantucket 
St patty’s day 1-800-FLEM bg’s bsmnt 
nsemble “thea, isn’t that your dad” w/ 
arkptk lamoscttge butch’s 50th ihop "hil, 
where r we?” don’t touch kathi texn’tims 
cat walksess quarries w rgcbshbga? 12/8/95 
“i had this star shaped belt” rescler dscvry- 
hil w/plma flat tire nasty ice pnckesw 
arjkpb fresh cort caves “it takes 3 sdwh grls 
. . . ” JACK i will never forget you or the 
memories we’ve shared, i’ll love you al- 
ways! mom & dad thanx 4 everthing-143 

Sarah C. Alves 

To get my shovel 
back from JK 


Sandy Neck 
East Sandwich 

“Remember that when rain falls, it don’t 
fall on one man’s house.” LIKES: Family 
Jess TLC MM EA JR KP DB KR Kat and 
all other friends Jeremy Kenny days off j 
sleeping late the beach craigville tans road ’ 
trips with di & Rossman pasta random ' 
thoughts Barnstable parties. Zachary lax 
skiing Stowe soccer New Orleans Dan not’ 
getting in trouble vacations Bagels concerts' 
Ryan & Mike Bev REMEMBER: Califor-' 

nia with sis my ears are popping! sneaking 
out Sandy’s pool Burbank St. secret parties 
at Burbank Kate don’t fall out of the win- :l 
dow! Totally Tom’s with Julie & sr & 
brown sugar baby Aaron G homecoming 

95 wiht ja “have you girls been when 

everything was 9! Jermanie! P-town on 
17th getting pulled over with Ic bm je sum- 
mer 96 with jt nc dm cuddles & bubbles! 
Alman bro with di cb sh 4th at cb 24 hr bk! 
NO bourbon st. big easy thanx mom 
Paul i luv u! 

Autumn Amanda 
Audi Triple A 
To find the perfect] 
pair of jeans. 

“Memories, my friends, so it seems, are the keys to all my future dreams, therefore, whether we are 
together or apart, if you are not in my presence, you’ll be in my heart.” 

“You Live You Learn” MJD AA BP El 
know who the rest are! soccer skiing nice 
cars hanging w/my friends and w/ El 1 love 
U. Homecoming “94” w/EI first ride in a 
limo thanx. Winter “95” w/Kp & LH on 
my third one Lh making it home! My new 
car thanx to Jack for everything skiing w/EI 
& DI “Im ok” going to DDD lunch! All my 
memerories w/EI most of all 1/12/94 at Jl’s 
house Eating at Sam’s w/KP & Lh fried ice 
cream Mmm! Prom “96” w/EI Boston EH 
& EA’s important talks EA & LH trip to 
BSC coming home the same knight How’s 
your skit Kp! summer “96” w/ JZ KP LH 
on Main St the cone w/ El LH’s party sum- 
mer “96” no blue lights showed up. sum- 
mer “95” at/ BPG who let you in Budjet! 
thanxs mom & Jack for all the guidance 
you have given me I love you Breanna your 
the best niece I could have thanx Anita for 
all the crazy times. 

“Dreams come true, could be a few will see 
you through.” cj loves laughing sad songs 
fmds thanx for all xs bren thnx for being u 
luv u dj cm hates: ignorance regrets rmbrs 
5 of us bb cc’s w/atavcc Istx w/dbbgdl 
11495, 18 arres haha budget w/phmfdb 
12sw/bkr iwantab w brjfns what’s that on 
the wall-ph SCw/atbr Is td yjryr w/ bsbrjf- 
phbgcd cllgfrw/atbr tp (bb) w/ esmhks all- 
brosw/ atmfphcpjfar SRw/ atbr (o' 99 sorry 
at FL w/ph worms on my wall w/ br i feel 
pritty w/ at xs @ fenway apbio w/sbafck 
mplswmps w/ jpkcbr-nature walk’’ prom 94 
w/pmtdmm prom 96 w/kp 1 will marry you 
Rf in 3rd it’s ok roll right down st. w/ kp- 
clmm prty @ bkatmf phjmdbch FF 96 fun? 
no! xs @ fire trails soccer i will miss you 
guys good luck triangle pond w/kccc cran- 
bog helicopter w/mmbrccmfpbph coat 
overhead w/ krbr pklt @ sag mall w/brjc 2 
badrb we all miss u funny xs w/kckrbr you 
stank! bjshig bad beige pns choice is yours 
to make and time is yours to take 

and Fate- That my deepest wish may be" 
swiftly attained. My friends-do not wee^ 
for our departure. Look deep upon the past 
and hold tight on to the memories. Thev" 
will bring you hope.” Courtney-you are be^ 
yond my vision of true beauty. Never for^ 
get your place in my heart. Stacey-many 
moons shall pass between us. but never lose 
faith. You will survive. A.P., thank you for 
your poetry C.P. J.M. A.C. B.J., I pray for 
all of you. Four-leaf clovers, magic spells. 
Harvard Square, spinal cracker, Skippy, 
burning black candles. Sailor Mercury 
Gavin, secret dreams, fears, loves, and am- 
bitions-I’ll never forget you. In the future. 
I’ll have the power to write all that 1 feel, 
and I will be free. The changes begin with 
this spell and continue as 1 better myself 
and all around me. So it is and so it shall 
continue to be. 


! Taco Maker, 

I e Courts, Celt- 

' , Beauchemin’s 

ion w/Kev Shot 
I squared Seafood 
, MA, “Let’s Go Fishin”, 
oeranton, dropped funk on the 
State, Victory swigs, the Strap, 
ite my cerveza PH, Behind Forest- 
.nky Funky Lou, Stinky Funky 
sighting Guacamole with Shlong, 
and Tom your the Greatest, gettin 
ith Me in Boston, at Fenway, spill 
, more on me. Sorry SP; it’s my fault 
you’re a Calculas dunce, remember “Life is 
Too Short’’ you gotta "Get in Where You 
Fit in’’, you should always be and everyone 
was “Born to Mack” “Cocktails” and 
“Never Stop Rappin” 

John Atkinson 
Atkis, Butt 
To be Ms. Bass’ 
best student 

Rachael Beal 
Huggybear, Bessy 
To buy a cherry red 
’66 Mustang con- 

“Life without tears is nothing” pet peeve: 
people who think they are all that, you 
know who i’m talking about likes: men fast 
cars good systems being with friends dis- 
likes: men love bi#*s people who can’t 
drive 2 faced so called friends, hey katie 
was the jack supposed to go there? why is 
th car falling? these are the dayz of our 
lives, hey dan remember summer ’93 ds + 
rb friends to the end love ya good luck kb 
hf cl sd jg kb Ij Ip jb and everyone else, keep 
smiling thank you mom dad russ trish for 
putting up with me i love you guys to my 
sis kelly watch out for that car! my bro russ 
don’t run over anybody to the rest of the 
fam thanx for everything hey tiff where do 
you get the nerve . . . thanx mr rose + mrs 
wallin for being there for me i’ll always 
think about you 2 miss you all love you all 
don’t do anything i wouldn’t do, + if you 
do, don’t get caught. 

“No, Bissett, No, Yeah” “Your Mother” 
“Atkinson. I’m your Daddy.” I Love you 
Holt” “Get offa me you’re a B.” “My Bad” 
“Noooooo.” “Red red wine” “Holt Give 
me Your ex-chic” “JA, 1 have our mom 
and dad wrapped around my Finger” “Yer 
off’ I Likes: PWA., SA., PH, Joanne and 
Bill, BH, Audra, Eric, Squared, Cubed, 
Dennis Kellen Ferris, and Todd S. The 
strap., Mr. Tool Man., My Dad, And Mom, 
MBH. Remember When I was sick at 
Friendlies, MBH in Ladik’s Car. I love JA. 
New Years at the FS. Running Into Walls, 
Cutting My Finger on AB. Ball. MY SIS- 

Justin Bissett 
Bassett Hound, 

To Take Over The 
Family Business 

“Life without tears is nothing” 

1 remember getting honor roll I remember 
studying to keep the grades up 1 remember 
going to gym getting my license I remember 
buying my new car I remember the school 
spirit day 1 remember leaving school a lot I 
remember bad snow days 

Which one’s . . . 
Major in some form 
of art and success- 
ful in wambat 

“When a man lies, he murders some part of 
the world. These are the pale deaths that 
men miscall their lives. All this I cannot 
bare to witness any longer, can’t the king- 
dom of salvation take me home?” Friends: 
JM, GS, JD, JK. DO, CO, HH, D“Z”G, JS, 
DK, HS, RL, JS, KM. Likes: swimming, 
music, art. old cars. Dislikes: rap. Memo- 
ries: first moving to Sandwich, trying to 
find a place to live, then trying to adjust to 
a new school. Next is Camp Lyndon where 
I met GS and lots of other people like HH. 
One thing that I enjoyed was the prom with 
DB, his girlfriend and od. 1 enjoy being 
with some other friends of mine on the 
swim team. Being in Hyannis with HH and 
D“Z”G and other random people. Going 
to Art Institute of Boston is fun, and with 
the many people there. 


"Makes much more sense to live in the 
present tense, if i die while i’m having a 
good time, so be it.” I luv u: kate, kristen, 
crystal, hillary, ross, kay, erin, corey, paul, 
dan, jo, if i missed u, its cuz i’m a spinal 
cracker! i love camp gpcbefri: brooke ur 
SM crazy! avoid the clap michelle ma belle 
u r a freak! style rocks esp. js, ja; ja, stop 
fighting to the nail all ai all u r just another 
brick in the wall; luce, tks. 4 everything; u r 
my soul mate Jason M. 6/24/96 kc mat- 
tress! stumpy fan club! Mars fire ignite! 
Beatles, pink floyd, pearl jam & sp r the 
bomb Harvard square being accostd by a 4 
leaf clover! life’s a b* then u die. Crawling 
on the planet’s face were some insects 
called the human race lost in time & lost in 
space and meaning there is darkness & 
there is love. Love pierces the darkness, 
that is what I know & that is all i know. 
True love is immortal and above all, live in 
the now!!! 

Courtney Pierce 

Cumquat cb luna 
To find spiritual 
enlightment, Om . . 

“I’m not J., well nobody’s perfect.” “Are 
you done with that B” “What’s the good 
word.” Remember when JA took a MBH, 
and puked everywhere in bh car. Atkinson, 
KO, RL, JB. The gang at the courts this 
summer, SA, PWA, squared, cubed. Hoops 
at the Wing School, weekends with the ho- 
mies. Taco Bell. Behind RM’s house is the 
place to hang. KG and TKG. CG and LP, 
sign me up. Swating JA at the Wing School. 
The ghost at KO’s house. Stinky, funky, 
Lou. Nights at Taco Maker. JE and AG go 
home, find another spot other than A and 
P. I missed New Years with my friends. 
Taking over at Tripple Crown tournaments 
with our team. Capturing fourth in Boston 
and second in Scranton, and beating After- 
shock. Almost getting in a fight with DL, 
I’m sorry. Dez-mama what is going on. 
Rick how come you never share with me. 

“Are you always this stupid or did you take li 
lessons?” “Mess with the Best Die like the * 
Rest!” “Remember, the Force will be with ''i 

you always.” “Bond! Who are you?” 3 

“Ms. Galore! My name is Pussy Galore.” |j 
“Bond! I must be dreaming?” action mov- iM 
ies: Star Wars, etc. beautiful women, Por-}» 
sche commando raids and weapons Film j J 
scores; John Williams Adventure stories: * 
James Bond Mode U.N.S. Clark stories: ,i 
wrestling boy Jenn Behraman S Kmun Pil- ( 
grim Conference Champs TLA rules! reso- r , 
lution antics IS who are those guys The fu- 4 
ture us an express elevator! GOING : 



^ I 

Nathan Boudreau 
Nate Indiana 

To be the world’s 
most successful ac- 
tion star 


“Only the young can say they’re free to fly sharing the same desires burning like wildfire.” 

“Only the young can say they’re free to fly 
sharing the same desires, burning like wild- 
fire”. likes skiing, fam, friends, keywest. 
dislikes: tape on my car! Hoochies never 
forget: Prom 96 w/b.g. Prom 95 w/d.h. 
hmcing w/mt km mr cs mr house UNH LL 
cool j w/km dp cc pool hopping w/bg km 
Stratton w/mm coca-cola/kmmg ext4 mo- 
peds w/mm cc rd ds coffe shake w/km sun- 
shine w/is wlv loon/jc mb leftop roundhill 
w/km tc mb bg steph’s 1 + 2 STOWE verti- 
cal jump w/mm jb jm cueball Montreal 
w/jm compass/km cheering 93-97 km sw 
boating/rd ds cc masquerade w/tc km ed 
mt Bonanza/sw carl ton shores w/jl km mg 
bl kg ac/ld camping/km mt dp uca/km -gyp- 
sies? boogie woogie / sw mm tc mg jb 5 
days! all time dan wc/mb sb house wk mm 
gpd times/sw pd snowboarding/mm dy boy 
Chinese fire drill kc mg km jg = 97 #1 
hoochie’s/kc sunset park/bg track battle of 
the sexes km Iddy in red dirty girl wg jl/jr 
km mg kc jc Iv cd bmk mb-uwin IT an ta 

“Show a little respect” - bg likes brian chris 
flan gove derek pp mt kp bb cc ks bk sc jj + 
Is remember day list kickoff classic 
lawrence ropes swings taping + the ridge 
club destruction in the neighborhood w/cd 
mf bg bm dl flan’s house the umbrella w/bg 
orca vanilla ice “hey you want a steak” 400 
w/cd + bh the den NH w/cd driving hde’s 
truck w/bh zb’s a great time w/ls at home- 
coming rope swings vinyard seth wwf w/ 
derek tani’s ca house fenway my house 
booted from box w/ cd + jb fights in the car 
arguing w/ bm jm’s ed the walk to mason’s 
aunt’s house w/pb mf bg bs jm nb and af- 
terwards 1 0 day w/ cd + bm x’s w/ lb and 
bets w/ lb td jm bh at work w/he ps’s house 
susie greenburgs buck olT w/ bd at ap 
mooning cars and count w/ flan at bm’s, 
prom w/ cp, silly walks and the best times 
at ch’s house movies w/ cdbmbg scorton 
roadies sddp, last day of school w/ cd i luv 
you M + D + L “Jerome Jerome” 

Likes girls hunting fishing surfing trees geto | 
codes t & g jayo blizzards trucks # 1 88 par- i 
ties jf bs jc ph mf cd kp ns db bobo dp rg ss * 
ko ar ch cp hh sa sb ac pa ab bg th jp bm Iv ? 
mb cl jk’s memories: arrested missions ^ 
trees friday session w/ph sb ch breakfast at | : 
sa chillin w/bed and friends surf crew dc " ; 
w/ph bl ns vtl munchies 18 pounded w/ jf # 
flans attick w/ dp canal police feelies josh’s 
house w/ bs jc dumb fread bryant skiing w/ , 
21 4th of july GYA Christmas eve at ko’s 
andy & jr mobile halfdays summer at jk’s 
hunting w/ bs dairy cooler Iran party at ■ 
stavs boy-kp yeallow car freshman year at 
torris almond bros Plymouth boardz spec- 
tacle dislikes: people who puke tough guys 
ns driving thanks moms dad paul nicole 
fam & friends; Stanton ufl its on!! 


“Life is a journey, not a destination, ya 
never know what tomorrow brings”-Styler. 
likes jaim family erksns trve friends soccer 
amc movies flrda rap skiing Remember 
My way 9/27/95 homcmng w/je pkin pb 
nxt mmg trps to fl w/je Jaguar gme dadab- 
ije tlksw/Fr an New years @ mm sdeot rd 
in nn man i hate restareas rd trip w/je 2nh 
cdless rly sks “don’t go behind the door- 
trmp” almst gting ct w/je Mad Shrs laughin 
w/je da da bin hotel @ dw Vt w/ericks “god 
that has to hurt” skng w/d + je CCI w/ je + 
da boyz made hrl + me Ising my hat in bw 
w/je V 1 4 arbs w/cdje sleeping on spkd mtrs 
prom 96 w/Je ac mh AA “I’d just like to 
thank Jaim for always being there sharing 
many memories, hopefully many more 
Thnx to those who are still my friends u 
know who ur thnx mom dad meg shawn 4 
all you’ve done thnx fran 4 everything thnx 
dad for always caring i will always luv u 
jaim all my family” Later 

Ryan Bridgeman 
Ry Bridgeman 
To get out of Sand- 

Many of nights with s.f. in the r.f.f. Many 
of nights out in the wood with c.m. b.l. s.f. 
s.k. a.k. and I.H. never forget me and 
shelby visiting Racer every night me and 
c.m. his hand and face “its serious man” 
k.m. let me and s.f kill her fish never forget 
K.M. me and s.f s.k. c.m. j.g. c.w. a.k. go- 
ing to see white zombie, pantera me and 
s.s. going from 0 to 120 in a couple of sec- 
onds me s.k. s.s. doing donuts before school 
and being late every day 

“Life is a journey, not a destination, ya never know what tomorrow brings” 

Nathaniel Forrest 

Big Nate Nate 
To walk normally 
one day. 

So that was high school ... I’d like to thank 
all the SHS teachers lunch ladies janitors 
guidance counselors secretaries and fac- 
ulty. also thanx to all my friends foes class- 
mates schoolmates '98 ’99 ’00 MOM and 
everyone who I ever talked to . . . RIP IS 
AAC. people change, kids don't . . . It’s 
hard to stand when you can’t find the floor 
. . . confucious says: you never worry about 
the future I hate fortune cookies . . . drivers 
license? . . . one day your bom the next you 
: die sometimes 1 wonder why 1 even try. 

I Happiness is something that 1 can’t find 
I I’ve got so much trouble on my mind run- 
ning out of money and I’m down on my 
luck, it doesn’t matter to me 1 don’t give a. 
I ps . . . my friends are my greatest commod- 
i ity . . . I’ll see you kids on the flipside . . . 
ten animals slam in a net.-sdrawkcab-be- 
ware of GOD, I heard he’s mad at you. 

Likes: being with friends, hom-happy peo- 
ple, making people laugh, driving fast, fast 
cars, Brett, having money, and all of the se- 
nior privileges- NOT! Dislikes: not having 
$, homies, snobs, fake people, “whatever” 
dudes, no ride, saying goodbye, under 
classmen, Saturday morning with Hulick! 
Will always remember coming here my ju- 
nior year, Mr. A’s first aid class with S.D., 
J.P.-Carrots, that’s all I have to say! Home- 
coming ’96, J.S.-grow up, I love my prin- 
cess, Helena & Nicci’s Bumble Bee Tuna, 
summer ’95 & '96, Shannon’s fall thanks to 
J.G., S.D, J.P, J.L, J.S, T.D, B.C, Schlong, 
S.D’s lust for D.C, J.G, and P.B- can’t re- 
sist ’em, my princess, stop n shop w/C.B, 
Meg, J.S, and Jen, tough guy- J.L- D.C 
tough stuff-J.L. 

Bridget Anne Brush 

To make it through 
a class w/o laugh- 

Kevin Robert 
Kevin, Kev, Buck, 

I have No Idea. 

Among Normal people . . . Gonzo has a 
large nose. KILL KNIPPER! playing rock 
& roll music with bobb and colin. helping 
the elderly at the food pantry, cow tipping 
down at old man wither’s farm. Your lights 
are on! x-country with joe and bums. “That 
reminds me of when i used to ride that fat 
man to work” roni’s every Tuesday night. 
The x-c practice with only a sock, “what 
was i laughing at again ... ah yes, that crip- 
pled irishman.” playing football in the 
snow with jk, jr, kc, af bb, th, jj, cs. dave 
mathews with jb, jj, ss, bb. ns?, ef cw, sm. 
“excuse me i’m john smith, john smith 
1882? wup! my mistakes.” watching Goon- 
ies the last day of summer going crazy at 
round hill with jb, cw. ef, jj. “FREE WA- 
TER!” please margery, i love ALL the 
meats of our cultural stew . . , ahh ballet.” 
going to the movies with my german pal 
morgan, the bus ride home in track, wait a 
minute, my friends arc pretty cool. 



“Lately it occurs to me what a long strange 
trip it’s been” always remember: 10/27/94 
cruising down coastguard hill in m’s buick 
rides in herbies trunk w/jd walking in ryder 
woods w/mc ka jd ms bs mw prom 95 w/jd 
me sn ml pi trip to rocky point w/jd me ah 
hemp lest w/jd me ka ms mw bs partying at 
Steves w/jd me jv mb bp camping w/ the 
bakers w/jd ka me my best friends girl- 
friend prom 96 w/jd ah pc sn jg playing 
hooky w/jd ka mw bs ah Id nights at johns 
house w/db jd me jg cw Id sb phish concert 
w/jd me ka ja sittin mashpee backroads 
w/jd ka me bs chillin at karens w/jd me ms 
bs mw you stunk up my whole kitchen ka 
partying at russ’ w/mc jd jg si jm db cm bl 
big blue rustang nights at the egg w/jd 
meyd’s w/bl md ed jay and fam-thanx for 
always being there dad-thanx for all your 
laove and support jay-remember i will al- 
ways love you! thanx to the rest of my 
friends and family-i love you all 

“Hey You. out there on your own, sitting 
naked by the phone, would you touch me?” 
Memories: times at Coreys, NH, Corinne! 
Silly peppers, frosty fantasy, my birthday, 
LGB! snow storm, wheres Pat dude? I am 
going to incinerate you! I dont even like 
you, I just had cardiac arrest, big wheels, 
Lents house, halloween 95, Winter 95, 
baby shark. Weak, Boss Momma, Richie, 
Phish, el mozo, derf. Pulp Fiction its a chin 
thing, silly walks, hempfest, berries, alc- 
atraz, Noved, snowbanks, Q-tip, Natalie- 
Door 1 or Door 2? cougar, big Jay and 
Marc, Mobil on SF’s birthday, oompa, 
REM, Buffet, antartica. car accidents with 
Pat, and Grodin I miss you! Likes; CH, CP, 
AR, HH, SC, PH, SA, JK, MB, AD, Mom, 
Dad, Mikey, and Roxanne. Dislikes: 
school, JB, RM, meat, dorks, you’s, CVS. 
Andrew, I love you! I’m outta here! 

“And when your deepest thoughts are bro- , 
ken keep on dreaming boy cause when you 
stop dreamin it’s time to die” blind melon i ^ 
am a product of every person i’ve met i’d ' 
like to remember: moonin the train w/mac c' 
track black boardin snow w/kac gay head 1 
on mv sledin w/rb delerious w/cristan 
poker nights poetry w/mikey salem w/erin . 
shana playin music w/kev col livin on the 1 
edge w/josh powwows crashin into tim 
prom til midnight the drive in the bowlin ? 
shoe caper frosh baseball cross country 
pearl jam w/amy dmb red hair laughin w/je 
cryin out xfiles the fort pit pp tree sneakin 
out roni’s ptown police night swimmin the 
bread truck sleepin in the tent w/dudeman 
t ian kac amy the crew cumun never a dull 
moment w/sampson. thanx for the pump- 
kin pie em meg Hann and cob 4 teachin 
about God rip jack + jon. weasel, may time 
heal all. life is what you make of it, not 
what it makes of you. Life is short just say 

Robert James 
Burgess III 

To be happy cause 
the more you live 
the less you die 



“And when your deepest thoughts are broken keep on dreamin boy cause when you stop dreamin it’s 
time to die” 

“It is the end of the world as we know it 
and I feel fine”- REM Thanks mom and 
dad for your support JG I hope we stay 
friends forever CL I’m glad we became 
such good friends Good Luck in the future 
I’m never going to end up here SF Oops 
I’m here we’ll make it back up the hill, bet- 
ter call the tow truck KT JL Sitting on the 
hammock in KM’s backyard Bloop, BLop, 
you can’t hear the difference RB I hope 
your mom doesn’t catch you again Golf 
Course JS Pink Floyd in the Firebird JL 
stuck at homecoming ’96 College Fair and 
Omni with JG CW JL Pink Floyd Laser 
Show with KM MT JS Alanis Morissette 
with JD AD KM Pantera/White Zombie 
with JG CW SK AK CM DB BL SF Korn 
with JG KM AD JD SS DS Keep in touch 
everyone especially CL JF KM JD AD PS 
KM SF KB KB Watch out for HF’s 

Jeremy James 
Jerm J.J 

To win the lottery 
and never work 

“Keep me up till five only because all your 
stars are out, and for no other reason” 
Salinger “cement planes” “yeah, that’s 
right” “we’re inolved . . . but not w/ each 
other” “nigba” “tdo yung” “turkey is basi- 
cally a gamble” “hey, those little guys are 
kinda funny” “psychologic” “let’s eat” 
“you’re a grand ole flag” 1/30/94 “within 
you there is a stillness and sanctuary to 
which you can retreat at any time and be 
yourself’ “nothing was, nothing will be, ev- 
erything has reality and presence” “seeking 
means: to have a goal; but finding means: 
to be free, and to be receptive, to have no 
goal; hesse mom dad eric dylan thank you i 
love you! to my pals i don’t know why we 
behave like lunatics sometimes but it sure 
is fun/the roof will be forever! thanks for 
being so wonderful “in the depth of winter, 
I finally learned that within me there lay an 
invincible summer” camus 

Nicole Burgund 
Nic Nikki B 
I will go in this way 
and i’ll find my 
own way out 


1 got an open mind so won’t y’a 11 get in- 
side. I lov the kids, u kno who u r: tall girl, 
emsta, bio pal, linebacker, ice, fuph, byna, 
curls, jailbait, skate shoes, thanx for always 
laughing you’re all the cookies. Yeah thats 
right Nic. 24-7 summer w SY all is Righ- 
teous. Dig: shmaintings wink weenie man 
song orange the fridge volvo cement planes 
BLUBB BLUBB BLUBB thrift shop cats 
CAT Spain midnight rainbow bright ufg 
die jnj show eat nthg bigger than yr head no 
ice cream in dark math team for the snacks 
Never Surrender no hair 1 want to be like 
the trees juggling in tents me by the sea 
bold & pugent I’ve got style, miles & miles. 
Always take me night swimming always 
make me feel like dancing. Here’s to next 
summer. High school: Dicho y Hecho. 
“We’ll jump and we’ll see. That’s life” 

Jennifer Bums 
Jen The Big 

To live in a state of 
constant total 

Stephen R, Bums 
Stevie B, Burnsy 
To open a bar in 
Clearwater with 
Brad + Brian. 

“You can find me, just chillin at the Playaz 
Club!” NY w/ Dave Brad Brian rope Bos- 
ton- G Tanni Dave swing Arcadia: tc mj jd 
eg mm seniors? carelton shores-Tanni 20 
for 4 x-country: dl bs mm ac ga kl bb spice 
bengay OB and BROG SNR: bl bm ws cb 
houses: bs bl bm bk jc jf mf cd db kc kt ca 
mugs at Whits ehap: ja cc 7-6-95: best day 
vfl’s bs kp jf water country: bl bs kl ma si 
Aerosmith and Maine: bl kl senior mas- 
querade: bs bl sw jc round #2 with bl round 
#1 w/ca 3 on 3 champs: brogoli and legacy 
canal: army park rangers bs pb class flirt 
w/ar prom court prom was too hyped 
shafted at the pep rally 96 everone jump 
around tag teams: cd bg bs-21t at the courts: 
dl rf jg ja mb mt party at cb’s w/ cd bm td- 
yeah! x-country state champions 1996? 

“You never know just how you look through other people’s eyes” 

“Welcome to margaritaville”- sandy neck 
96 one frog jumped over the lake plop mar- 
carana in the back of paul’s truck reggae 
fest hf stalking jb + dn to all u dead beat 
dads, u don’t know whose lives u are ruin- 
ing dn pi + br main st kriss kross, jump 
jump med’s accident w/kelly kb main st 
“hey that looks like a nice car, u want 2 
race? no its a piece of sh##”-cj cb + kb, 
hockey sockey chop haircuts at cj’s house 
cause of rc cj i give you my soul sweatin’ 2 
the oldies w/cj don’t forget 2 wear your 
raincoat while u r reading books hulie fruit- 
cakes in the kitchen kb pooh cake fight 
main st rearends hf + jb hey cl want some 
clam chowder rb these r the dayz of our 
lives-bessy nice car hf this song makes me 
drive faster lets go find some bikers hf des- 
tinee, hope life is good 2 u! these boots r 
made 4 walking + thats just what they’ll do 
+ 1 of these days these boots are gonna 
walk all over u! thanks every I ! 

Katie Butland 
Mogilla, Mom 
2 give molly the 
best of all worlds i 
love u molly 


Jillian Campbell 
Jill, Jilly 

To find the hidden 
source of Poland 
Springs Water 

-r- \ 

“You never know just how you look 
through other peoples eyes.” likes sw bl btd 
mg bs sb kg md br jg km nb sue jb Iv and 
the rest of you, you know who you are!! 
swimming softball boys! Pet peeves: being 
cold rude people physics dead cow meat! 
always remember: the trunk w/mg ME 96 
w/mjj hc95 w/sw rd bo prom night 96 w/sw 
bo rd sd last day of school 95 b-ball games 
w/wl volleyball games at sp horizons mg- 
jacuzzis w/uknow who 95 lax team “party 
at my house” town neck beach The Hornet 
halloween 96 trip to pri w/mg mascarade 
w/sw be bs mg Ian + W sw p-town trips 
florida 96 pleasure island red sox games 
NY 95 flowers boston 96 feb vaca up all 
night at my house and km’s b-day party at 
sw’s w/cc + kb summer 96 w/JC thank you 
everybody for all the wonderful memories, 
i couldn’t have made it without all of you! 
mom thanx for it all. dad i love you thanx 
jon maybe your not so bad too i’m outy 

Y OU” Likes-I love everyone Especially my 
close family and friends, the mule, surfing, 
beautiful sunny warm weather offshore 
winds, snowboarding, soft landings, Sweed- 
ish Good Pain Broken in jeans, freedom- 
dislikes-the jule, bad pain, bad conditions, 
tough guys. Us Goverment, sickness, bro- 
ken bones, being held under, wondering if 
I’ll make it out alive, Remember-Maine 
camping trip w/mm rb senior rb THE 
MOON TOWER surfing NSS surfing w/ja 
pb nc and buds trips to hampton crazy days 
at horizons family trips bus trip to Califor- 
nia w/hs prom homecomings the killer cac- 
tus w/mh the kidnaping if the street cone 
homecoming 94 w/nb mh bs and all the 
other memories of my childhood temporar- 
ily forgoten LOVE YOU ALL D 

“Always check your shoes for spiders be- 
fore you put them on.” “I need a job, I’m 
broke.” friends tl pi jg cm af jc ac and any- 
one else i missed likes xcountry hockey golf 
long weekends Saturdays family classes 
with G dislikes spiders school homework 
Sundays work ao tough guys 420 memories 
the bow & the grd rl cn cl cup 94 the sn- 
wbrd & the eddy sldng dnw 130 w/th IR 
w/AH pty at jm xentry 95 & 96 prom 96 
Tom Petty w/ ks Ip ab kc Im cm bng pld ovr 
Med adlxe w/tl the pup mi nght bb gms w/ 
dad xmas w/fmly frosh golf w/jc & gb sph- 
mre mth w/gg rp jh jc af nb G Ing nse hr & 
bng stfed btwn sda mchns by dl is w/eo cx 
nb final thoughts “Don’t take life so seri- 
ously, it’s not permanent” To mom dad sis 
and the rest of my family, thanks for being 
there for me. I couldn’t have done it with- 
out you guys.” 

Joel Carlson 
Spiderman Mole 
To be happy and to 
get out of this town. 


Sam Diego’s 



“Always check your shoes for spiders before you put them on.” 

4^ Christopher R-K 

Never play leapfrog with a unicorn Likes: 
parties, rap, heavy metal Dislikes: home- 
work, school, fights. Friends: SS BD AC 
CC CT AJ BO JF. I would like to thank 
Mrs. Shultz, Mrs. Burke, Mrs. LaCroix, 
Mr. Curcio, Mr. Shuchuk, Big Jim, Mr. 
Hannon. Great job to Sancwich Girls Soc- 
cer team this year and Good Luck next 
year and all the years to come. Good Luck 
also to my sister. Heather and all of her 
friends in the class of 1 999! 

“Do, There is no try” HT next time I sit in | 
the back of the caravan Smile kat “Weareth J 
the barf shield proudly” JH how now grass- j 
hoppa 211 minutes of hate, RN add late ■ 
night is no fun, I love you KC remember ‘ 
the bwalk the nova is jealous find the papal 
states CP remember the Brogioli Theory SL 
MR HA HA the nova beat you PS see you 
at xmas Pam graduate KM I hate to admit ’ 
it but I will miss my family Good Luck' 
Grandma “Jesus + his lawyer are coming 
back” KC is beautiful FJP is hideous be j 
careful CJC tiny bubbles never live in ^ 
France because the French do 4 years of '■j 
cross country + cross I still hate the service 1 
road el maiz forever CT I will hold JS a 
down and shave his head, who wants to 1 
race the 4bangin nova? snatch the marble | 
from my hand, thanx for pushing me 4 
through high school LRC REC I miss u I 
boon hiya. Love is real real is love. “Me a 
I’m just a lucky guy.” m 

Corey M. Carlyle 
Corky, 2^rro, 

To make more 
money than Habib 
the gas attendant 


Taryn Drew 

T Tvrone Tai 
To go VEGl 
IAN with \ 
and Jen 


iarissa i 


“Life is to short to be taken seriously” 
Likes: the beach, track, hanging out with cc 
ns jl db St, money, trips to Canada, the 
ocean Remember: the 4 horsemen, tues- 
days at pg, crashing on the sr with mp me 
pa jm bl, Sunday river’s ofts, picking up 
chicks at cb, 2 parties, pool, homecoming 
95, Look! the wierd old guy in the mall, 
pinball at rfa. train chasing, prom 96, Mar- 
tha’s Vineyard with cc jg crashing scooters, 
Sampsons Island, riding on jm’s Hood 
graduation 96, Sunday mornings at s & s 
states 95 Me Playpen first call old maid al- 
gebra with Dusel, the Ford, tc golf, lipton 
caps and club ss Canada. Thanks: to chris 
for always being there for me/ helping me 
out. When 1 need it and all the good times 
we’ve had, and to OB & the track team, the 
3 years I ran have been a lot of fun BYE! 

“If we dwell in the past and dream of the 
future we are denying ourselves of the i 
present . . ” Never Forget family friends J 
Steph’s 123 sass vosoco bonanza muff slee- J 
povers w/tlmmpl 5 day vacation-don ’t let it * 
go to your head tj in h2o at 5 am w/ef j 
RANTAM.A MV w/efsm Nantucket w/ I 
mmjd Hurdler’s motto-“rd ...” w/wg J 
walking the dog 1 hear you knocking Sept. ™ 
28 Friendly’s Prom 96 w/tlmmpljdmf Loon J 
warped tour 96 w/mm adventures on main T ' 
St. w/jd busted for barking donuts w/tl stol- ^ 
len bowling ball frazzled deer at HOXIE § , 
w/edmtag Post Masquerade (abs. cit.) w/ 1 
edmtjbkmjgwgmm-she broke the bed! smw 
rooftops w/d & e camping pool hopping w/ r, 
wgcgjdrd “Shut up your @$%# noise!” My 
prom date ... go vegetarian mr. potato- 
head! jd’s b-day party new years 96 at the ^ 
g’s & 97 w/nb good luck wg Thank you and 
1 love you MOM D.AD (buddy) Hez Hil 
Chris Gram I couldn’t have done it without * 
you! PLH 



“The devil you know is better than the 
devil you don’t” friends: jm cc md rp jg db 
jb ag nd & everyone else you know who you 
are likes: boats corvettes jimmy JEN the 
family exit 5 w/jm cotuit town dock nov 3 
black dog hat the whaler vineyard jd’s 
hyundai dislikes: rap tough guys 420 acci- 
dents in the jimmy bad drivers memories: 
trips to Sunday river w/md rp cc jg db jz 
Canada w/jg rp jz md daves wedding prom 
w/jlm homecoming 95 the party after jer- 
emy rigs rear hatchet leaks mutimedia go- 
ing kneeboarding in the boats trips to the 
vineyard w/jm mopeds w/cc jg db milk in a 
bag eh pakmail me & rp’s accident tong 
stares car chases parties at jz tubing in the 
snow w/rp jg’s bad jokes junior english 
thanx; thanks jen for helping & listening to 
my problems i love you mom & dad you 
have always been there & helped even 
I when i did not want it you guys are the best 
i love you everyone thanx. 

Christopher D 
Chris C2 

To live life to the 
fullest no matter 
what the cost 

“Hold a true friend with both your hands.” 
Likes: Stumpy hugs ACTION, bonding, the 
boiler room, Geneva Point salsa boys 
sleighride cappacino, pin . . coladas 20 lbs. 
of bacon-ah yeah! youth group, magic cara- 
van rides. Memories: Dropping fat bombs 
on TWA C April vaca 96 w/KT, pillow 
fights w/RN & CC, Jack, canal nights, JM- 
tsch! hoodlums night swimming, vice baby, 
prom 96 w/PS, Handy, the shovel, Jimmy 
uni-nut summer 96, D & C, 6/24/96, Ptown 
whip it, the closet w/ a broomstick, X-mas 
eve co-ed sleepovers ebf fff the wks cted 
pge, yeah n stuff, CC-thanx 4 everything: 
the boardwalk, bolgna br, ilu! jc B - the 
shower curtain, pke mattress; Kris - you’re 
the best, I love you. Crys-thanx for being 
my sunshine, wohoo! C Ross- I’ll never for- 
get all the times with you. To my buds- 
never stop laughing, all my love + hugs: CB 
JH. I luv u m + d 

“Make me a sandwich” likes: girls, basket- 
ball, movies, dances, girls, fuzzy dice, va- 
nilla ice, action, but most of all my friends! 
Remember: the basketball team, xmas 
toumy game vs Barnstable, “Cote the killer 
3”, Prom 95 w JD, Prom 96 “Phantom of 
the Opera”, Fitchburg ST to see RW, Mar- 
tha’s Vineyard w RW, RV, BW, CD, sum- 
mer at Craigville w BA, JD b-day party, 
wsdh the jnj show, Boston w Sym, RW, 
RV, JB, NB, SH, CD, AF, Celtics w BL, 
Smashing Pumpkins w JS & JD, pep rally 
“ice ice baby”, homecoming night over KC 
house with CC, JP, KK. “shut up Kev & 
Cric”, JP, the best friend anyone could 
have. I'll never forget you! To all my 
friends, I love you forever! 

Joseph Eric Cote 
JOe, Ice 

To live life to the 

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” 

Timothy M. 

What 1 am is what I am are you what you 
ire or what” cross country rocks power to 
vegetarians straight edge snowboarding 
*ith the gang waiting for the bus breaking 
my foot in cc burning my foot at sam’s 
ranger rick prom w/hs jens cc parties sweet 
omatoes white rocks power lining in gcarts 
drive in erin f. parties bowling in tuxs j 
brew sale walk for justin ginsing ice tea 
x:otland friends jumping through the water 
I'ountain in boston summer 96 with trinity 
5, tom c, Steve s, courtney g, kevin k (sd 
nislick renting the in martha’s vineyard, 
lantucket tea shop jackson brown with the 
;irls bonfires on the beach) homecomeing 
^6 with Trinity you’re wonderful, friends 
/ou know who you are best wishes to you 
ill mom and dad thanks for everything i 
bve you both. 

“Nothing left to do but smile, smile, 
smile”-J.G. likes: the dead phish shows 
summer friends traveling, dislikes: snobs 
pink floyd ’94 w/danielle Lolapalooza ’95 
Steve miller w/aa + ks jimmey buffet w/js + 
aa phish ’95 amherst long trip further fest 
sneaking out to parties at aa’s camp in nh 
traveling to nh twice falling asleep in st. 
forest camping jumping off s.c. w/mc sum- 
mer w/jess p town falling out of js’s car 1 1/ 
13/96 at br’s house experience at pc thank 
you to friends and family for helping me 
out “fairin’ me well now, let your life pro- 
ceed by it’s own design” 

“You cannot discover new oceans unless 
you have the courage to lose sight of the 
shore” remember: Stowe 93-95 all Home- 
comings, Dances and Prom. Senior Mas- 
querade w/kc dc jp ffgjccs Walk for Justin 
ECHO #188 w/br & kc Hansen’s 
“Whaleback” Flashlight Tag SC w/mmkc 
Lance “dad” Bogs Duxbury w/mni dc jc rg 
Fire Trails, hate saying good-bv *Logan* 
Holland w/Mom 7/4/94; 10/1/96 UMass 
Dave Matthews thnx Jess, Diving w/ew, 
mm, jc try BWN LAX team Bay States 
Wianno 95-96 Shayne Red Sox Smoken 
Grooves Boston- JJ Folley’s Purple Sham- 
rock Dickie “yes 1” gek parties Whimpy’s 
“up she said up she flew” Whale Watch 
w/PS •Chino, Ry thanx & luv u 7/4/96 luv 
u ben, Wolly Bardy Paddy Pinky Blondie 
Love beach sunsets great talks summers lax 
good laughs sensitivity true friendships 
Family thanks mom + dad love 4 eva ryan 
jesse kel jenn patrick barry. Jess. 1 miss you 
and will never forget you. Thanks for all 
the memories. 


I read a card some days ago that had writ- 
ten on: “They say you learn the most from 
your most difficult experiences . . . What a 
stupid system!” This was exactly what I 
was thinking the first days 1 spent here in 
the U.S.A. Now, 1 have 150 days left and I 
know I’m going to remember this year and 
all of you I got to know. Bye! 

“You never really appreciate or realize 
what you have until it’s gone.” things that 
make me happy: mountain biking, skiing, 
golf, new hampshire, music, friends, bos- 
ton, arizona, quesadillas, pierce, swallows 
memories: being born, golf team w/ 
creedon, prom building, erin’s house, those 
dam owls! new year’s in arizona, crazy d - - 
- - in vt. loosing wallet in pond & woods & 
under tree, art all-state, kodiak, smashing 
pumpkins, last tango & blind ambition, 
blue man group, hospital = evil english w/ 
bobb, erin, sieve, & graham, mop song w/ 
cob “camo” car w/amanda, kevin, & jen, 
power lines w/colin, oooooops! gouge eyes, 
nail through my foot, paintball w/dolan. 
jeff, pierces, & chuck many classes w/G, 
99, beep, what’s your beef, it’s funny be- 
cause it’s true, walk, thank you to all my 
friends and family for all the help and sup- 

Justin Crompton 
To be successful 
and have an effect 
on other people 


“You never really appreciate or realize what you have until it’s gone’’ 

Susannah Cronin 
Susie, Sue, Mo. Sus 
To be in Miss 
Saigon and to find 
something beauti- 

“The world is not prepared for people who 
go around grabbing and touching each 
other in indecent places” bs LIKES testy, 
chicken, Laura, Mollie, KC, SA, HJ, CH. 
BER all frosty fantasies, crabs, soph ring, 
home coming 93, 94, 95, 96 why not 98, in 
your eyes HJ (9-3-94), Susie Greenburg’s 
strong smell, New Years Her name dude, 
PH pieces mad ones. Ireland Petty 95bk 
bath, villanova?, summer 95 cors, brown, 
cheering, skipping locked keys, my b in d + 
d. deep night w/RM and NB, ouja w/MC, 
DD, and K, Natalie, woa Alanis, Ihop. dan- 
cin ASA Bearse, fights w/DD and RU, pink 
pigeons, trent’s welcome mats, friendly’s, 
Guade Loupe, mom’s 50th, buddy, crust, 
snowbank nosemobile, prom, nights w/ 
barnstable boys, red + blue ones, after 
school roof, white bins, pedro, shinpads, 
Cuban pete, me you bro, St. Patty’s day. 
mamosas in sun, who raised you, pudding. 

Lids, G! 

IT HAPPENS LIKES: Hummers gremlins 
mcdonalds jr sr english classes and teachers 
lax deer meat weekends at Flans, Kirbys 
and my house shout outs to KC cd sw kg pb 
lu kp jb be ts bl jb nb jw ao chillin at Stan- 
ton’s Halloween 96 you know what hap- 
pened kickin it at Bryant summer at Mc- 
nally’s summer 96 chillin on the beach 
front jimes at Fenway Colleen’s House 
Prom 97 Bronco with discolored tailgate 
skipping chemistry english and Spanish to 
go to Macdonalds Homecoming 96. 

“Well I know what I am looking for but 1 s 

just can’t find it. I guess 1 gotta look inside 
myself some more” fave peo ki kp kg sc sa ^ 
dfel bm bsdl ph jbed spjj fhbusbarb dina 
-t- been cahouz Bos/law pond army wkd J 
cone wand John’s K -t- mhooz cone pit my B 
houz Bmpuke Kirby’s KGhouz sml golf ^ 
wmike trips hynmm frosfancp homec ^ 
969594 prom? ph bay 109 louie b-ball 
gamewka Bournk9 tony riding hynsc mf- ^ 
houz hal96 hug treek9 dicookout powdph f 
dude bio4 flaghouz christy ap ice cafe kc * 
50th brent houz petty nat wowati phism } 
smoke grov horde you can’t hurt steel-bm 
JrhighsandjuMJbhousooldwcd ^ 
chhounew yearsc 4 wheel kp analysis wklg 
houz eggee rides wdf pornos kp = kl 
polewkj bmhouz NH wconsins rides wdlkl , 
trips to NH kirby’s cops w nate bush w el 
times at my houz tripwamy jen mb houz bf 
kg kl kp ph sa sc thanx for listening and 
your support luv u Cara + Dom good luck 

“If you’re not riding the wave of change, 
you’ll find yourself beneath it.” remember: 
Stowe 94 & 95 hosp w/jcsl ECHO #188 w/ 
ccbr Whaleback Red Sox UMASS Dave 
Matthews “yes I” SC w/stinky & mmcc 
lance Boston JJ Policy’s Prom flashlight tag 
Wimpy’s Smokin Grooves 6/17/95 1/13/96 
12/6/95 K-MART swim team 93-96 Purple 
Shamrock Foxhole maple swamps Senior 
Masquerade w/cc dc jp kk ss tc tc Dickie 
“everytin tweet” amazon woman I H New 
Year’s Eve 94 & 96 w/ccrc “up she said and 
up she flew” dances nature walk? w/br jp ca 
GEK pty’s w + c cycle LAX Bay States 
Walk-for-Justin shoop Wianno Sandwich 
Lyon Exchange trip to vt w/cc Logan sea- 
shells Likes; warm days, cool nights, fresh 
fallen snow, clouds, sunsets, beaches, lax, 
true friendships & good laughs; Ireland & 
France Never 4 get: paddy & barry thanx 4 
everything mom & dad I will always love 
you- ryan, corrie, kyle, cric, ry-guy, Jesse, L 

Kelly Curran 
“Pinky” Kel 
Je veux voyager le 
monde avec cc ps & 

“Promise me you won’t forget me ever, be- 
cause if 1 thought you would I'd never 
leave” Christopher Robin Likes: family 
friends (you know who you are) systems 
spice roni nite more Dislikes: wt rides 
shaving meat Remember: frosh bsbl pc v- 
bbal (tm parties) Prom 96 (“this is the bea- 
con switch” “can i come in?”), sp4: espy’s 
+ bl (jdcgkmrv) boy’s state Summmer 96: 
sbr bf at tb’s ack and mv (with tb tc sf eg ss) 
(jeep old glory trash lady) gc pwrlning tc kk 
ss cw smkn grvs jc mg boston with island 
crew “bumpin da funk” in “the fast cars” 
white rocks mystic scots k + a drivein 7 free 
dumb girls (Ivs) tea shop jerew w/kc tc kk 
ss: iib cruzn mn st tc me bk mm kk ss hey 
baby kickums cologne guy harsh objnz 2tix 
ws b-ball “Hey, that’s not Coons!” camp 
burgess pep rally the injustice! homecom- 
ing 96 hndsful wlk4jc, soccer snrmasq cc kc 
dc tc kk jp ss calcgroup ocb arcadia wsc 
“Basu tei wa doko desu ka?” thanx 2 all 

Thomas A 
Cummings 3rd 
tom toomy bosstom 
gump tc 

To ride shotgun 
with Steve S 

“If you’re not riding the wave of change, you’ll find yourself beneath it” 

“Life’s short, live it up you may not be here 
tomorrow.” Friends: bg, dl, jr, th, jp, pm, 
sc, all the boys from old. hoops at 2:30 a.m, 
rsg cellar dwellers prom 96 ouija lawrence 
7 lovt of 75 morning w/rogers 4x4. Pete’s. 
THE BEAST, taken 30 w/us new built, aug 
28 consecutive, mcnally’s, mad susage 
fests, chemistry, th and me making tapes 
over jr’s house, cuttin w/th, dltdb swim- 
min. To danielle: hey killer, kids, movies, 
mini-golf, lotion fights e. sand beaches, 
fords, no. 17,jan 12/13 10:30 p.m. highway 
rides, different stops along the way. “not as 
much” and talks I'll never forget thanks 1 
LOVE U! To the fam: thanks, loved the 
talks, thanks for everything you will never 
know how much 1 appreciate it. BD an DL 
stay real, later. 

“Some people come in to our lives and 
quickly go, some people move our souls to 
dance. They awaken us to new understand- 
ing with the passing whispers of their wis- 
dom. Some people make the sky more 
beautiful to gaze upon, they stay in our 
lives for a while, leave footprints on our 
hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” 
Memories, swimming on cold nights, 
ebash, Lincoln, Jam with lalu, Frenchies 
house pwwb long. Smash pumpkins bis 
smiles, Hal, smpump, burping contests 
with sis, paint ball wars, AH at Lynn’s HP, 
figs truck, pool Aimee’s big hugs, lunch on 
the beach, always have a big smile, cud- 
dling on the couch, hot stuff, socks, 
thumbs, I know what your thinking, 1 feel 
the same way. Mine, yours, Pink Floyd he, 
fat food, close calls, buds. A & E LF AS BF 
if I forgot anyone. Thanks mom, dad, Sa- 
rah, gram, gramp, nan, pop. and everyone 
Ryan Currier 

“Make a joke and I will sigh you will laugh 
and I will cry” OZZY Likes: KORN thanks 
for being there: am, mm, as, js, hh. si, pd, 
jg, sa. ph, cc, ph, je, ag, Ig, mh. cb, ja, and 
the rest 1 forgot To all the people we’ve 
loved and lost this year, your memories 
will forever stay in our hearts 


“Mom you can't smell it” KO MAC DEV 
GOV kc ml’ sc cc dl sb jb + mm md at cl + 
dl rp IT mt bo Ipcrew fam ko’s fam buck st 
ga johnny macfest kickoff classic trails fen- 
way fests mf + db house pond 108 hives 
prom w/ ko jb cl dl mm new years w/ ko- 
atch ca's house ridge taping x’s w/kel 
LUVS hole lax brawl island dbcar fights 
the hood scapercrew bball lax 400 swings 
ptown mv s + d w/db mf sb bg 10 days db + 
bm NH w/db orka “show some respect” 
moie db + bg stain last day w/db roadies 
floor dump-bg buck's room blazer trooper 
YOU! 12-2-95 LUVS 

Thomas Debose 
“Bo” “The Bomb” 
To be a pro basket- 
ball player and 
make a lot of $ 

“No bird soars too high if he soars with his 
own wings.” Good memories: sneaking out 
of b-ball camp #24 B-ball Homecoming 
woodshop driver’s ed. Jr, Prom limo driver 
Steph Jill’s house- 10/31/95- O’B and chips 
bus ride from Middleboro Steph’s 
house- 6/14/94 Snake Pond with my socks 
on Jen’s phone call. Thanks to all my teach- 
ers: Ms. Duffy, Mrs. Hartell, Mrs. Leary, 
Mr. Curcio, Mr. Aycock, Mr. Faucett, Mr. 
Shewchuk, Coach O’Brien and everybody 
else! Thanks to all of you for putting up 
with me! I had a great time at SHS. 

' ? 

“Life’s a journey not a destination” Likes: 
friends family soccer etc. ice cream cafe-at 1 
pv br mj What’s the scoop? Remember: J 
homecoming 93 94 95 96 he '95 @ mfs 1 
ca-comatose guys in red car w/dd kt at etc. • 
Chinese fire drill w/kg ef 11/1 1/95-^B 
grounded! summer ’95 Fenway w/at br ccTH 
ca bg db cd mf ph pre-sleepover w/at, ca-is j 
that your mom? soph ring dance sr. mas-* 
querade prom ’96- What cops? br’s rabbit * 
in my driveway w/br at kd, champagne su-JB 
pernova Myrtle Beach & gangsta boogie* 
w/at af at Whipped cream nuts + a cherry? ^ 
janitor habib-br at pr mj 4th of July ’96 I 
Norwich w/Ld Can 1 get your digits? Walk 1 
for Justin w/br at ca-I will survive Alanis 
concert w/kd kg soccer-skeletons in the i 
closet kb-good luck If you can’t have what J 
you want learn to want what you have. 1 
Thankx m + d, Kate Good luck class of ’97. * 
Thanks for all you’ve done G. J 

“What’s important is not what lies behind us or ahead of us but what lies within us” 

“What’s important is not what lies behind 
us or ahead of us but what lies within us."- 
Emerson. Remember: mont + fl with 
moldy, busted for barking with tc wg tl. 
hopping with tc wg eg, my 1 7 bday party 
and Chili’s, tics, chicks and kwok with mm, 
prom 96 with mike mm pi tc tl, 
HMCMG95 w/rv + rw, Japan w/mm + eg, 
jb lady in red, Arcadia w/mm eg mj sb + 
boss, span table w/ km eg ru boss, uk 95 w/ 
sc “just peekin g”, mj u r great, 4 years of 
swimming thanx tony + sue, saba tf bs ak 
aw es Ig bh cb cf mi jc, dover. t or d. camp- 
ing. Bee g, c + c, juice. Kids is w/ br kr pb 
bh, fou-tastic, scanner, good luck sis, sect + 
states 4 yrs., S- ra ys, fathead, uh-oh it’s 
gram w/ tc, adventures on Main St w/ tc, 
stolen bowling ball, ridisco w/ mm ga ng, 
“lost time is never found again” Brian 
thank you for all x’s, don’t ever hang up - 
love you. SHS swim team u guys r the 
greatest - CONF 95, nan w/ tc mm, bed- 
time w/ tc mm love u guys + miss u al- 
ready. Mom + Dad, Chris, C + C - Thank 
you + 1 love you! 


To go vegitarian 
with Taryn and 

Phil DeConto 
Castanza, Pheel, 

To either do some- 
thing with my life 
or make jello 

“The ends justify the means” “fight the 
system” “This stinks, change it” “We had 
homework?” likes: Girls parties tv playing 
pool driving fast money my car music skip- , 
ping work sleeping in not going to school ■ 
etc. Friends JM MA KM DS CB JS and 1 
anyone I forgot. Can't forget sixth grade, V 
Mr. Driscoll Sacred Heart the bus food 1 
fights and spitballs VW and the tricolored | 
hair the anti-drug week suspension coming j 
back to SHS freshman sports golf at Holly ^ 
Ridge Mcdonald's the Suncoast Video » 
scandal Stop and Shop, setting the break | 
room on fire marshmallows on the roof * 
with RL, the FOD, “just say no!” the holes .) 
in the trampoline IP the blackbox the 
hacky sacks at the Sagamore Mall gradua- 
tion party with RS being a pawn no prom j 
for me not doing my homework snoring * 
through math smoking in the boys room, 
etc. p.s. Kelly you owe me a date ^ 


4th of July 
New Year’s Eve 


“Turns out not where, but who you’re with 
that really matters.” Friends: ag, Iv, ko, sk, 
jg, sc, mm, ss, bs, sb, sr, cc, mn, likes; wtp, 
snflwrs, 4/14/95 - 1/18/96 m $ ms gng2 CT 
chpstck clrng prty of 5 dm 3 js my fmly w/ 
or w/ outu dislikes: bng thedd (7/4/96) not 
gng 2 prom gttng hit (1/18/96) dngstpd 
thngs bnglied 2 omp pf gys w ply wyour hd 
bngdtchd memories all the gts wsc wuss 
prom 95 wdtld hmcmg 95 cardr in the snw- 
strm gttng all the bprs fr & jvfh cryng ineng 
b7cof ss & Iv bb ppinac amcht mein a &p 
wko sk sb sr scusset Sb & bigz’s hse (gttng 
sick scks!) d & dat crgvllewlv the bgjlly fsh 
fldngchr Ightswch running out of D & D 
wko c lyng gstuin trble) ihagwlv & ag them 
Ibx alien frm frndlys jmpng offsc brdge whs 
& rest hchiegrls wgang wtr wiz wag hmcmg 
96 shrmsqrde the couc (thx ben!) ba cncrt 
wag 21 ths bad nts frm mm thelngwlk twstr 
& ck iedghat wkby thy .m & d 4 the good 
advice, always bgn there & gttng me thru 
ths hrd tms! good Ick John i Idv & will miss 
u guys good Ick 97 cya. 

Eric Dolan 
Dough Eazy 
To one day, smash 
a guitar at a live 

“It doesn’t matter what I believe it only 
matters what I can prove!” Likes: TRC mt 
tc ch jg jc ac kb Iv ag cob! Fender strat Jimi 
Kurt me and mt on Rt 6 jb mt and me in 
UTAH haney goin in 18! summer BULL 
TEAM! - dw tw th ed w/MV “yeah but left 
would be cool!” ricki grimes (ames) a few 
good men prob/stat, 99, the boy’s club after 
SAT’s fenway w/G mt and jg mad feedback 
w/ craig and geolT the 3 hr blocks - G and 
Franke hoxie words nirvana bootlegs post 
masquerade at tc’s! Walkin’ for Justin hair- 
cuts guitar strings supernova - tanni 
brooksy Dislikes; rap, dancing, getting 
caught, bogies, new shoes november local 
shows freshman year THE 80’s! clearing 
lots 98 reading music THANK YOU 
ya on the flip side, 18 yrs. and I’m outty 
5000-let’s evaporate!!!! 

“Everything that is done in the world is 
done by hope” likes el caminos baseball 
surfing 90210 cougar Laura country dis- 
likes hoochie mamas slow drivers white 
trash hangouts hood a & p mobile christys 
trees fenway (cape cod) ch house b-ball bus 
ride tims, doug w after legion games pb rg 
ef first party feeley’s sophomore half days 
pb jc mf ac keel over 97 hangout at ko 
josh-at mvw/dm bum victim hooks it kc 
weekends w/lv marley no jerry curl a & p 
boy jay-45 after school games fruitopia mix 
you get it to much pete-friday surf session 
newport bryant-fire alarm team geah! 
laura-prom 96 4 steak cramps fenway part 
1 & 2 the craft homecoming broken bed 
knocking over cans accident ek thanx for 
supporting me through good & bad times 
your my best friend thanx mr g for every- 
thing hit list I’ll miss you-jl jc pb jf bk jk ph 
bm Iv eg dl kc sk mm ko nd ag jb mom dad 
kate kevin molly maggie 1 love you all 

Christopher P 

Rat Head Detective 
To make it big and 
show people I can 
do anything I want. 

“To be the person you’re not is to waste the person you are” 

Jarrod Dore 
To walk the earth 
like kane in Kung 

“Once Time is deleted space is a definte 
possibility.” “Hey teacher leave those kids 
alone.” Friends: js ss ba hs jn ja rw jc km 
everyone else you no who you are Likes: 
cars women golf summers at willowbend 
snapple & friends Dislikes: my car & the 
one before this one tough guys 420 t hard- 
core rap memories: trip to Iron Maiden 
concert breaking my knee cap junior en- 
glish with cc ag jn jh multi media with cc 
jm library with cl 120mph on rlc in lude 
with js twisted situations keone’s car one 
tire fire right into a tree met jeffs twisted 
sense of humor cc’s jimmy pumpkins con- 
cert ion’s boat and again wierd and twisted 
situations that happened during high 
school Famous last words: “You can't han- 
dle the truth” “you’re a bad softball 
player” “i’m not going to hurt you i’m just 
going to bash your /•&?!@ brains in” 
Thanks mom & dad for being there ks 
thanks for the pez. jn no more tarde. 

“To be the person you’re not is to waste the 
person you are” -ml, kt, sc, jp, cc, kc, at ny 
giants ouija rides in taurus lids Cheshire 
lucy cookies w/ml b-bay ’95 w/ml kt jp av 
at md canal cup ’95 w/ml + av smokin 
grooves w/ wianno fenway park ’96 BK br 
w/sc good x’s in oster. w/ef foxhole ’95 na- 
chos at whimpy’s tom petty w/ml sc av 
hootie, alanis w/ml kt Im sc kc (ihop) “u 
don’t like the fugees!” kt-there r people on 
u’re roof, thanks for everything sc-thanks 
for all of our laughs + cries w/ rpu wianno 
4-eva: ml jp cc kc hp chino chef all the irish 
rm #6 uno ml- thanks 4 always being there 
4 me i’ll never forget our x’s together- bob 
marley nights cruise ’95 me- my best friend 
of all lids lotion fights talks minny golf 
prom beaches u will always b in my heart i 
love u! 2 my fam- mom dad mama phil 
dogs thanks for u’re constant support love 
+ understanding i love you guys! 

Danielle Duerr 
Dan, Dani 
To rip hp’s door off 
it’s hinges with ml 


Too many freshmen 
Locker jammed 
Traffice line to school 
I’m a senior 


“Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids” likes: dr. 
pepper fam friends broccoli the a-teem 
twac w/ bee & moldy cake mix fight 2 a.m, 
w/bec & robyn cranberries? night swim- 
ming halloween at killer’s why is there a 
dog house . . . french exanne-fred cheesy 
80’s movies teen witch bee’s basement the 
state porcupine race track Clark w/ hn FL 
w/bec the leprechaun pocahontas OCB/ 
jimmy homecoming 95 clams/norm joe’s 
fuzzy dice russ cokefee potato gun from 
ienb & so yung spam massacre w/guewa le- 
murs ntless monkey tts hottub bing frolick- 
ing at heritage plantation action bea arthur 
ratboy pez movie ioe & robyn twister game 
duck pond stage spaceghost zorac my cat 
chinchilla! spanky & our gans “i read the 
news today on boy 4000 holes in black- 
bum, lancashire and though the holes were 
rather small they had to count them all now 
they know how many holes it takes to fill 
the albert hall i’d love to turn u on” 

“Have faith in every situation” I love you] 
Tim, stay true. My beautiful god daughter] 
back home, love you Brittany. Dislike not] 
having my friends from back home to be] 
here with me. Keep it real. Remember] 
when the lights went out K.R. that was a] 
blast. The snow storm OK Katie 3 legs 
Meccaleccah! Meccahinyho! Love ya K.R.- 
Millions of peaches, Ya right. What up 
moolie, o.k. clam nugget, pickles. I'll miss 
you girl on a log Keep in touch and good ^ 
luck Miss those spicy spuds extra cheese^ 
hold the scallions. I’ll remember you al-« 
ways C.L.- Mr. A’s cpr class in the hallM 
Thanks J.G. carrots & anteater. Prom 96 
I'm just a girl K.R. flashing. Ripping my] 
dress never again D.C. and J.G. love you] 
D.C. and don’t be so picky. Big Mac thanks] 
for everything. What to do with out youj 
Remember falling off the couch. What furiS 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jesse. Miss you] 
Shannon & Tim. Luv you both I luv voi] 
Tim 8-27-93. ' '■ 

Shannon Kelly 

Shani, Sha’Precious' 
Get married and 
live like the Brady s' 

“All of your freedoms can kill you, but the ones that don’t can only make you stronger” 

whatevadude, what school?? monte carlo, 
nikki taylor, joannei, CGN-splop, holy pa- 
pers, 2-tone ford fiesta, your mom, wiesger- 
ber-chair throwing, be the muffin, T2, cap- 
tain pete, lupone, hey mrs. schermerhorn, 
gilmore, morrison, stool, big green gorilla, 
king ralph. GQ-pokey, mrs nichol- 
HELLOI, big man fenton-BUBBA! pep 
rallys, sangsta, scherm-dogg the green mon- 
ster-BANG! shadow of a shadow, reverse 
80 townneck have i ever stabbed you in the 
back or kicked you in the, hey you dropped 
him on the melon. 

“Don’t dwell on the past because you’ll lose 
the future.” Dan I miss the old days. All 
you deadbeat dads don’t know what your 
missing. KB yes we’re going sideways! 
Main St. all summer rear ended 3 times 
Hampton Beach w/KB & DN, stocking 
song, stocking JB Sandwich Motor Lodge 
w/LP all the memories of NH w/DN, donut 
in MacDonalds parking lot Poof what do 
you need? plastic skirts, black lipstick & es- 
kinio pies, clap on clap off the clapper KB I 
have to f — t! Thanks for all the support 
mom, dad, & Hope. Destinee you mean the 
world to me. I’ll always love you. Dan 
thanks for Destinee You don’t know what 
your missing. JB you’ll get yours! KB don’t 
forget to wear you raincoat when reading 
books & try not to get chased by any aliens! 
Good luck to all my friends. KB & Molly 
things will get better. PJ and DN you’ll re- 
gret what your doing. Lee hopefully you'll 
grow senior year! 

Holly Files 
Gangsta b? tc* 

Michael Flanigan ^ 
Flan, Mike 
To find kenny and 
rickey in the woods^ 

“All of your freedoms can kill you, but thtH 
ones that don’t can only make you strong 
ger” likes- basically nothing dislikes eveiy^ 
thing friends you know who you are 
thanks for all the good times, memories old! 
times with rb MV trips Lawrence Pond allj 
times chillin' westfield w/ph cc jf com/servT 
w/gov ed chang ph's car w/lb, gov’s leg.^ 
bliz-ch loeshedhive rsg dfs bronco nights at? 
ridge the den Allman Bros smokin’ grooves* 
loon w/mm ps jf rm rs ef prom-hic's house! 
wakeby is. tipping canoe scorton-'96 stow 
trips mcnally firetrails capescaping JER- 
OME mission night w/bg cd db bm sbf 
camping in nh barleys w/jf the band w7bm 
sdmp houses-db ch ca bm bg piggy smalls | 
summer soc w/fitz dred lax soccer seasons 
thanks team coaches all times w/Amy 
thanks for everything it means so much 
mom dad jen sean kevin with love, thanks] 


■‘Turns out not where, but who you're with 
that really matters”-Dave Matthews Band. 
i“People” “Some people talk and talk and 
[never say a thing. Some people look at you 
*apd birds begin to sing. Some people laugh 
;^d laugh and yet you want to cry. Some 
'fjeople touch your hand and music fills the 
.sky. ’’-Charlotte Zolotow. Likes; Bobb, Kev, 
Cob, Steve, Colin, Crompton, Shana, xc, 
1 1 :44. Dislikes: ear lickers, grudges. Re- 
member: JR, cheer/ml, Jacuzzi, LDS 94, 
96/captain 96-xc. broken car in Ptown, 
sleepovers, prom RN/party at my house. 
Gayhead on bikes. D M B x2, bulTett for 20 
min bb, cw. Radiohead, Monkees, Smash- 
ing Pumpkins, Salem with bobb, shana. 
ISamdiegos, “church” with kev, librarian, 
eg - it’s emerging! LS- my favorite. 
Founders of GXC! drivein, Ronis, Elmo, 
lhanx for beating me up ss. Peter Tork! 
smashing watermelons, ooooops! “Three 
crooked hearts swirls all around”-pj. Good 
luck Steph and Sean! Thanks mom and 
dRd! StairSafe 97i 

Anthony Fournier 
Ant, Matt 

To eventually be- 
come that guy on 
the Mobil commer- 

“Welcome to Mobil, How Can I Help 
You?” likes: volleyball, corollas, white wa- 
ter, tennis, mm dp ti rp ja jb nb ph jz, trips 
to Boston BHSVB 50-0 “NASTY’’ #2 #8 
1996, dyvb: db, tim, dan, ph, j, esand bch 
cruising in the “Astro-van”, Mobil, pgayce, 
Salem: 12 lights/ 1 10 brk dwn In, lemonade 
jg. craigville vb net, wing school, halloween 
’94, last day of schl ’93, nd ’95, Friendlys 
“check please” jg “Don’t miss the boat”, 
“John marzzano! *!?@$, picnic table bon 
fire with sh mm pd etc. TABLE PIE ’96, 
the deceased red wagon, grt hills Ic, 
lawrence pond, “nice move!!”, simpsons, 
crazy nights 1996, spice dislikes: “Rac- 
coon-Man”, “GQ”, colds, working week- 
ends, get'n’ sideswiped, winter, day after 
Salem, no vbsand “1996 could have been, 
SICK!” mm jf rp dp tp jz. College and at 
the beach, thanx mom and dad couldn’t 
have done it solo $ 

“Sing w/me, sing for the year, sing for the 
laughter, sing for the tear, sing w/me just 
for today maybe the good lord will take you 
away” Likes trucks, hotrods, apple pie, 
USA dislikes people who pay for pizza with 
all change, cops black things night w/ pete 
Friends you know who you are Remembers 
allman brothers w/mf ph ca at cp + dana 
Dream Team 2nd w/ pbkp + mf kaals phish 
w/tj k p ns pi rt bref lost in hartford drags 
w/da dk pn szr A cesnowboarding w/bs pb 
kp jd 89 Stanton grab the rope swings 
Lawrence holeshots Houses mf bs ca ji ms 
cp ch you gotta be there pbbsjf freshman 
year how did you get to those places? camp- 
ing in nh w/ph cd me pictures last days of 
school group lighting Harleys w/mf Califor- 
nia like a true nature child we were born to 
be wild semper fi to all my friends you will 
always be remembered mom dad + jen 
thanks for everything partner we have one 
mile down and a million more to go 

“Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters” 

Kristine P. Garrity 
B.C., Kris 

To make it through 
a whole night out. 

“You can’t always get what you want, but if 
you try sometimes you just might find you 
get what you need” all friends esp JS sw jc 
mg km jl bs sb bl cd Iv sn jb likes-lunch 
trips/sn 26 min plenty of time spacehog @ 
Js/cd Iv just call me president boston/the 
girls-lets go again “party @ jc” 6:45 w-fall 
no good s2k/sn efrem the “men” + pier 1 
I st dance @ j+ carlton shores/km mg bljb 
jldetours thanks for the rides home prom 
set-up + prom ’96 thanks mt ’97s pep 
dance homecoming ’96 w/sw jc bl sb bs km 
jb zpln/mldb senior masquerade /AS + T + 
the “girls” puff practice “eat raw meat” 
thanks bs for the car frozen Ps for all all the 
times w/Jeff boston i love you + thanks for 
everything dislikes-trish quotes “turnip 
truck” “times up” novo waba whatevers 
class Thanks Mom + Dad KMK, Jeff, all 
friends-i love you all and don’t forget the 
times we’ve had-there’s more to come!! 

Kyle Garrity 
Take over the Jr. 

“If at first you don’t succeed try again, then 
quit” Likes- chillin with the boys, football, 
baseball, drum solos, systems, cars -Dis- 
likes- rude people, disrespect, gangsters, 
school, work, chillin w/th jp jr me jg kl km 
ml jk bg cf finding something to do. fal- 
mouth w/nj sd pm ca ar rr as vk js jm bl sp 
cd rm wa he em. my house w/th jp jr jk jm 
lawrence pond db ofT the dock band ed “it 
was not me! big E dda warssga bball bgij 
hse RM cars mine is great the fen way 
/1 1-5-94/1 1-15-95/ i miss you 6 flags w/jd 
and fani gas station jm bm dk fight w/ rick 
the 40 yr. old poto in boston jd and fam 
kevin- good luck have fun. mom and jenn- 
thank you, I love you both. 


Disney World 


“Four years goes by fast. Thanks to those 
who got me through it.” Kit: 13 years of be- 
ing friends! “Hey peel out” goin to car 
shows. Jim: 13 years of friends! Le car 
drivin an driven huntin bombin in the cor- 
doba, the drive to boston with kp + jf fun 
times. Nate: thanks for hangin out and lis- 
tening to the only real music! Remember: 
crime van shoppin cart skating. Likes: 
graduating fast cars feb. vaca with jt bor- 
din, drivin over stuf through stuff and rip- 
pin it up. Thanks Dad!!! Thanks Mom! 
Thanks to our crew bs nb kp jt jr, sweet t’s 
do what you’re doin I’ll miss ya! To all my 
pals- the only good times we had were to- 
gether don’t forget it! Thanks to the ladies 
for bein nice we’ll all miss us. Pat I’ll see 
you on the other side Dennis-jammin was 
great keep on truckin. I’ll call shs when I 
find salvation I hated every min. but it was 
good for me. mixmag mixmag mixmag 
mixmag mixmag mixmag mixmag mixmag 
mixmag mixmag mixmag 

Scott R Gauquier 
Scott Flash Gordon 

To go faster louder 
bigr betr and to get 

“WAIT, I’m so confused” L: friends, track, 
boys, trips 2RI parties. Always remember 
track 94 Q of spades w/cl tl nb field hockey 
95 wl km Iv kc warehouse courts w/km jb + 
the boys, dancin’ 4 vo w/ jb Boogie Woogie 
Showdown -5 day vacation, hime, muff 
hormne all times w/jc sd bs jacueel bowling 
DY boys homecoming 95 w/ bs-party New- 
yrs sory km km coke w/h20 b-ball mgr w/ 
sw gunstock w/ “gray pants” prom 96 w/ 
sb-fun times w/96 Track 96 w/ km kickn’ 
sme pirate's trsure summer 96 w/ jc + the 
crew, forget flmth, maine w/ jjj mnst w/ sb 
all times w/ brabants + murph “t-i-e-1” 
homecoming 96 w/ bg getting lost w/ at 
Dunkin’ Donuts w/ bl bs sw + crazy lady, 
RI trp senior masquerade w/ alvin, simon 
and the “girls” all times @ sw here’s to 
more memories to the class of 97 Loe 4 M 
+ D. 

“Don’t walk in front of me because I may “ 
not follow, don’t walk behind me because I 
may not lead, just walk next to me and we 
shall be friends” ben. joel, jp, dl, bs. ah, pc. ' ^ 
jf, 7-6-95, Thanksgiving 95, 78 caddies, 
7-4-95, Prom 96, fire trails soph year, green 
truck lost at mall, Samantha I’m everything 
I am because you loved me. Thanks to 
Jimmy for showing me the meaning of suc-^ 
cess and for being the best big brother I^ 
could ever have. Jenn, Leah, Jana. .'Kmy,-^ 
for being my big sisters, I love you all. 
Mom Dad thanks for your guidance and 
support. Tammy Brian thanks for all your^ 
help through school. Grandma Grandpa* 
thanks for supporting me in whatever iB 
choose to do. 97 don’t stop dreaming be-^ 
cause when you stop dreaming its time to 3 
die. Samantha thanks for making the last of^ 
my years in high school the best ones of my^ 
life. I will love you always * 

Jason E. Gibbs 

“Don’t walk in front of me because I may not follow, don’t walk behind me because I may not lead, 
just walk next to me and we shall be friends” 


Kathleen E. Gill 

To enjoy life 

“Do it now; there may be a law against it 
tomorrow.” Likes: the beach, rhonda, vaca- 

tions, storm parties, mom, dad, Ker and 
mike, kk, kc, k, aa, es, sa, jf, jd. Remem- 
bers: homecoming ’95 - 15 mins my house 
trudging thru the trees w/kc, sa. kp, lost 
birk horde festival w/es, kc, etc. Phish 
w/kc, town neck w/ everyone two weeks-no 
sleep- sum ’96- bball game w/kc and wne, 
pm’s w/aaa- he wants me! all the times 
w/kk and k and jd. jf w/kk- it’ll never end! 
blizzard ’96- car skiing w/everyone, specta- 
cle ’92 w/ kk, k, jg’s, bk - amanda in crusier 
- 3am, ta w/es ’95, kc and tree hugging at 
9pm ’95 kc. w/lee bourne ’95, bournes 
homecoming '95 w/ sa, cops - twice in one 
night w/kc, kk, jf, kp, sn, es. The stars are 
so big, the earth so small, stay as you are. 

Oh that i had wings like a dove for then 
would i fly away and be at rest Likes mom 
dad renee softball abbotts mr lehane 
friends Iv nd sk ko kg jc sw jg jc mm re- 
members xc95 fga hmcmg95 w ja DY foot- 
ball/hockey doughboy prom96wja best 
limo jk and bm dinner GUMMY concert 
eagles melissa tom petty dunkin donuts 
Kerri M Mark scusset w sk ko nd sb sr who 
dropped it? snking out of jc party 2go2 hy- 
annis wms Thursday nites w my 2MLS lec- 
tures from dad Joanne and Mr abbott 
thanks i love you guys tracey bruce rob u 
rock 25th w jesw try this jan its good bruce 
Georgie xmas95w ABBOTTS mr fawcett 
hmcmg96 w ag nd sb sr sk ko snmsqade she 
broke the bad gym class football powder- 
pulT #45 olympia lisa sal dan joseph: we 
had good times ill be there for you love al- 
ways + forever I have two words for you 
locker buddies jg ag 97rock renee good luck 
sweetie i am here for u efnic take my breath 
away ja good luck 97 

Janice Goff 
Janney Jan 
Cavan ice 

To put myself in 
the other persons 

Adam Golas & 

Golas, G I] 

To be matur e H 
enough to eat an^ 
Arch Deluxe 


“Never fight fair with a stronger boy, you llB 
never get out of the jungle that way^ 
Arthur Miller Like: Creary, Nose, BretJ 
and all the other people who were there^ 
during my life, and God only knows how^ 
many there have been. Yes, even you fam- 
ily!! Dislikes: Dudes, “I think not.” 
“Whateva”, Sandwich G’s. A + P Memo- 
ries: “It's still isn’t it?”, lightpole, track, 
spriting m.f., apple juice? 1/2 inch / GB, 
Macarena, “Hello!’ terior. Most likely to be 
found: Putting gas into my car, flexing, 
sprinting, throwing a big heavy ball. One 
last thought: “You can get a good look at a 
T-Bone steak, but wouldn’t you rather take 
the butcher’s word for it?” 

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" 
pottery, ridgeclub, driving excitement, mo- 
torola sport 7x, my bike, trail of tears, otis, 
true wheel, Pittsburg N.H., October 6 
1996, at killington, oz, ski show, last tango, 
blind ambition, nipper, weasel, E.D., A.C., 
J.N, N.C., J.P., M.P., J.C., jonbon, summer 
of 96 with tkachuk at the ridge, cam neely 
celebrity classic, tucker anthony, member 
guest, mind games with peirce, o.c.b.l.p.s., 
hey tom, hey denim, rafter ball in the bam, 
hello {)etab, knock out, mr champion, mr 
klienas, what do swallows do?, hey boy, 
hello, the peirce bros, 9;30 break, sunkist 
fruit bursts, yellow bar, jay peak, tyler, 
shovlhead, elan, lA patch, saab boy, spare 
a pint of blood, jamie, triple decker, mt. 
tom always white day and night, 97 rules 

Jeff Graham 
donnie, graham, 

To graduate college, 
find a great job & 
ski always 

“Never miss a rainbow because you are 
looking down.” friends: nich & everyone 
i’ve shared the laughter and memories 
with, you all know who ur! likes: md those 
blue eyes bingpnut family friends mootess 
craig laughing nice people, dislikes; mean 
people lies trees in my driveway bing far 
away the snowball doing stupid things 
home wreckers, memories: nights at the 
beach shooting stars the plygmd times w/ 
mdcljgrp crow i love my speakers hmecom- 
ing 949596 why ru looking at my ear? fritos 
w/k & s frazzled i really saw a deer! md 
lunch breaks light switch foldng chair red & 
green spree 4evr hey craig- toothbrush, bet- 
ter man THE TREE! around the mailbox 
instead hrlong car rides home, alligator- the 
things we’ve been thru! luv u 2 always will 
thnx so much mum dad craig you’ve al- 
ways been there i luv u! thnx everyone! 

Amber Greeley 

“Never miss a rainbow because you are looking down” 

Cristan M 

To be the next con- 
testant on the Price 
is Right 

“1 wouldn’t change a thing if the days were 
there for changing I’ve learned enough 
from living’’ likes: strawberry milkshakes, 
eating, running, sun, pool hopping, super, 
beautious, jd’s mixy, X-C dislikes: lies, 
loud eaters snow the cold tigger fish math 
oj remember Jill fga’s fea! Friendly’s, JM’s 
party gem, Athlee megh: how’s your mom?, 
copius. hamburger, burger king litterer! 70 
in your car cigars phish belfry Jen Arcadia 
japan boss chilis 9-13-96, elevator sheep 
chappy erin-3:00 perfect cheer bathroom 
ds cc rd: summer ’95 new years 96 fish fry, 
movie night, drive-in Katie: Espys table w/ 
rv jd boss pool Id your hair’s frizzing he is 
never gonna leave her! BC jellyroll: peking 
friendly’s bye. heather: sauna the ditch 
track rbblue: why is this taking so long? Ice 
cream! millway ts eddie ace Mom and 
Jonathen and Coley and Wendie: thanks 
for everything & 1 love you loads!! jc ss 

“If you flay a beast to marvel at the mane, 
you’ll wreck the rest from which the fur be- 
gan ... if you pluck out my heart to find 
what makes it move, you'll halt the clock 
that synopates our love.’’-sylvia plath. Ma- 
rina, my love, thanx for being the bestest 
friend a girl could have i will love you al- 
ways remember forever sleepovers boggle 
duck taping lollapalooza '94 + ’95 boston 
bratmobile in molly muchos gracias cr-wy- 
oming rocks bikini kill doestoo, kh-i miss u 
wish u could be here, i hate danger-bk ab-yr 
welcome for inviting utosy, lag-don ’t worry 
i won't dissect anything w/ou jg jb eg-seei’n 
backin my locker happy now? jv ev jp cl 
nm mm-hope usee this watch out for andy 
in the pit cu-i’m still the french all-star af- 
tree forts doritos, gg-see I put U in my pro- 
file oh chap stick winto greens hot wheels 
green apples twin peaks ciccone youth syth- 
etic materials coming in january sorry if i 
forgot you Brandon-thank you, ur a beauti- 
ful boy 

Jennifer Alison 
To be a rock star! 

Emily B. Gucwa 
Guc, Em 

To stay warm for 
an entire week. 

“How many cares one loses when one de- 
cides not to be something but to be some- 
one” coco Chanel nb af jb jv cd sym im bw 
rv ms s h jc it’s a grand old flag broom con- 
versations detours hand hair eyebrows 
quatever what happened to your neck? ab- 
ercrombie hi baba CHEM RULES! any- 
thing to help someone out spam massacre 
turkey is basically a gamble hey nikki 
you’re so cool you let us use your pool in 
the summer jazz in the car w/ windows 
rolled down surly teamsters the “ow" sung 
uh wait, which way do I go? little green spi- 
der bathroom fan french exchange 94 96 
little moving chairs under the bridge 57 
hours and counting action! it began with 
head pottery flan hiding in the closet w/ a 
on nics b-day laser dance - 1/30/94 singii 
beatles in london prom 95 96 tape j-st !<!■> ; 
we're involved . . . iih but not with each 
other to friends you guys are liie best!! 
thank you mom dad dad dave “I'm aaaall 

“Anger is the begining of insanity” 314 cl 
jg thanks for opening my eyes jh do well 
next year jo thanks for staying in sandwich 
ill miss you when you leave jag dont dissect 
anything w/o me el hombre de boogie la 
crema de las almejas pms in psyh all those 
terrible homecomings prom getting lost in 
boston cl will it ever be the same do well in 
all that you do lets not forget the good 
times we had so long ago its been a long 4 
years and im glad its over time to go our 
separate ways follow your own star 

Laura Guild 
Jetlag laurag 
To get out of Sand- 
wich and to become 

Julie Gustafson 
Jules, Hulie 
Chevelle ss LS6 
with a 454 

“We're just two lost souls swimming in a 
fishbowl” likes-men chevy moon ocean 
roses softball, dislikes-men ford mornings 
curfews bills memories-my 1st trip to ob 
w/sf Id cw s/ me walkin to the hood late 
nights at js w/bb, contest w/cw db sf we 
won! wz a/p w/sk cw jb sf cm db bl hf i hate 
those 3 j’s, exit 9 to nh for tattos a/ pierc- 
ings w/j cl 11 i can't wait till fl '97 who never 
know who will follow, fruitcakes in the 
kitchen kb, summer 96 in fl w/cw softball 
w/ld a/jan g, my b-fit w/sf a/ 350's, thanx 
mom for my sweetest 16 b-day-luv ya 
marty nana dad Hayes jen g since fresh luv 
ya, Ig good luck w/evthing in life, will al- 
ways rember ma partying w/good buddies, 
hey cl a/ kb do you smell clam chowder? 
Thanx to all whom i forgot sorry its just me 
and best luck in the future, class of 97' 

Word to all the homeboys. gangstas, and] 
other bozos who think it is kool to spell ini 
correctly. To all those who have expend 
enced the Gunkfarm, spread the word and ' 
keep the word alive. Soccer team, “practice 
is already over.” Dolan and Tanni O B GJ 
Creole Glimmerman “Are you alright?j 
Local bands; Drain, JBASE Hobson'^ 
choice. A moment of silence in memory ofj 
the Approach. 

Craig Hamilton 
Bruiser, Egg, 

Wacky D 

To play at a show *. 


“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl” 

“Your imagination will become your real- 
ity” Sara cp ar hh sc sa jk ph pb jf bg little 1 
& every 1 else skiing w/sb rb’s Igh my house 
sum95 nwyrs hmcmng 95 96 silly walks 
jly4 hmpfst alcatraz frs + yfn + sy berry 
REM rmcatr cougars baby shark elmozo 
bunk exs + cvdpl + s w/sbph & pb prm 95 
96 Grodin kibbibled 311 excuse me mr log 
sndnk tent prty buffet “wheres peter dude” 
Igh silly peppers shrubbery lends cardiac 
arrest big wheels win + 95 halloween “i get 
so weak” stpfk boss momma Roxanne tr’s 
w/ad wagner horomones sum b-days na- 
talie fluff jay & mark oompa de chin thing 
antartica derf q-tip “that'll be fine” bm- 
splgd w/jk noved lassie mac’s van St. patty 
MOJO jktch = done pigeons ack 3am curbs 
mobil-thanks mom & dad, good luck 
Michael, thanks for the memories evryone 
It's been real & it's been fun, but 1 can’t say 
it's been real fun . . b-bye!!! 

“This can wait till I am old, can’t I live 
while I am young your only young once so 
enjoy the ride” memories: Jerry I never got 
a chance Chilian’ at Mckenna's parties, 
freshman yr w/ sis u-mass opened a new 
door The ball WOW! whats up Gordon! 
Buffalo Hartford Flippin face “my old 
home place.” times w/ E I'll never forget 
The rest are asleep in a box Likes: goin ph- 
ishin kind people parties fine guys Chilian’ 
w/ erik friends: md love ya ab sis ja Im nc 
sdog rc rt dc pi cc jg cd ma shorty jb ry bp 
well still have phun dislikes: shwag cops 
mean people gangstas losin boots broken 
glass fake people snobs when its ki Erik 
whatever you do take care of your shoes 
and john love ya thaks mom & dad I love 
you the fights dont mean nuthin “let the 
words be your I am done with mine. 

“Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t 
Likes: Bo Nicole Jan Brett Elizabeth Mon 
Dad Firefighting fun times on field trip 
pep rally Ms. Blodgett Ms. Duffy Mr. Sh 
ewchuk Mr. Curcio Ms Bass Mrs. Thaye 
kids in O. M. P. Dislikes. OMP Histoiy Eh 
glish homework writing in journals snob' 
fights Phil Memories: 1st day at S.H.S. get 
ting my license 1st real fire 1st failure ii 
bio class 


Senior Portraits 

Sarah Alves Autumn Anderson Erin Anthony Corrie Antonowicz 

Michelle Ardito John Atkinson Rachael Beal Justin Bissett 

David Blake Steven Courtney Bolton Nicholas Boucher 


Nathan Boudreau 

Jennifer Brabants 

Peter Bracken 

Devon Brady 


« Seniors 

Ryan Bridgeman Devin Brooks Nathaniel Brown Bridget Brush 

Kevin Buckingham Kelly Buckley Sarajean Buckley Robert Burgess 

Nicole Burgund Jeremy Burke Jennifer Burns Stephen Burns 

Katie Butland Jillian Campbell Damian Caputo Joel Carlson 

Justin Crompton 

Katie Crupi 

Susannah Cronin 

Joshua Cross 

Corey Carlyle Christopher Carroll Tony Castellanos Taryn Challies 

Christopher Clark Kate Clark Joseph Cote Timothy Coveney 

Lindsey Crane Cerissa Creeden Andrew Creel Samara Croci 

Thomas Cummings Kelly Curran Michael Curran Ryan Currier 

Jeffrey Daniels Christopher Thomas DeBose Meghan Devine 


Jennifer Dewar Philip DeConto Nicole Diesso Eric Dolan 

Christopher Domurat Jarrod Dore Danielle Duerr Colleen Dugan 

68 :beniors 

Shannon Dunne 

Michael Flanigan 

Anthony Fournier 

John Franzie 

Kristine Garrity 

Kyle Garrity 

Scott Gauquier 

Megan Gauruder 

Jason Gibbs 

Kathleen Gill 

Janice Goff 

Adam Golas 

Jeffrey Graham 

Amber Greeley 

Jennifer Griffith 

Cristan Greenlaw 

Emily Gucwa 

Julie Gustafson 

Craig Hamilton 

Corey Hammer 

Laura Guild 

Erin Hannigan Michael Harrington Amanda Harris 

Sarah Haskell 

Jason Hebert 

John Herbaugh 

Meghann Hensen 

Brett Hickey 

Patrick Hickson Jennifer Holmes Paul Holt Travis Hood 

Hilary Hunt James Jewell Brooke Johansen Thomas Johnson 

Andrew Jones Jaeob Josselyn Matthew Joyce Elizabeth Katehis 

Kathleen K eough Sarah Kinchla Benjamin Kirby Christopher Kirrane 

Jarrod Klaassen Kevin Knippenberg Christina Koestner Jordan Lacasse 

Brian Lalumierc Melissa Lanoie Christine Latimer Jason Lavallee 

Richard Lawrence Eric Levin Dave LeGacy Cathy Litchfield 

Sean-Michael Lizotte Joshua Long Benjamin Losordo Bradford Lovendale 

M Seniors 


Brian MacQuade 

Jonathan Martins 

Brian McCarthy 


Jared McElroy 

✓ ^ 

Roy McKenzie 

Jaclyn Merlet 

Marissa Meucci 

Michael Moloney 

Nathan Moore 

So Yung Morris 

Amanda Morrison 

Chad Mowry 

Katie Murphy 

Peter Murphy 

Joseph Noonan 

Russell Norton 

Samantha Nurse 

Jami Nydham 

Christopher Nyhan 


Corinne Pereira 

Kelly Perry 

Erin Petersen 


Meghan Phillips 


76 Seniors ' ' 

James Picariello 

Lynn Pola 

Brian Polcaro 

Cheryl Poulin Jennifer Powers Anthea Rich Joshua Rogers 

Julie Rogers Brenna Steven Sampson Paul Sandborg 


Heather Scott Ian Searle Aaron Shaffer Jason Sietins 

Marni Smith John Sotirkys Brian Stanton Nicholas Stavros 

Michael Tanionos 

Meghan Sylvester 

Jeffrey Streeter 

William Stewart 

Amy Tedeschi 

Hillary Thomas 

Kristen Thomas 

Kara Trent 

Cohn Walsh 

Robyn Vockrodt 

Laura Varley 

Marina Valle 

Richard Yohn 

Matthew Wellman Stephanie Wilhite 

Rebecca Weiner 

Tony faithfully de- 
livers the Spunkm- 
eyer eookies. Steve 
and Jonathan share 
a j o k e at I u n e h . 
Cathy gathers her 
books for elass. 

Crystal. Erin. Jackie. Jen. and Brooke are together for lunch. Rick Ian. Joel. Jeff, and Matt 
ready for the next class. Craig, are you allowed calculators in class? Kristen, Katie. Hillary. 
Courtney, and Michelle wait for the bell to ring. 

Chad, Justin. Jarrod, Adam, and Paul study hard. Samarat 
Croci is visiting us tVom Italy this year. Justin. Nick, NateJ 
and John finish lunch. John and Eric along with James arJ 
ready lor their next class. Mike, Jim. Mike. Kyle, Niekj 
and Josh await the afternoon when school is out. AndrexJ 
does the morning Pledge of Allegiance. This group is Mrsj 
Pearson’s English class. I 

If 4 minutes seems like an eternity and 4 
eriods seems like forever and 4 days 
eems like a lifetime then how come 4 years 
sems like yesterday” thanx to all my 
fiends for the laughter and the memories 
temember; 12/19/94 prom '96 w/pc sn jg 
b jd citation Christmas dance w/pc old 
ays w/pc sn kbjd me pi ml conn, tripw/kb 
il CVS Saturday nights w/pc sn jg mayo 
nd lettuce bagel office tech college fair 
'/sn pc jg kl IHOP getting ads beach trip 
'/ko kb Ig hope you find the right one 
reen truck lost at the mall toebridge tav- 
rn w/pc sn “look its jasons uncle” hiding 
1 6A cafe w/sn walks w/pc at ridge nights 
t ml house when i first met pat 84 cutlass 
at’s p — ing sani thanks for being my best 
"iend jp always keep in touch brian good 
ick in the future pat i’ll love you forever 
lanx for being there for me. good luck 
lass of ’97 

Amanda S. Harris 
Amander, Awanda 
To be successful 
and happy in 
whatever I’m doing. 

You fell victim to one of the classic blun- 
ders. The most famous is “Never get in- 
volved in a land war in Asia” but only 
slightly less well known is this “Never go in 
against a Sicilian when a death is on the 
line!” loves: my friends (the A-teem) jb 
you're the coookies (alien cookies) porcu- 
pine racetrack night swimming action 
white jeans john smith cranberries bee’s 
basement Spaceghost and Zorak real aard- 
vark fur but barry bea. arthur Italian donut 
homes rouss excuse me, are you the singing 
bush? Tyrone linebackers cart schmaint- 
ings ntls monkey ttis motorcycles on the 
13th green remember; do not feed the wa- 
ter foul beware Wallace’s food marts hoyts 
halloween french exchanges musicals/plays 
radio prom 80’s movies Boston thrift shops 
last day of school ’96/summer ’96 Richie 
Havens on the beach wik jb + sm Soylent 
green is made out of people! It’s people!! 

‘if you can read the back of the shirt then 
your probably standing behind me” CC we 
will always have the zipline. RN keep the 
LOL alive. SL what’s a plum? MW good 
luck in army and don’t get yourself KIA. 
PH if it’s not itchy, don’t scratch it, “142 
dollars of pudding” PS do you always an- 
swer the door naked. KC save the lichen 
and recycle the the seagulls. KT say hi to 
JT for me, thanks. MK i love you more 
than anything and i always will, blue eyes 
and 519, 10/16/96 LF & LF don’t abuse the 
escalator. NJ we wish you were here. Re- 
member the cemetary with JL. That was 
cool. Let me give a shout out to the cast 
and crew of Horizons. Stay cool. CC and 
RN the eels. learn it. love it. live it. MW 
the scallop festival, nuf said. “That guy is a 
few molecules short of a brain cell” It’s 
been fun. peace, love, and prosper- Jason 

Jason Hebert 
Heeb’s, Junior 
Environmental law- 

Pizza Delivery guy 

‘If 4 minutes seems like an eternity and 4 period seems like forever and 4 days seems like a lifetime 
than how come 4 years seems like yesterday” 

I’m not aware of too many things 1 know 
vhat I know if you know what I mean.” 
.ikes: my twin 39, the rippey, my rad car, 
Dtsa snow, swing dancing, sweet tomatoes 
lizza. swimming in the ocean, ian ander- 
on, my dad, my boy, good jazz, hugs and 
isses Dislikes: being too cold, falling, cry- 
ig, swearing, meanies. My pals: justin, 
)n, chaf, damian, jay, cristan, graham, 
eather, cork Remember; em’s grad party, 
'ater wizz, hamburger, jumping floating 
;orton. Horde, steely dan, dave matthews, 
oardwalk janl, anniv. in boston, steelin 
le cone soph pep rally, florida with justy, 
fie dunbar. the grandy, muchos butros, the 
gg and with joanne, the beastie boys, the 
idio doo doo, sasha. I've had so many 
'onderful times, I just wish I could re- 
lember them all. Thank you Dad. Mom, 
ten. Derf, Sean. Emily, Ed Heywood, and 
11 my buds. I love you Justin -peace 

1 will own a Volkswagon Bug I will be a 
photographer I will be successful 

John Herbaugh 

Wildlife photogra- 
pher for National 

“I didn’t do it” ford tuff Likes Liz 1/2 inch- 
ing hanging cruising yadude go to the pool 
hall hanging out at a + p warm summer 
night with a missing paige in ny Buds-Ag- 
odG Jnose E missed out = paige 96 
A120mph SPimptirior speak worth more 
than a car Dislikes yadude your off 420 
gangsters crunchies and tulT guys remem- 
ber first time Imetliz boat ramp backroads 
green gray brown trucks radio station dur- 
ing town meeting its still loving isnt it? ar- 
roundtunder the seat new years eve im 
awake prom night 1 130-100 330-400 great 
way to get up sidewalks last winter ac- 
counting with keone what happened to the 
shadow? double ohh shxx bars dont drive 
the backroads at fifty or frame problems 
mas ocuer shot guns blasts from a brown 
plv on service RP knipper stop playing 
with matche a little set to se the rat my 
house The time aproching will be 3:40 only 
40 more min. uddm what kind ol tree is 
that scotch pine? Yeah lets pass cars 


“Silences make the real conversations be- 
tween friends not the saying but the never 
needing to say it is what counts” kind of re- 
mem: summer 94 lawrence pnd, getin w/ch 
sb mf bg in snw strms eatin berries w/bc cc 
ch sb rope swng wlks in the woods are bad, 
red are great, watching the fools get arrsted 
at ca’s whats that on the wall, sleepovers 
w/sa cp jk ar and having a b-day chat w/ 
don't touch kathi, prom thnks hill, so kc 
how are the grass stains treatin ya, hyvag 
w/gary bulldog, beehive rbbrys w/mf + ca + 
db fell in the puddle, allman brothas w/cp 
ar mf jf danya ca stef jonweb, smokin 
grooves w/sa kc sc bm bg mf cc kc, look svc 
whale, frog, moose, in yellow car, never for- 
get you BR thnks, westfield ya know log 
death w/cp ch sb ar sa sc mf jf kc hh pb dd 
ml ca jf cc be br at and kp also nver frgt all 
the retardled tmes w/CCM thank you mom 
and dad luv u guys 

Patrick J Hickson 
Hickdog. Pat 
To rediscover don’t 
touch kathi 

H Jennifer Leigh 

Jenn, Penelope, 

“If you have tried to build castles in that 
air, your work need not be lost-that is 
where they should be. Now put the founda- 
tions under them.” “It is only when we for- 
get our learning, do we begin to know.”- 
Henry David Thoreau. Memories-MM, 
SC, BB, BB, DF- '94, '95, ’96, HH-’94, '95, 
'96, Benches-It hit me!, Field-not track-’95, 
’96, Prom ’96, 9X, N’ stuff. Friends-HT, 
Kat, KT, KC, EPP, JM, BJ, JMc (labs 
4ever), all those I have forgotten and all 
those from past and future classes. Thanks 
- To my P Ts-you were my inspiration. To 
Amy O, G, Coach O’B To Big Brother 
Brian, Jasyn, the Wills, and all extended 
family, and most of all. To Mom, Dad, Jeff, 
Jason, Lady and Pepper. I love you all and 
thanks for everything. To all those who 
know me and all who will - I apologize 
now. Good Luck to the class of 1997 and 
all of my friends. C-ya 

“SHS” better you than me life isn’t always ? 
good but life itself is great, tbafofn with KO 
JA RL NB NG BH JB Powerlines with KO 
in the vett and nissan going to BOSTON; 
and PENN 3on3 with JAN B JB and 
STEVE 2nd place play’az club pool on Fri- 
day nights JA and those awful C’s Prom 
with AH JM JA + taco maker with KO JA 
JS RL RM all that guacamole and big fat’ 
burritos and nachos are you anti AB? FNG ^ 
till Bill finds out nice move JB no skill JA 
the help button at Mobil with AF 
PGAYCE with AF NB JB JA talking about 
RRW and MBH with JB and his strap “NO j 
BISSETT NO” EA leader of JIHAGS and 
JA not only a leader he is also a client lets I 
go to Denver and take VS. jj 

Paul A. Holt S 

Holt 9 

To open my owiiB 
Taco Maker andS 
w o r k w i t h m y j’ 
friends. ; 

“Silences make the real conversations between friends not the saying but the never needing to say it 
is what counts” 

Travis Hood 
T. Hood Hoddsy 
Pass senior En^ish 
1st time through. 

“Life is short, so love the one you got.” 
likes: chillin’ at Lawrence, “pizza”, seat- 
belts, dank dislikes: dryness, schwag, cops 
friends: jr jp me ca mh bf sa mf jf ph pb jk 
bg kg oag cellar dwellars, SN remembers: 
glades, poker night, red hair, gac, jr mh kc 
th w/ the alligators, getting arrested, me th 
“cotting” 4 horsemen, prom 96, hanging w 
kac doopsock jr mh, 1 big sausage fest, Sa- 
rah’s, kac jr do you know who you are, bg 
db mf th jump off scorton at 1 1:30, db bm 
house, late nite w/jk, crease w/jr me, train- 
tracks w/mf ph jr, new hampshire w/ me 
bh, all of the little things Jay did, w/ savvas 
and crew at college fair. Basketball at Ian’s, 
jr To: mom dad jr g me ca-thank u (can’t 4 
get fig), bailing out bo bm, won’t let Jay 
and John go, 96 on my feet, almost losing 
bh, 187, break down lane, fooling around 
w/Sa-ha, ha, breaking the bomb, my job, 
McNally’s house It’s just the beginning 




Mad About You 
3rd Rock from the Sun 

Hilary Hunt 
Hi - Larry, 
scientific, hil 
To forgive and for; 

“Open up your eyes and let the child lea 
I remember asking why there lies aggre^ 
sion, separation where there should be 
love” thanx: Corinne, Anthea, CH, SB, SA}. 
SC, KC, PH, Mike + boys all other friends 
remembers all memories from past + fun 
times to come w/cp + ar missions w/sa* 
ihop 5am, flat tires w/sa thnx rm 3/13 + 
10/8 w/mb lamo’s cottage, highgate, all 
nighters, Ken’s pties, bnsble, plymth boys, 
pedro, testies, firetrails. “angels dude” af- 
ter prom at ph’s, tex + tim’s, “sarah were 
are we” chote larke, cm spiced, fungus w/ 
tex. sa, tg, one crazy nite. new yrs sc + ch 
hse, fun times w/pokey, ry, bg. cone, pit, 4/ 
20/96, crane, hmcming 96 w/mb. natalie, 
mo’s hse red carpet inn, turtle’s kp, lax 
w/es + ar, budget fh, sc “4hrs”, summer 
95-6, ch’s hse, vetren’s beach mom, dad, 
than, jess, jenn. Mike thanx 4 everything 
LUV you always Mike love and miss you J. 
Grodin Whaat? 


“This was our finest hour.” CK, remember 
Clark, Ranger Joe. No more onions. SSP 
we fought the battle, Rome won. How 
much is the toll? DB, pump up the flame! 
MJ, the answer is either 2 or Seattle, per- 
haps none of the above. Proud veteran of 
watching Bills’ Super Bowl agonies-victory 
will be ours. NB, if you become President, 
don’t kill me. KJ-the Phoenix is overheat- 
ing, cut reactor power-don’t forget Mr. 
Bean. JB-none for . . . sorry. MD, the UK is 
yours, remember 1/18/96. Good Luck, 97- 
the future awaits us. 

James Jewell 
Diego, The Doctor 
To find the panacea 
for all diseases. 

MOON PRISM POWER!! I am a Sailor 
Moon! You’ve got to get up every morning 
with a smile on your face and show the 
world all the love in your heart. Life moves 
pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look 
around for a while you could miss it. it is 
the age of gargolyes. Stumpy Fan Club! 
captian simian and the space monkeys yes 
indeedy. ACTION! we're on a mission 
from god. I smell, i smell . . . scrod! the 
claw! hey cb, let’s go tickle kc tokyo kid in 
harvard square. SM. how many times do i 
have to tell you, i don’t want to. ppp Pow! 
space, the final frontier . . . let’s do the 
timewarp! i am your fathers, brothers, 
nephews, cousins, former roommate, you 
fell victim to one of the classic blunders 
you have no power over me! long live 
queen serenity, ride on a crescent beam, i 
am immortal cb & ne are vampires you re- 
mind me of the babe the naked pictures of 
brad pitt. SM may the force be with you. 

“You better watch where u go & remember where u’ve been that’s the way i c it i’m a simple man’’ 

“You better watch where u go & remember 
where u’ve been that’s the way i c it i’m a 
simple man” cdb buds-bs df el bm jake pr 
jc ko kp ja bm js eh tripper jh & anyi i 4got 
u no who u r 1 = phish snobrdin 4wheelin in 
jeep dead ballons maine huntin 98.1 d = 
pink gettin stuck memories plymth pities 
“who’s that”-hc 14 tuneld jimy w/js where 
am i? maine w/kp ko pr rb & rest of the 
redneks prtys at camot coldhouse shows 
cliff ball centrum hartford & many more 2 
come gettin gas @ cbw ew pm pc prtys di- 
taecani {®phish danc on jp tabl to devil pit 
prtys bbb nights beach prtys trey u c me 
fall? glass at ball black thing paper fidle 
playin blues crown vie bc-whats up Canada 
trip- im gona sit here till i cant c im immo- 
bilzed-pr JH-finally somel els that likes the 
cat-cya shs mom dad katy thanx for every- 
thing Phish so toss away the stuff u dont 
need in the end but keep whats important 
& know who’s your friend 

Andrew is well known for the Pledge of Al- 
legiance. Andrew has done the pledge for 
the past 5 years and Andrew hopes to go to 
cccc’s to take video courses. Andrew would 
just like to say please do not drink and 
drive, to all ’97 classmates. 

Congrats to the 1996 World Champion 
Yankees thanks to all who contributed to 
the Tinfoil ball remember Frosh baseball 
we stunk drsmooth professor cool ima 
beetul. the noogie patrol is after mikey. 
best concert: monkees. i cry @ my girl OAF 
thanks simpsons & seinfeld crew poker 
nights jarrstod. somethin with a beat, 
stranded on gayhead best day: roto draft 
day. ADVICE: read john 3:16 don’t let 
green fuzzy worms string you. smash water- 
melons with your hands, bluesuede shoes 
never die. caravan knocks over tree but is 
no omega never sleep in a sauna, soy sauce 
is not good for hair, don’t swallow raw eggs 
wear bare feet. 30 days of the same jeans 
isn’t healthy, don’t be a stinky ripper, sushi 
clog, don’t put marbles in your nose. pac. 
always celebrate prez day. laugh dance play 
in mud. many thanks to G. Favorite Quote: 
he died for us, therefore I will live for HIM. 
May all of you make the best of your lives 
and GOD bless 

“Perhaps life is just that ... a dream and a 
fear.” “All of life is a foreign country.” MS 
w/Jennt V CC monkees at FP w/SM JC + 
JG roni night LAX tz rose tint my world ny 
trnv w/JN moo IS w/DF purple cows at 
Clark MF w/CD JJ HN MC . . . coffee for a 
run! Ginger ale it January 19 GU w/Kris- 
ten Matt Aaron Kristy + Catherine GA! 
COF zorak Arcadia in Boston w/Jen D SB 
Jodi + JV at JP “America is a vast conspir- 
acy to make you happy” 

“Live life to the fullest” Likes: Hanging out 
with Brett, Cruisin’ Friday Nights, Shop- 
ping, Working Remember: Prom “96”, Pep 
Rally, First Time I met Brett, My first car 
Chrysler Lebaron Convertible. I want to 
say Thank you to Jean + Palmer I wouldn’t 
have made it this far with out both of you, I 
love you. 1 mant to say thank you to my 
teachers, friends for helping me through 
hard times. I’ll miss you all. 

“You can hear me in the harmony” Likes: 
all music, esp. DMB, BT, & R & B, singing, ' 
WSDH, songwriting. Face, Jam & Lewis, 
art, Vegas, X-Files, Letterman, Red Sox, 
Patriots, Bulls, WWF, HB Kid, NWO, RR, ^ 
NYC, AC, Aruba, SNL, C & H, RW, #21, I 
the truth is out there, trust no one, deny ev- i 
erything; Memories: Boston $ sushi, BBB, 

HH ’94, troy, SIFJLS, prologue, cue ' 
speaker, HC ’96, ID4, Quincy Market, Bur- * 
gess, “20 lbs. of bacon- ah yeah” “bag- M 
pipes”, whip it!, woo-hoo!, whatever, BHD, « 
NEXT!, croutons, “monkey on a stick”, I 
“llama de la manana, masquerade, . . . ’n 
stuff; To the greatest friends in the world - 
Savvas, Erin, Jenn, Hilary, Crystal, Kris- 
ten, Katie, Brooke, Courtney, Jackie, I 
Michelle-I loe you guys! may we be friends 
’til the LAST DAY! ’97 ROCKS!!! Good 
Luck, everybody! 

“A road map will tell you everything you need to know except how to fold it up again!” 

Sarah Kinchla 
Kinch Sweet + Low 

To get away with 
even more with CK 
and KO . . . . 

“If every word i said would make you 
laugh, i’d talk forever” kelkel omnis * 2 
eeeh! uugh nanas knife ppznfall ctnwetflr 
w/kokm firetrks 43 trmpling Cambridge w/ 
ckko terrors n eng sbparties ♦ 2 blklix sitn’ 
puddles tmk smthfld missed cranberries 
dreams ics looalooa w/bethy skiing w/ 
efkokmck 4069 n physics w/jl FH now + 
4ever bus talks w/lvkpkm kc-gonna miss 
ya! we will survive junk hey mom! look at 
this Scott head over feet nites at a + p w/ 
kond sbsr ggcw mmac hmcming 96 on bale 
starz eggs signs drool who dropped it? 
friendlys real or fake africa DC x’s w/jr w 
or w/out u sorry nic ouch but thnks SB is 
your seatbelt on? perrorojo aruba prom 96 
whateva i hate cntrl freaks ladders cool 
cool course i know it brk nuckle iwas the 1 
who ran b’s w/km talkin laughin w/kel 
bf4eva we r the lucky I’s isnt it ironic fritos 
zpline 5 days thanks to all who made me 
laugh can i keep u? thanx mr. h. mom mike 
liz dan mikey dad love ya tbc! 

“What you see isn’t always what you get” 
LIKES lacrosse, saab, friends, honesty, re- 
spect, porsche, girls. Mom, Dad, Dave, 
Lorrie, Samant, Nate, K, N, V, W, M, P, K, 

rest of fam, Arizona R Cool; Kit, 

JF, CC, CM, SG, LV, KO, PB, BS, MF, 
CD, CL, DL, KC, SN, Gibba, BR, AT, BM, 
RB, and the rest of '97 Thanks Sue C. 
frosty fantasy, what happened? prom S, 
wasn't that bad. The times I forgot, were 
cool, too! remember, wherever you go, 
that’s where you are! 

Christopher J / 
Kirrane e 


To be one of Time's 
50 most influential 

“A road map will tell you everything youl 
need to know except how to fold it up] 
again!” likes: I.S. thanks DEF, the Pats,! 
pizza, golf, family, and friends “No beer at j 
Fenway Park, Doe!” that’s for you G,i 
thanks for everything. 3 legged ardvarks of 
war: SMac, Zues, and N.B., one day the 
oldest lady in the world will cook for every- 
body. Roto: SM remember the cheese, JJ | 
BM NB G the draft is the best. I hate the i 
Yankees! CUMUN '94 '95 '96 SK MU NB 

CM UN: best speech goes to BB at Clark; . 
most memorable happenings: Clark: Wres- J 
tling Boy and "... I'll give it the big Doe!” 
SK: NB eating the resolution and the big 
veto. NB “ranger joe” SM, and BB- We * 
rule Clark in '97. JJ don’t forget the chem 
penny. “It's been a helluva four years but 
I’m sure glad to be leaving this godfore- 
saken place.” 


Wait what did ah u say ARcs kac ch cp sb 
pb jp jm Ij bbyy #3 & evryl else homecom- 
ing 96 most sf couple cannons 30’s wfv 
w/bp ch + jk = done mr. president REM 
halloween 95 halloween 96 trees 3 1 1 cm- 
spiced cypress permasmile thnx 4 cleanup 
hick nammer & hail chicks u me bro-sc bm- 
splygrd wrhm-ds, Ij ch (& bg & cd/dlacy 
umd w/jm thnx 4 car pete what time u got 
to be in 1 0:00 town neck ar come here right 
now 40’s i’m flying balls stuck pigs sa thnx 
4 breakfast yeroc’s house cp- 1 got to tell u 
smthng-ah i forgot OOC SPD- cp * ar ♦ jks 
dp no brks trip w/ jm jc’s house w/ ♦ ar * 
poky- hulicks its off brdwlk fishermans 
landng ccdice padow rat who killed the rm- 
plmnts? Stewarts rips thnx for evythng and 
much love to AR mom dad fam & evryone. 
Good Luck 

“Been there done that” “live life to the full- 
est extreme” likes: mountain dew, dodge 
vipers, hummers, swimming, skiing, snow- 
boarding memories: 11/13/95 = freedom 
94-95 swimming the pilgrim conference 
championship and the bus ride from nb 
drop the hammer 97 homecoming floats it 
all started with the geni carrier to the trailer 
that just wouldn’t fit and the bus and fi- 
nally the car building the viking ship out of 
the big melon at ef s after prom with rd cc 
kc the black truck with me ss tc 96 home- 
coming at kc’s with cc dc jc jp rc and the 
french girl are you asleep yet killington on 
oct 6, 1996 with bg dc jg oct 6, 1996 = bro- 
ken nissan hanging out with g and jc in the 
library summer 96 summer 96 bon fires at 
tb’s dislikes: slow people losing on the way 
to Vermont thanks! thanks to g and every- 
body that has helped me these last 4 years 

Kevin M 
Nip, Nipper, 

To have fun and 
make lots of money 

Jarrod L Klaassen 
KJaassen dorra, 

To figure it out 

“You should try everything in life except collard greens and folk dancing” 

Christina Koestner 
Koestner, Chris 
To go on a trip 

"You should try everything in life except 
collard greens and folk dancing” ms sp tc- 
calculas group well dun rc ga sk kd mp by 
hf dh ek-tinkleberry mush & firecrackers 
dill picks nanas red spots - osd? hey annie 
calm down! the short one leonardo, 
howeeee! masspike-oops bowling balls 
“Alas, 1 am smitten w/ a mortal wound!” 
deca w/kd + sk mackin w/gd/jwu Prom 96 
w/da we’ll always have Paris hmcmng-oh 
no my hair i feel light headed 16 Fla w/ko 
gd bm m a ic snadfungi whip it out 30 
dgtrmpln frndlys boiled pnuts rubber 
bands y’all inoodl reo-ms gmyworms a + f 
africa toadws monstripic piggy “you have 
to let go in order to fly” Thanks mom dad 
& e-i luv u 

“What’s going on?” During my high school 
years there has for the most part been good 
times (when I wasn’t in school). Some of 
the good memories I remember in school: 
community service which was great, and 
whenever I had Mrs. Hartel in class. I am 
so glad I am leaving this place that I have 
stuggled through for the last four years. It’s 
time to move on and make the best of it. 
BYE to BYE!! 

Jordan Lacasse 
Janitor Jordan 
Anything that in- 
volves making $$$ 

Brian M Lalumiere 
LALU little lalu 
Traveling to cities 
racing on various 
pro tours 

“Hatred medicine for the frustrated Terror 
sudden madness paralysis of the soul Rage 
seducer of thought If you form a habit of 
taking what people say about something 
without checking it out for yourself you’ll 
find that other people will have you hating 
your friends & loving your enemies” Likes: 
girls bigair 1st place Suzuki fox sleeping 
late ginger snaps jolt janes addiction fugazi 
alice in chains downhill mountain biking 
playing my drums snowboarding traveling 
paint ball wars harron communications 
apocalypse now harley davidson Dislikes 
below zero temps rain Soggy french fries 
flat soda not racing remembering 3some 
kelly kelly mr Parkers history field trip mrs 
Phillips science field trip pinhead my 
house ma paul dad ry rc bp at jn js fb zd tj 
dfbs dr nate dog brown eg 11 me be jc butch 
jb nm fig gooie flem neuer fight anyone 
ugly they have nothing to lose 

Melissa J. Lanoie 
Missy, M.L. 

2 find that never- 
ending party in an 
open field!! 

Pearl Jam 

Dave Matthews Band 

“If u luv something; set it free if it comes 
back 2u; than u know it’s yours.” dislks; 
cops, rain, fat, mean people, gettin caught 
likes: summer, nachos, swimming, cheer- 
leading, hugs, parties friends: d.d, j.p, k.t. 
s.c & u know who ur Memories: canal cup 
w/ d.d & a.v, was that ray? tom petty ’95. 
cooning w/ k.c & b.r cheering w/e.f, beach 
parties Wianno ’93-’96 summer luv h.p 
smoking grooves w/flat tire ’96 chino 
prom/homecomin ’96 want 2 4 get?! k- 
stand parties at k.t/s.c house you alantis, 
can we have our cooler?! bob marley nites 
w/dd skippin school w/mc dd th. cruise ’95 
hangin osterville u gotta give me respect 
baseball games upshe said up she flew, hur- 
ricane party, it’s Toolas j.p i’ve got 2p short 
cut w/j.p code names uno’s foxhole Goodlk 
’97 d.d mybf thanx 4 everything i luv u 
Thanx “G” Thanx Mom + Dad 4 stickin 
by me thru everything i luv u guys! Good 
Luck Frank + Steven Well it’s been fun 

“Live the questions now. Perhaps you will 
then gradually, without noticing it, live 
along some distant day into the answer.” 
Likes: family friends wwrafting camp bur- 
gess bonfires starry skies mardi gras new 
Orleans north Carolina beaches summer ; 
treehouses full moons x-mass snow fishing i 
w dl. Remember: wing school crew ca’s ^ 
house w Ipmm MV-lawrence bosmarriot 
wkp kc mm ko hoxie pond laxw mm hmcs 
funw ns frltrls-toc socials @ mule bam per- 
ry’s 7-4 party petty w/ mmkpkcko creeping 
w koc prom w dl mmjb atmf kocd red sox 
and florida trip with dave woods break- 
down w mmkoc masqrd w/dlkp good luck 
karen, Thanx for everything, M + D i love 
you! Good Luck ’97 THE TIMES THEY 

“Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some 
distant day into the answer” 

Jason P Lavallee 

To bring home the 
gold for the USA 

» u I 

“A little bit of spice makes everything 
nice!” Alyssa Bowers 3 years skra + captain 
craigville English accent hey baby mixing 
the juice montreal 25 main street 40 in 
physics with inch george i am dropping out 
no officer it really is juice The beach bos- 
ton with ab brandy baystate with sb on tv 
at fenway after school card games with Iv 
cd bm Canadian strippers in my eye with 
lollipops out of control good deal after 
work parties carlton shores with km jb mg 
kg bl thank you thank you head knees km + 
mrh pep rally 96 jules at camp burgess 
track + field all-star mvp states leading 
scorer prom 96 four steak fried chicken jtm 
jk Iv cd bm cm ab hiding in woods during 
practice cd never going to get vfl me + inch 
in the gutter 24-7 dave being depressed 
winterfresh medals at mit providence bos- 
ton spd on the scene thank you all for the 
love and support through high school i love 
you all Olympics 2000 

“The pen is mightier than the sword” Hey 
everyone is going to die sometime. 1962 
Cobra 427 I wish I had one. Hey KO chew 
is for real men, what ever happened to RM. 
BH keep trying to be the best at everything. 
BH, KO wagon, “slow down I think we’re 
going to get into an accident” KO, RM 
swvs . . . don’t puke KO summer 96’ the 
gang and SA. BF I hate. How’s life CD PH 
in drafting the eraser toss PH don’t worry 
you’ll have more than a quarter someday, I 
still hate the stuff. Guns KO, BH I said 
Guns. JC I will get you back for hitting me. 
NB no you can’t have that its mine. School 
sucked for the 12 years I had it but now I’m 
out so I don't care!! THANKS FOR THE 

Richard A. 
Dick Larry 
To open own land- 
scaping business 
and get rich 




Bruins i 

Braves/Red Sox ' 

STUCK ON THE BEACH over the winter 
when we got the hotel and Dan Ken and 
me walked to Dunkin D’s If my family 
didn’t push me I probably would not have 
graduated Thanks Mom and Dad and Scott 

Eric Levin 
To become success- 
ful at what I am do- 

David B. LaGacy 


To live happily ever 

“That’s all folks.’’ “Let the good times 
roll.” Likes: Lasagna, money, playing 
sports, thinking, sweet home alabama, 2:00 
P.M., pizza day, having fun, no homework, 
days off, snow days, summertime. Remem- 
ber: Christine, N.Y., Florida w CL, ccc, 
cross country, may Red Sox game, hallow- 
een, 3 on 3 champs 1994, sophomore 
semi-formal, soda machine, Nantucket, 
Study halls, history class ’94, health class 
’93, custodial services spring 96, Mobil, 
fishing, wiffle ball in my backyard. Wing 
School b-ball courts, b-ball in Wareham. 
Thanks G, Good Luck to everyone’s future, 
see you at our first reunion. 

“I’m right and everyone else is crazy, (most of the time) It’s better 
beaten path.” 

T 5r f 

“If you think you know what’s going on 
you’re probably full of it.” "Everybody be- 
lieves in something. 1 believe I’ll leave.” 
"It’s really stuck in there. I’ll have to get 
the pliers.” I like to play sports. I like to go 
fishing. I like to Roller Blade and Moun- 
tain Bike. RN you will always have Time 
Crisis KC hows the Nova. KT could you 
drive any slower. JR your only worth $.75 a 
minute. CC I felt bad for your 2 hours and 
1 1 minutes of torture by RN MW you look 
great in a dress. JH Did you ever fill your 
bowl. PS remember the laser. LF have 
sweet dreams. RN I will always fear the 
Iron claw. CC don’t tip over the cappu- 
chino. PS does paint taste good. JH pull my 

Ugh, i stayed out of trouble . . . kind of. 
T.O., K.L, N.G. My undying love for E.M. 
I miss you man. why did you leave me. Eric 
is the man. cosgrove, wallin, gagnon, 
parker and my other cool teachers- you 
know who you are. thanx for the breaks you 
gave me. thanx also to MR. Sangster for 
getting my @#! out of those slings. The 
school will miss you. I have ape fever, hit- 
tin the slopes. My friends call me Shlong. i 
hated all that work, wicked bad, man that 
was the worst, ohh well later 

Joshua Thomas 
Long I 

Shlong, koonta 

Special Thanks to my friends for all my 
memories. I will remember JG, Chevy 
rocks JB no way MT and I won on Main St. 
with digits wild nights cruisin main st lip- 
stick notes in DB’s car nice thumbs 10- 
26-96 NH Homecoming 96’ LLL fine Jay 
Tai Pan boucy balls body piercing I’ll love 
ya always RB stinky, green hope your mom 
doesn’t catch you KB clam chowder always 
take care, you and Molly SD your such a/ 
moolie Millions of Peaches Prom 96’ good 
luck with Tim take care of your Celeb Love 
ya always AG never forget nights at the 
Flume sneaking out at 2:00 am in Nov Hey 
MD how’s your rear end hoops I’ll always 
love JB AG JG BC SD LG to BC always re- 
member long phone calls wipped cream 
and lobes. To CB I’m glad we met I only 
wish others could get to know your inspir- 
ing personality keep in touch hope you 
never loose contact with your true soul 
mate keep smiling. 

Cathy Marie 
cat, meat, celeb, 

To be a writer and 
move far away from 

ft ' 9 ) 

to risk and suffer than walk the 

Benjamin R. 

“I’m right and everyone else is crazy, (most 
of the time) It’s better to risk and suffer 
than walk the beaten path.” Never stop 
having fun surf trips w/DC PB (NS) learn 
to surf learn to live, its all over for you. 
MacPh. 4 yrs lax pain is fun Snowboard 
trips to overcome my disorders When you 
stop being yourself you are no one. good 
times in Tuckerman JR shorty freedom? 
rotary jazz winter cult round hill ignore the 
stupid don’t like living by the clock deadli- 
ness, most humans E wind never lost just 
behind schedule and off course Late every- 
day Likes: winter outdoors ocean I am in- 
decisive drive like heck me stav w/nb bs if 1 
did something stupid would you pretend 
you don’t know me? Life is like duct tape, 
its what you do w/it. fun in fal w/dc hs bg ja 
pr bf thanks mdbsg AT 

Likes basketball, parties friends sb bs sw jc 
remember summer 95 ny w/ sb bs dl last 
day of school 95 firetrails 9 people in car 
summer 96 maine w/ kr atlanta w/ kr and 
service rd w/ kr last day of school w/ sb ws 
mr at kc and ws feb vacation the beehive 
w/ cd bm bg mf my basement on many oc- 
casions w/ sb bs kl ts homecoming w/kr wa- 
ter country w/sb bs jj fighting-round 2 w/sb 
round 1 sb and ac in my car snr w/sb bm sw 
cb senior mascarade w/ sb bs mg jc sw and 
after at sw halloween w/ jc jc bs party 
houses bs ws bk bm kt mf kc ca cd on the 
internet w/ sb and bs lacrosse game at bos- 
ton garden w/ sp and me college fair at bg 
daffodil festival w/ me last day of summer 
w/ bm kl si mom dad Thanks for every- 
thing keith good luck next year without me 
kr Thanks for being there love you lots 




To be rich, happy, 
and have many 

“If you don’t have happiness than you need some” 

Jonathan Martins 

To be the next Billl 

You don’t have to ban books to destroy a] 
culture. Just get pteople to stop reading] 
them. Ray Bradbury 

Tf you don t have happiness than you need 
some!” Cob Bobb Kev EF JC AP TC RBN 
SS CW MMx2 Mr G Mr Frank Sleddin w/ 
Russ Moonin train Prom til midnight 
Cross Country rules Track w/cahill Mad 
gorilla w/buzz bowlin shoe caper Rottis- 
serie base ball @ G’s “This is Harvey 
Johnson”- By by Birdie Feud w/Ben Not 
allowed @ K-Mart Goin to Drive-In P- 
Town Police Adventure International 
Studies Buffet Bowling on prom Putting 
“Owl” signs everywhere Work at stop & 
shop Driving to Canada w/bobb cristan No 
drinking or drugs = good “I run therefore I 
am” Tinfoil Collection DMathews Radio- 
head CCrows Cob’s deep thoughts SHAV- 
ING OUR HEADS! Yes I did moon a train 
I hope that I always know these people + 
never forget anything, the Noogie Patrol 
Tinfoil ball “Be normal, be wacky, just be” 

Mac aquatic type 

To make a differ- 
ence to laugh every 

“School’s fun, it’s just too bad classes get in 
the way” Likes: family: mom dad john dar- 
ren bs-ball hockey 2’s Chicago bears wwf 
pizza chpburgers Dislikes: yankees bourne 
h-team noch: psw/pasta barbara Remem- 
ber: c-cup 94 umw goody-roy rodgers jam- 
boree 95 after s. w/mc and th wmi “who 
won” tyson fight at ma’s hockey 95-96 
Prom 96: w/cm jl cd Iv jk jm limo was olT 
syn w/jl till 6:00 ravioli “did that move” 
Legion + tm namads cd pb pumping gas 
w/pm mk Prob stat: w/ed mt Iv g doesn’t 
matter wt I believe only what i can prove 
u-mass w/ db cc kc war w/sw + db up + ck 
mb w/db papa ginos w/ kirbs: marty home- 
coming 96: w/bk cc kc km jb real fun 
thanks pizza hut w/g and jh family meal 99 
trn ed mt g senior masg w/db + mf murph 
Thanks mom dad john and darren I love 
you guys and thanks for everything 

Brian MacQuade 
Maccy, mac 
To get a raise at 


“The discovery of a new dish does more for 
the happiness of mankind than the discov- 
ery of a star.” PD my former 3rd wheel w/ 
Allison thanks for the laughs. Coffee at the 
ps and shopping at the rt w/Nate MAGIC 
HAPPENS! thanx. TshTsh to kc and 
nascar to pc. ISmin pig w/jh. Prom Q’s 
w/lv, and sleeping in sc V-day fy Irfi. First 
goal at C. cup, my 110 hh w/bl and bh. 
Track with mg. Gand R m and m’s and 
dancing w/ks at prom. Meeting nb at FBI. 
Idt’s with cl while making cookies. Working 
at horizons yuck but bh, jt, jd, and nm were 
cool, Thanx to OB and coach Costa. Big 
thanx to the guys at big berts and to my 
friends pd nm cl ps kc pc jp Iv and the ones 
I forgot thanx. mom, dad, jon and jess 
thanx for being there. To Allison I don’t 
know what I’d do without you. 

Jared S. McElroy 

To do what Tiggers 
do best. 

“Mom, why are you taking my blood pres- 
sure?” DEV, “D”, GOV, FLAN DOC bo, 
th, dl, sb, bl, ph, me, bbteam ’97, and ev- 
eryone else. First off LP: all the times 
Brady you had some good ones My house: 
“THE FEST” & all others T rails Fenway 
College Fair w/SAVS & boyz Corries’ 
(both): new years 96 The “VAN” everyone 
had fun in it Gov’s: basement “respect” & 
“Jerome” Summer ’96: Double Bash & 
Drew’s “GEK” Fall ’95 w/ CP, BG, “Silly 
Walks” Scorton w/Bo & “D” at DY 9/ 
21/96 w/bo & gov (lucky) Ronu’s & Lassie? 
w/ ladies Prom ’96! 108 “B” hive (thanks) 
Flan’s: fights, ed’s 4dzn, twice, Tanny’s 
“guys i broke the bed” . . . ar, cp, hh, ch, sb, 
sa, kc, & all the other ladies. AR- we had 
some good times, i’ll never forget you-jetai- 
meraitoujours Oh yeh, Susie Greenburge’s 
it was the bomb Loren good luck & take 
care of “B” Mom & Dad thanx 4 every- 
thing “G” UR the best. LATER!! 

Brian McCarthy 

Live like GATSBY 





“The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star” 

“NO BUDDY” “These are the days we re- 
member” LIKES money trucks pool DIS- 
LIKES people tourists authority school 
children! remembers: Time my laugh got 
c.p. a.r. in trouble in Mr. W’s class “STOP 
FOOLING AROUND!” “They’re all going 
to laugh at you” GF Melissa M Metcalf 
“I’m bad .” Walks in the woods ques- 
tion authority smashing pumpkins your a 
punk eating M & M and having a good 
time KAP and Mrs. P’s class Some close 
friends; K.O. R.L. M.M. K.A.P. M.H. B.S. 
J.B. J.A, NGORV C.D.A. G. B.D. C.D. 
J.G. S.G. K.C. Thanks to all friends and 
enemies who have made me stronger. 


Dave Matthews Band 
Tom Petty/Sraokin Grooves 
Natalie Merchant 

Jaclyn M. Merlet 
Jaclde, Chan, 
To join Robert 

“In the lull the dark giant shall storm” “So, 
you’d thought you’d gotten rid of us didn’t 
you, but you were wrong of bean cans' 
we’re back with vengance!” “I could be 
mistaken for another bald-headed jigsaw- 
puzzle tattoed naked man 1 saw” Likes: 
Hie corduroys plaid Dr. Martens Barq’s 
Boston Mike & Ikes Sid Johnny Rotten 
Robert Smith Mcdonald land cookies 
Romeo & Juliet Clockwork Orange the 
Stranger Farewell to the Arms Kids in the 
Hall X-files trees samuel space water 
Freaks God save the Queen Lovesong 
Memories; CURE 7/2 9/12 Sex Pistols 8/10 
Dada 5/22 blue/fucia hair Death of the 
minivan w/ Harves 8/3 sifjls cat crazy- 
times on main st. Homecomming 94 95 96 
skating socc de-khaki Jackie Dave W 
(ECU) suicide? runaway car w/ Jenn Kestra 
/82 thanx Chris David for everything 
“Please don’t be waiting for me!” 



J. Crew 

Lawrence Pond/ A & P 

Marissa Ruth 

Murph Rizzo Maris 
To go vegetarian 
with JD & TC 

“Every journey begins with a single step” 
Bonanza jd’s b-day party chilis w/ jd pi eg 
wg flay encounter w/ pickup the big bed & 
jb’s pink bed in the comer ap english japan 
football w/ eg arcadia w/ jd eg sb tc mj oh 
no its Gram! nantucket tejd stephs parties 
1.2 our 5 day vacation “we started a trend” 
93/94 cheerleeding alternates “were gonna 
make the hoop” warped tour 96 w/ tc ski 
trips w/ jjb Stowe snake pond posse mar- 
thas vineyard 94 w/ cc ds rd jb ds hallow- 
een party disco party in RI cc ds rd bb jd “i 
can do the Virginia reel” yes ... its in the 
dishwasher hingham games bruins game 
w/pl hmcmg 95 96 prom 96 w/ PL tc tl jd 
mf i am not a lightswitch! diving w/cc ew 
jm nc swim team 93 94 95 96 thank you 
Tony sleepovers tic-tacs chicklets & kwok 
Thank you & I love you MOM & DAD, 
family, friends, Patrick & Jen 1 could not 
have done it w/o u! My prom date ... go 

“It’s a funny thing ... for a minute there I 
thought we were in trouble” 1: x-country, - 
track, fresh morning air, walking slow +• 
and working outside, dl: tough guys, cities! 
+ slackers, mem: walking to school all those! 
days w/ rb 1st wave w/dm + ja the path w/ss J 
roundhill winter 96 w/all my friends moon . 
tower and camping w/rb + dm running] 
w/jm comer of 7-11 w/jm sb before all-1 
states big chair capitol mtb w/tim covl 
Christmas 95 thanx everybody trapped on” 
mtn w/ rb pool at sd roni night writing po- 
etry w/bobb no phony moloney vollyball 
w/everyone notes w/nd 4th july 96 home- 
coming 95 sam ping w/sweet tomatoes cas- 
ter 94 buzz sword x-country practice that’s 
a spicy idea coach nov. a special thanks to 
my mother and my family and friends I 
love you all especially eg + dc thanx for lis- ( 
tening . . . and when your deepest thoughts 
are broken keep on dreamin boy causej 
when ya stop dreamin its time to die! 

Michael Moloney! 
To beat the system’ 

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that’s why they call it the present” 

Nathan A. Moore 
Nate gnute More! 
Never to grow up, 
cuz I’m a toys ‘R’ 
us kid 

“The most beautiful thing we can experi- 
ence is the mysterious “AE” Look at my 
pictures, listen to my music, hear my story 
“Hpl JL, BI, JS, JB, TC, SJ, KS, KL, JR, 
JM, MM, TC, KC, PW, DG, BK, CS, AB, 
MJ, MV squeeky, JG, C Lolikes WB, Bass, 
Emac + Bolia, KTC. MM 94 SC 95 BBB 96 
Drama Fest 94 95 96 Sound w/khara VA 
94 uwp 95 JP, CN, Rubelli, RM. XC 93, 
94, 95 UVA 96 7/14/95 OTE fitk Boston 
W/WB96 “everything smells the same” the 
cure w/jl, jh live w/mj shear madness 96 
thanx MS. O! 11/16/96 Prom 96 w/e.g. 

“MAGIC HAPPENS!!” Prodigal Son w/ 
jay, josiah, becca. Jumbo, talks w/jm thanx 
mom, dad, chris, + jenn for pushing me. 
“choose life choose a job, choose a starter 
home, choose dental insurance leisure wear 
and matching luggage. CHOOSE Your Fu- 

PERIENCE -GOETHE Summer of 96 righ- 
teous & intense OM 95 pin it on the fridge 
prom 96 newbury queen NB’s rash JC's 
crabs opulent yet playful math team lolla- 
palooza 95 warped tour 96 thrift shop cats 
style 4 miles & miles french exchange 96 
pocahontas morris do y’ng tight jeans spag- 
etti-o’s & grilled cheese ants on a log wow 
what a rxn! yeah, that’s right nobody spar- 
kles like you JB death rider late breaker 
white jeans gorgeous people patterns tom 
& we’re weaving lethal piano player night 
swimming brownies blister in the sun 
shows with pretty boy handy wacks 80's 
movie marathon evil dead lax bus rides 
YEARS . . . 

So Yung Morris 
“Smiley flower” 

To be a hip hop 
dancer with J.B. 

Amanda M. 



“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mys^ 
tery, today is a gift that’s why they call it] 
the present” L: friends fh lax smmr bch s^ 
mv skiing m emping family snsts #6 jb wtrJ 
skiing my car DL: snwbrding ladders cold] 
fhbs M: unh w ko kp aprl vac @ ca w kp clj 
bstn w ko kp cl kc kp’s escltr acc. TP con-j 
cert w ko kp cl kc socials @ mule barn truro] 
bch w kp ru’s ettg w bm ko cd db lax w clj 
brkdwn w ko cl FT 6/95 mr. o’c? w mf plH 
ph ECHO w ko spies in cone 4whling w kp] 
in hoxie SC stinky stowe woftcliff! dux w cc] 
kc prom 96 w jb ko cd cl dl mf at-ko’s hsef 
4/95-sn out to triange brdwik 6 flags wwi 
rafting rs game 12-26-95 1st tm snwbrding 
PPeak 2/14 trps to loon prom 7/4 fireworks 
jt concert emping homecoming 95 & 96j 
gitd bwling-thanx josh- i love you Good^ 
Luck up here Mike. Mom & Dad thnx fori 
being my parents and always my friends H 
Love You Guys. Josh thnx for being MBFj 
i’ll miss you! 


Mean People Suck” Likes: Playing Golf, 
stening to music, collecting sports cards 
id memorabilia. Snoop and Dre, 31 1 and 
AGE Dislikes: People saying “Why don’t 
lu talk?” — that gets so annoying after so 
lany years. Some other stuff but I’ll keep 
lis short. Extra Stuff: I’d just like to thank 
ly sister Kristen for being a cool kid- good 
ick your next two years. Whatever you do, 
ave Mr. Grimaldi for a math teacher; no 
le else could top the things he teaches 
lu. The best of luck to all the seniors this 
:ar. 1 hope you have a great life. 

Katie Murphy 
Murph Smurf 
To beat “gray- 
pants” to shotgun 

“It’s the dream afraid of walking that never 
takes a chance” L: friends fam ppr fh # 1 0 
now + 4evr dl: be’n L on new yrs nvr frgt: 
DY guyz sumr 95 bskunks c. shk w/jb exit 
4 Id w/cg yesamasa Hcoming 95 w/mr wr- 
house + tcourts w/mg jb + boys fun tms 
w/96 thanks 4 th mr Es slv’s sb’s w/ jb mg 
@ plgrd prom 96 w/cs c.f.d w/jm + k feb 
vaca @ mh rah-rah w/jb all ♦s w/kw wrk’n 
mnst. w/jb BC game w/te + m ski trps 95 
w/sk ko ck ef 96 w/m + k stowe 97?? Insm 
Ik w/ef kinch- rwwbb + d @ b’s! is yr seat 
bit on? grls nt out w/j + m ck + h2o = nvr 
agn! P hpn w/bj dnc prty @ j’s sld’n @ rhill 
boston w/jm kj mw yrs w/jmsn whr rU? cr- 
Itn shrs w/jl mg jb bl kg LL coolj w/jbdpcc 
cmp’n w/ttd last day smr 95 mgls w/jb sh 
nb mg cs apchem s. tbl w/ ric boss t-t-i-e-1! 
leftO jb-ths guyz frm cmps?! ctn/Wfl w/ 
mjx2 w/ks swn/n n mPl track 93-96 w/mg 
bosxs j + m who will win? . . . i luv u mom 
+ dad thankx 4 abt u2 1 + t couldn’t have 
done it w/o u!! 

Likes: Chevy Chevettes, Hockey, Golf, Dr. 
Pepper, Pantera, Fishing, Outdoor basket- 
ball, Jeans, VAN’S, 365, RED’SA, Sepul- 
tura, PHISH, Wu Tang. Northern Li^ts, 
Wowie Maui. Dislikes: BMW’S, Patriots, 
Pumping Gas, Books, Rain, Typing, Police, 
SAT’S, Spanish, Senior Citizens, College, 
Military Recruters, Long drives. Nirvana, 
Vegetarians, Tommy Hilflger, Nautilus, 
CK, CCD, TF, Dancing. 

Peter Murphy 
To be a farmer 

‘We all live under the same sky, but all don’t share the same horizons” 

‘Life is only what you make of it” I like 
nountain biking, soccer, golf at Round 
Jill. My parents, Christine, Kate, Russ, 
dike, Heather, Damian, Chuck, Jeff, and 
ustin. 1 remember when playing with the 
ars in Mike’s backyard. The time I 
ta jbed Mike in the chest with a pencil, 
'’.e Saturday mornings with Jeff and Justin 
II Otis and all the memories at trail of 
ears. The friday nights watching x-files at 
efTs. Mike’s mom’s birthday party with 
tuss in the moon tower. All the fun nights 
riving in the winter with Russ. Jumping 
IT the Falmouth bridge with Heather, 
)amian. Chuck. The many nights playing 
ool and the numerous bread fights while 
I riving. The many times sleding at Round 
lill and the Ridge Club. Watching Damian 
n the 4th of July. I hope that i will always 
ave my friends and the memories we 

“That’s like going to Idaho and eating car- 
rots.” Likes: All the pieople in the class of 
1997 especially my good friends family soc- 
cer track pak mountain biking Coca Cola 
and that truck I haven’t gotten yet Dislikes: 
education modem things 4/4/96 memories: 
“the good old days” All those days walking 
to school with Mike Prom 96 Winter of 
96/sledding the Moontower the hill surfing 
w/DC camping w/MM DC volleyball and 
all those memories I don’t remember A 
special thanks to all my teachers and most 
of all my parents. “Better to be a free bird 
than a captive king.” 

Samantha Lynne 


Sam, Jibba, 


To live happily ever 

“We all live under the same sky, but all 
don’t share the same horizons.” thx to my 
friends u know who u are. Esp JASON Tm 
greatful 4 the day u walked into my life! 
7-6-95 always remember: Thanksgiving, 
batman & robin, huna huna huna, sat 
nights w/JG a + p. pat’s ping, getting 
caught @ at’s house, IZOD mini golf, anat- 
omy lessons from at, college fair w/JG kl a 
+ p-JG ping on car, who da man? hiding in 
6a cafe w/ah, do you have any grey pou- 
pon? getting ads w/ah, bagel trips just mayo 
and lett, “Look its Jason’s uncle!” green 
truck lost @ mall JG ahpc, prom 96 jg ah 
pc kb jd july 4th Watch out 4 that tree!-JG, 
spacehog-kg Hates: if u loved me u would, 
accidents & BACKWASH, thx amanda & 
amy 4 always being there when I need you. 
Thanx for all the laughter and memories, 
JASON, I Love You! Thanx for all your fi- 
nancial support. Mom & Dad, Luv Ya! 
Good luck everyone 97! 

“Nothing so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength” 

“Nothing so strong as gentleness, nothing # 
so gentle as real strength” like wolves, AZ S 
mrso nature ss best friend JA summer 96 j| 
NJ with Timitaous mmm . . Irufiles Rob'sri 
lets go swimming trampolin- Teddy CGH 
we’ll find civilization fires, boats, + con-3 
certs memories of KM DB BR MP MP 
JB fat boy love ya MO you too white bom-1k 
mer was fun new car is better BWB parkj 
skiing main st-fsab Talbot's & Fisherman's'B 
with JA BS RP GG TC Bye Bye Birdie^ 
Sweet Charity drama festivals coffee blan- 
ket game backrub-train prom 94 95 96 JS T 
JV MJ SP KS KM smile OK B/BK with JA 1 
FF BA JD pumpkins wears hank Steve theSg 
cheese wiz? boston the tard senior frogs*^ 
“the impossible is possible” 1st love will'j 
never forget my friends, old + new (youj# 
know who you are) thanks for being there! S 
fam luv ya! where’s the world, here I come ’ 
with Open Arms * 

“Life is a joke and Tm it” 6/24/96 best 
night of my life kc kt cb sleep overs with cc 
kt kc add late night rules! Frogs will rule 
the world ps remember our dance jh I am 
the lonely lemon long live the lol!! ps can’t 
beat cc’s nova 1 don’t dirty dance cp 1 
drank the boloney beer “I need a gggun” cc 
we will always have prom Jr fear the iron 
claw si I’m not . . . kt hope you get the 
women next year mr it’s been fun If good 
luck next year jr If ds js “come with me lit- 
tle girl on a magical caravan ride” had fun 
on the carrousel ht you can run you can 
hide but the jokes on you. 

“I always knew looking back on my crving 
would make me laugh but i never knew 
looking back on my laughing would make 
me cry’ twinomnis w/sk NH ski trip w/ 
skckkmef the knife interruption in cam- 
bridge w/skck caution wet floor w/skkm 
trampoline n’jan firetruck in wareham sb- 
party squared blk licorice nilla wafers sitn 
puddles making toast w/kd zma sr- clean- 
ing spilled paint smithfield trunk everlast- 
ing cranberries mikey mouse driving w/ 
ahpc perrorojo m & m stories alanis con- 
cert w/barn stable girls i was the 1 who 
dropped it terrors in english scusset florida 
w/ckgdbmmcastt alan at friendlys craigville 
& shopping w/gdsk DC no need 2 explain 
skck & others (5 days + 50 hrs) prom 96 
w/jn A + P w/sknd srsb cwggmm xmas prty 
deca trips zip line w/sk yes i have my seat- 
belt on fritos w/ag course i know it SK- 
bf4eva thanks 4 always makin me laugh! 2 
all my friends- i’ll miss you guys mum dad 

Kelly L O'Connell 
Kelly O, Kel 
To always bea 

“And I knew if 1 had my chance 1 could 
make those people dance and, maybe 1 1 
they'd be happy for awhile!” FAM cd kp_ |j 
mm cl kc sb dl jb tj ph jf ns pi cd bs pb bm ■■ 
at mf br db mb gr cm ucgang cctf darmons n 
perrys #3 maine kk nhfam dpzp 789 jeeps^ ii 
3some hmcs hole hoxie pond blazer creep^ i i 
in-dlcl spytech echo socials @ mule barn . . 
#21 mvptlppats w/chris mf + bk hserhcc 
w-kokrjm nyeve 96 @ ch prom-cd mm jb cl^ i 
dl at mf brkdown- mm cl cottage- matt + 
early charlie-kp frosty dance @ ca f-trial-, . 
dad bos + petty w-kp mm cl kc lucy + roxy 
rucott cdmmbmdb crkheads-kpns 7-4 w/ 
perrys b-ball w/lamo jg-keep trunkin ha + 
outlaws Katelynn- take care of my blazer! 
Good luck! x’s w/chris 143 thanx mum + 
dad 1 Love You! THIS IS THE END! Jim 
Morrison Keep In Touch 97. 


‘Don't Panic." -D Adams 1 apologize good 
leriree: snow cone '95, top 10, SNL, WN 
lolka, N, boardwalk, WSDH, bio/calc 
roup forever (well duh!), crazy '95, home- 
oming '94, '95, '96? sorry kc-luv ya. tango 
nd spam massacre- thanks, rw. I’m sorry, 
irom ’94-in memory of pc BBB! thanks to 
he whole klan (chapstick and guy’s night!) 
leave my soul to ht and my body to cd 
ailed everyone, said hi Far side, viva es- 
lana. A & P fun, champagne supernova, 
lad: college fair ’96, winter carnival, G’s 
ye- sorry senor pues. the rest; track (ungh). 
pecial hello to; kk, rv, ms, ep, ck, c, j, j, j, j. 
If, G, mom, God, etc. to jpj; see you on the 
ther side, (the fool!) pataki, 1D4, jacobin 
the horror” “beautiful one” i want my cal- 
ulator back, ja. hello, ms. Nichol. didn’t 
ike precalc that much, one day more, good 
jght. So long, and thanks for all the fish. 


Sauito, Suavas 
To discover life, the 
universe, and ev- 

Crystal Lynn Pape 
CLIP, Miss Hick 
To Laugh, To 
smile, and write for 

“Here put these sunglasses on Fm going to 
smile” To the greatest friends in the world, 
I LOVE YOU! HUGS! Loves; Banjos bag- 
pipes Waves Warm fuzzies STUMPY 
Warsh Jaxon GH passing out in Fenton’s 
hug lines RUSTY!! Yeehaw country music 
Blue face stuff Geneva Point CAMP! 
Youth Group NHIS Christmas Eve Lock- 
ins Broom hockey Sweet Home Alabama 
#2 Handbells don Dangcrow and the Stum- 
pettes Music MAn Sweet Charity Bye Bye 
Birdie Oklahoma N.C.! Hey! Pantloads 
Rumpswabs NY folage Hannah Jo Hickey 
head Verda Superman the chair itchy noses 
it’s getting darker n’ stuf Prom ’96 with AT 
Moldy Bill Kriten P town Honey “I’m on 
the floor!” Hugs! NASCAR 2 YCWU If my 
mind can conceive it and my heart can be- 
lieve it I know 1 can achieve it! I LOVE 
YOU Mom and Dad hi bee! kkjhr 
FRIENDS 4 Ever! 

“It’s hard to leave when you can’t find the 
door.” joe walsh LIKES, skSing snow- 
boarding big trucks fast cars mud climbing 
hills yoo-who cruisen with sg DISLIKES; 
purple jeeps ry’s with n.b. 95 getting ar- 
rested twice unnecessary use of the horn 
black things n.s. driving REMEMBERS; 
july 4 95 pm b.h.o. 95 with nb bs pc jb zr 
Plymouth pit platform all with boys! good 
times at bk jf ca mf jm ns and the rest all- 
man bros 96 phish 96 jf tj ns “where did all 
my money go” drags with jf pontiacj kr ns 
an THANKS; to mom and dad for making 
it through the hard times to all my friends 
who were there when 1 wasn’t to ko 
WORDS TO LIVE BY; don’t try to be 
something your not and only keep what 
you need and share what you got. finally 
you only live once in this world we are 
thrown, as rider of the storm 

Christopher M 


kit paul kitty 

To meet the women 

in the whiskey bar 

‘Here put these sunglasses on I’m going to smile” 

Corinne Marie 

Rinne, R’icola, 

To be in love and 
write in the coun- 

Now I’ll begin the longest story of my life, 
^getting and letting go” Likes; Anthea Hi- 
iry CH SB SC PH KC JF PB JK’s & every- 
ne else, smiles laughing, parties, beach, 
ice guys Memories; All fun times w ar & 
h, pb’s 7-4-94, budget f.h. pa & poetry 
yms w ch & sc Cuban pete & grasshoppers, 
jhimer 95 “Whaat!” derf b Boys 2 Dukes 
omecoming 95 w BG, BP & RY (& all 
mes w them) hanging van w bm & ar silly 
alks, s. greenburg’s new years “angel’s 
ude” “cmspiced” “where’s peta dude?” 
11 t’sa safery” “That’s nasty!” pedro & tes- 
es “ohnosue” prom 96 w D.B. Ab’s w ph 
mf ca arat jwsw & dp summer 96 all 
mes w pat “1 had a crush oops!” spdw ar 
p & jk’s natalie “door # 1 ”, shubbery OOC 
wman hairy back” “fat jy” and all those 
mes w everyone rarararadadadadada 
here’s so much more 1 wish 1 could write 
t's just Kenny & Ricky” “My brain is 
tneing” “Roy shut up” “BYE” 


Tom Hanks 
Brad Pitt 
Tom Cruise 

“I like it, i love it, i want some more of it!” 
Likes; family friends parties field hockey 
great north #5 #13 camping out non muzz 
food snowmobln 4wheeln florida jeeps 
snuggln real people flowers beaches tuben 
remember; ca hse w/mmcl (mulay) truko 
bch nube w/mm bourn flat w/kcel Dorn’s 
wild ride w/el lawnnee mv dpzp trails toc- 
run dwntwn days w/ew as mm jm rh mull- 
barn jp-spytech shamrk woodstk elwrmn 
marriot ply bog prtys campin w/bs unconn 
unh nh gang kepuke cellar w/bsbmkc booth 
bay w/ backy buffet-petty pzzaplce w/ 
boardz july 4 prty 7/8 grd crew stavs-chase 
rm/anat tms in me w/tj kj pr bb jp ski @ 
sunrvr w/mm eastr 96 tms @ mb hse w/ 
ccktjm boston w/ grls fhteam/bus rds trees 
hoxi w/ry campen df-runs/gun prm prty af- 
ter hse sittn jp’s-lng nite mom dad john 
katie nonn muzz kath bill cl kc mm ko mb 
thank you i luv u guys RAISE YOUR 
GLASS 97-keep in touch. 

People who disagree with me aren’t neces- 
sarily bullheaded. Sometimes they’ve made 
an honest mistake.” & “We are twice 
armed if we fight with faith. ’’-Plato, 
friends: Kay, Hillary, Jenn, Kristen, Katie, 
Crystal, Brooke, Courtney, Savvas, Jackie. 
Likes: ’97, making people smile, Calvin 
and Hobbes, #l Sampras, the X-files, 
friends, music/dj-ing, WSDH KTC EHAP 
’97. SIFJLS, chem, the ocean, & the color 
green. Pet peeve: People who are always 
late Memories: Troy, Camp Burgess 10/ 
25/96, checkin’ out the god w/ KK & KC, 
Boston/PPru '96, KC’s insane laughter, 
KI’s “Whatever” & "stuff’, #2! Thanks to 
Mom, and Dad, Mel, & Jenny-I love you 
all! To my friends: You guys are the best! 
Thanks to my teachers for their inspiration 
esp. Ms. St. Pierre & Mr. Rose. Best of luck 
to the class of ’97- We rock! Woo-hoo! 

Megh Phillips 

Rule the world! 

Float flat magic in low changing evenings; 
shiver your hands in dance night at my 
house; cm w/ a bat, hootchie mama kp w/ 
gs. cs new jersey w/ gb, bourne w/ ZZ. 
Around the rotary backwards w/ VR, bos- 
ton w/ JN, bradford w/ DB, greeks begging 
girls to dance at the egg. just an american 
trying to have fun in america. ag at home- 
coming, party at jh’s, mustardmobile, wick- 
mobile, crash w/ jh + jb, all nighter w/ mp, 
KM & RS, cukoo, Ryan, the sky is cukoo, 
my marriage to cs, hi mom, ec & cl, RS, 
RK, 3 is my favorite number. 

Friends jm db jr rm cd jf me sc co ds mf jk 
th bg m bs ac pb jg ay cl jm ks hb me pm ei 
di ij ml jk jm kc cs brother brilo likes chil- 
lin at Lawrence trips to Dan'l webster. 
What up SN bridge jumpin fenway Holly 
Ridge McNally 5 2 times attic-cellar trees. 
Dislikes freaks Chase Road SPD halfway to 
C Prom “96” what a blast Party’s jm jk kg 
th pit fenway lawrence townneck creecepet- 
ers pond spectacle Many thanks to coach T 
and Coach PMR Evans “Rogers” caron 
130 whatup Sav Web Mac and Mr Me 
decient do you come with a remote drivntu 
end gr world cup 94 in 'VA maccap 95 Ci- 
gar the gate guard bar fly Homecoming was 
sort of kind Many thanks to my family es- 
pecially MaPic goofy’s the man 

Jim Picariello 
Pic Potariello 
To own Lawrence 
Pond store 

“People who disagree with me aren’t necessarily bullheaded. Sometimes they’ve made an honest 

a Lynn Pola 

To be successful 
and happy 

“If you love something set it free. If it 
comes back, its yours. If it doesn’t then it 
was never yours to begin with.” Rich Jana 
and Kyle friends etc. and family dlikes: 
snobs upper class witches having no $. Re- 
member main street with jg jg jp ja Sand- 
wich fair ’95 window w/cp tk. hf bottle cold 
pasta mom made for Gibbs’ kids and jeff & 
me making popcorn for dad Burger King 
w/pl jg jp skcoc nat hotel room w/hf rr ag 
zack passing out by tree meeting byron 
daily walks to DD to spy on rich the bridge 
moving car backing up the bridge jg run- 
ning away going to the bathroom on x-mas 
store lawn throwing rocks at mb windows 
walking down Adams Street Thank you 
grandma and grandpa for everything, thanx 
jeff for being my little brother mom and 
dad thanxs for all of your support and lead- 
ing me in the right direction rich thanx i 
love you and I LOVE YOU ALL THANK 

Let me think 1 don’t think so Whatever I 
hear yourself she needs she doesn’t deserve 
the laughs Hickory Dickory Dock can’t 
have a suitcase Because it’s my house 
Don’t take no for an answer Once they're 
down Always look down on and up on your 
boyz Vulgarity is merely an untrained and 
undeveloped bluntness of body and mind 
Hostile habits and crime without fear hor- 
ror and pity Revenge As you have done 
shall be done to you with a more powerful 
wrath LIKES laura Rich Bill Brent Jay 
women parties DISLIKES skirts hippies 
REMEMBER All the parties McKenna’s 
Being w/ Sis Erin chance 30 scannons w/ 
MA JS AR CP SA Easy to provoke and 
hard to Pacify the WICKED Sandwich is 
like granola take away the fruits and nuts 
and all you have are the flakes 

Brian Polcaro 

To Be An Orga- 
nized Crime Leader 


“The surest way to be late is to have plenty 
of time” Likes: summers friends family 
sunflowers, To all my friends you know 
who you are thanks! Memories: maple 
swamps nature walk girls? w/ br ca kc, 5 of 
us, ghost s. my b-day 95 w/br ca Frosty 
Fantasy fun fun! winter vac 95 watch out 4 
the ice! br r u knocking at my door? Prom 
w/ Ben, 360 in at’s car, 9:17 ca 9:41 Sum- 
mer of 95 & 96 at Wianno w/ CC KC ML 
DD, July 4th!, GEK ptys, foxhole, wimp- 
les, uno’s, Smokin Groves, Room #6, hurri- 
cane, Chino MH HP BS PS Irish “up she 
said up she flew” Dickie “everything 
tweet”, all short cuts w/ ml, code names, I 
have to pee! its toolas! “Cameltoe” Senior 
mask w/ cc kc ss tc tc dc kk, walk 4 justin, 
Joe thanx for everything your friendship 
means a lot, thanks “G” & Mrs. Antis, Cric 
thanx for just being you luv ya!, Mike good 
luck in high school luv u! Mom & Dad 
thanks for all your love and support I love 
You! “Good luck 97” 

“Some people come into r lives & quickly go, others leave footprints on r hearts & we’re never the 

“Some people come into r lives & quickly 
go, others leave footprints on r hearts & 
we’re never the same” likes: cp hh ch sa ph 
jk sb sc kc bm dl jf pb etc purple stretch 
pants campin-ml bb sg 7/4/94 mitch i’m 
laughin i’m cryin firetrails daisies bp car- 
ryin me to lawrence “brent it’s really sun- 
day” all x-bp bg ry. susie greenburgs late 
night calls-miss u bri blue van bm bg db ch 
cp. so havin a party in here? “a dance 
party” cp bh in my driveway-cp sa ph b- 
day star belt sledin 800-flem takes 3 sand- 
wich girls sc b dnd sh hidin in shower, rm 
nb t & ts etc. prom pats sa go 2 bed! do u 
have sesame bacon? oh my god-thats my 
dad! sas red cooler-just take this! squirrels! 
sc-shower! cuffed 2 cp u needa hug dont u 
pancakes sa pb jk thanx alves’ “i will sur- 
vive” fh ’96 cm he ’96 jk u r out of control 
143jk “new senior superlative” mf hallow- 
een ’95 & ’96 partyin at ch fenway jon 
miss/luv u! thanx 4 everything mom dad 
nun gramp! bye 

“Do you know who you are?” Mad props to 
the 4 horsemen thanx 4 everything! Same 
to you mom & dad! Likes: skiing baseball 
hangin w/friends Dislikes: crowded halls 
lift lines crease. Gotta say sup to ... th me 
jp jk bobb cob Iv kac gov’s km kl ay ml jf 
mf db bm kg ef & kc Lawrence Pond one 
big sausage fest me & dl go for a dip gators 
w/th mh kac! B-ball w/ij Prom ’96 heard 
rope swing in Ply Loon Mtn w/cs + jk th 
broken arm at Sunday River Marthas V 95 
“If it’s gonna be that kind of party ...” SN 
ball w/ja + jf me + me 9:30 every mom cel- 
lar dwella poker nights me + Pic break- 
down “half’ way to the bridge jumping 
w/mc Thanksgiving 95 w/js w/th + pd in 
his old house Town Neck Pics attic rt. 130 
h. fest w/th + jk w/mc jp jk Falmouth 
Hights “Rogers what did you do?” Amster- 
dam or bust!! 

Julie H Rogers 
Jules Noodle Jul 
To ‘Stay alive!’ 
meet Ronald Mc- 

Likes: M + D sis CP TP AC NC JJ MH AH 
Mc’DS Express! SM memories: hmcmg 94 
95 prom 95-96 w/BP HC RY SC - sorry 
HC canal 3:30am to sin shelz @ figs - CP + 
TL! pikespeak friendlys NB’s house AA DC 
dans cabin “you’l neva forget me Johny! 
sym 95sneck bpc cyphil w/MH DR Paul 
“do u drive a red car?” batterys-hc toss it 
in canal obliv sum 96 w/ CP stayin alive @ 
AC vt ’95-JR Bourne people EA-Dre! 
McD’s “giv u a call we’ll do lunch” b. sting 
ML mst. p. hall, tin foil, christys p. lot. Dan 
cant fly! love shack-nc luv you! comp. Inge 
w/HC MH AH JJ NC JL SM + AC. Sand, 
marina. L. qu. char put a chair in the door! 
too gone to drive thanx EA + CP! you know 
who you are! Live each day to the fullest 
live before you die! Thanx M + D jill Jenae 
ILove You All! later SHS! 


“All that we see or seem is but a dream 
within a dream” luvs: mum dad kendi nick 
keish + sam friends: you all know who you 
are remember: swim season w kr cc kc sf ml 
bh jd jc echo w kc cc ko all times @ ca’s 
house thanx ur my best bud homecoming w 
ph nf tt wh homecoming 96' w camd p + ys 
@ ca at mf ch jm jp all times @ fenway 
mpleswmps w kc jp ca nature walk?, w + c 
cyles, in 3rd its ok new years contest w at, 
skinny dippin @ lawrence last day of junior 
yr w ca jf ph bs cd bg worms on my wall pd 
can i use the phone?, 3 days @ the college 
fair w ca at ice cream cafe w bamp janitor 
habib, ghost S in jp’s jeep, frosty fanatasy 
FUN? 12s w cakr, prom w jc thanx buddy!, 
this looks nothing like my house-nb, SR @ 
99 w atca-yum, thank you mom and dad I 
LOVE YOU BOTH kendra and nicky good 
luck out there luv you guys-BJR 


Sandra Bullock 
Meg Ryan 
Sharon Stone 

“Somehow I know we’ll meet again. Not 
sure just where and I don’t know quite 
when, but you’re in my heart, so until then 
it’s time for saying goodbye.” summer 96 
w/ TB SF TC CG TC KK cruisin in the 
chickolater w/ Tom C MV-ACK drive in 
laundryroom bonfire at trin’s hangin at 
Foo’s night swimming at mystic old glory 
pwrlines w/gc remember-party at jen m’s 
cruisin to taco bell w/JC senior masquirade 
w/TC CC JP KC DC TC homecoming 96 
dave matthews twice w/BB SM KB JB NS 
TB CW AP EF talent show w/BK AB CS 
bowling in tuxedos old school cross country 
ronni night/OCB last day of school w/MM 
RN MJ NC “basu tei wa doko desu ka” 
boston 4 b-day “hey, that’s not coons” kic- 
kums cob rocks jammin at kev’s juicing the 
train prom luv to mom, dad, dave good 
luck to all my friends in the junior class. I’ll 
miss you all. 

“Somehow I know we’ll meet again. Not sure just where and I don’t know quite when, but you’re in 
my heart, so until then it’s time for saying goodbye.’’ 

Paul E. Sandborg 
Pool, Connie!, 
To work in the Air 
Force and retire at 
age 38!! 

ACTION! Shovels with kc. Prom ’96 with 
kc GPC! sleepovers Mr Happy Shaggy 
Lonely Lemon All about meat, a special 
thanx to: JH SL JR LM MR CP CC RN 
KT KC. Think giant growth jh. m with the 
bulseye mobile. FROGS! don’t forget aller- 
gies sj kt with uni! LM I LOVE YOU with 
ALL of my HEART! #2 rules CD don’t for- 
get earth science final freshman year! pena 
coladas with tha gang JS aka tink tink with 
plaktuk and the masai’s cow-tipping rituals 
RN what can I say but scooby snax JB what 
happened to you? Crap-Stang! fights with 
KT. I don’t work on thursday!! Prom could 
have been kc! Ten High! cc with the super 
Nova, sm, I’m back from the dark side! 
magic rules! jr good luck kiddo. Robie, 
s.l.a.m. was da best! cb, 1 live next to you 
ha! zippy, slow down! j/k. 12. anyone not 
mentioned above, too bad!! SC what’s a 
plum? good luck ’97 


“One man gathers what another man 
spills.” cross country party 94. JJ KB TH 
sleeping in CG barn, ranger rick TC. 
Round hill 96. California with Damian. 
Marshfield girl EF. mountain climbing 
with RB. old grew days, running into tree 
with Knipper. your lights are on BB KB 
CL. WG and her bad days, homecoming 
JR. little Zs party. Savinos graphic class. 
Hulik history. Earth Science, the little red 
head. Mike’s curies, car chaces and reverse 
with RB. the hill on 6A. Boston with Big 
Nate. Bob the gay guy at Ricks JT SG JN 
bridge jumping in Falmouth dc nc jn bl. 
old lady halloween jn. Thank you Tim for 
being there. Thank you to all my teachers 
for helping me. Mike I wish you the best of 
luck in the future. To my mom and family I 
love you. RB there will always be a special 
place for you in my heart. Good luck and 
Good bye to everyone. I will always have 
you in my thoughts. Never give up hope. 
Steve Sampson I’ll love you forever. 

Heather Scott 
H Scott, H, Hes 
To become a 
Graphic Designer 
and live in Austra- 

1 ^. i 

“Take your life one day at a time” What’s 
up JD JS ND HS CW keep out of trouble 
Trevor + seth Trip to six flags w/js ba jr un- i 
tangling fishing line caught in motor from j 
jarrod Canal Cup 94 Blizzard party at OBs 
don’t buy VW’s saleni adventure with jelT 
jd’s HUNDI!! Tint violations thanks to 
Aunt Arlene 



“Good friends are hard to find, harder to 
leave, and impossible to forget” Friends: 
B.J.S. HC JH, tom, e-han, sis, SM, JF, JA, 
MH + summer buds Memories: ftag w/sm 
skipping piv w/as Phish Prov + Wore w/sis, 
ez + ec prom “96” w/as mm pd summer 
“96” wlubi 4me dave coffee water cigs 
G. W. w/ hoi dmb jt + jb w/tj where r we the 
beach 100 93 86ah setn. crk. w/citvka 
homecoming w/hc ja bm budget mission 
w/j + j Pet Peeves pulled over w/s-dog, 
crashing moms car slipping SMD’s Thanks 
everyone mom dad chrissy matt i love you 

“Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget” 

“The meaning of life is to give life mean- 
ing.” TWJC, LM. NL, I love u guvs umlg, 
JB, KM, LM, BM, MS, AG, JE, EA, SW, 
JR, TC, NA, JC. JS, MA, HF, JR. JC, TW. 
JI, KO. RS. JS luv ya all. see ya! /st C.C. 
mem: O seas w/ tw’s 3 and 1 polskifait Ex- 
cuse me do u know where . . . perkisetek 
ocb cus expeess w/JR pty w/ JB, Jr. BM, 
SD? Omy god! minojski w/grouer, prau jeu- 
lush wassup? Prauje, Italians getting lost in 
Europe? buniee w/nc trying to show us 
something? bmsw/twbg: gross bew/u guys 
am i crazy? yep! boston w/twphdjcm i for- 
got my snuffy chilis to lympus twspaz on 
bus globittinri? sd? jeni cc97tt physcec 
party w/jbsdna dmf dinto tree dm obses- 
sion Chris odonnci esandwich beach pty rs 
note philly w/tw ji + mw emo didu? mh- 
njw/iw mom + dad + ms + ms thanx for ev- 

Brian Stanton 
V.F.L Bri-Bri 
To follow the nose 
to the bowl of froot 

A little hot fudge a little imagination! I’m 
in the attic! friends u know who u r likes: 
pty’s too short playaz club stereos running 
CC + track bathrooms b-ball girls t & g 
sam’s brown suga dislikes tough guys u-4’s 
prom stealing stavs driving jail 5-o sw/guns 
phishing remembers: rsg paco lives! bl’s 
basement ca’s house l-lo 3-k’s my house 
fenway mp jd were cool! hangin w/tim 
kirbs house fire trails run its ko’s dad! new 
york lyson dl vs sb homecomming w/dp 
boyz prom at hicks p-raid w/ns gang je’s 
house 1-6, mfs house 1-3, being tardy s/ jc, 
mm's pregnancy, fealeys house watch the 
ice! spin bottle w/ko & jf cm's house last 
time! vineyard marina w/ sb ph & phantom 
shtter! pc gambling getting caught! jc sw mg 
i got no dukes! bm’s house spice falmouth 
w/br snow brding kit shut up w/2 1 's! Thanx 
mom & dad for everything and your sup- 
port I love you! class of 97’ See you first 
summer back! good luck Tom Kott! 

“Your friends can find you in their worlds. 
One by one, a string of pearls “TA” I know 
that I know what 1 haven’t known yet 
“TA" Luck never gives; it only lends” “If 
opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door 
“MB” Obstacles are things a person sees 
when he takes his eyes off his goal” E J C. 
Likes: Phish, Jeeps, BMW’s, L.A, blondes, 
+ good drivers. Dislikes: VW Rabbits, Nis- 
san pulsars, bad driving pts. Remember: 
ffs freshman year w/jf, ppb, bobs, + dc. my 
basement, ca’s, mfs, bs’s, jc’s, fenway, and 
anywhere else we all were. “The chase” w/ 
the KK. K-mart w/ kp. Surfing w/pb, dc, cd 
+ bl. trips to Bryant w/pb. “party @ A + 
P”, craigville. p-raids w/ bs. 7/12/96 w/jf + 
kp “It’s big”, wrong-way chaser in hyannis 
w/ sg. mud-hawgin’. hazard county. 10/ 
23/96 w/jf, kp. tj, + pi. “jf s + ns’s bogus ad- 
ventures in hartphord. black things, fun w/ 

Billy Stewart 
To rob banks as a 
dead president 

" jw:' 

* * ♦ * with the bull get the horns Like fam- 
ily friends partys skiing pantera shows mo- 
torcycles dirty fights victory at all cost, I bit 
the dog because the dog bit me Dislikes 
hippies phish authorty physically addictive 
drugs and people who sell them dodge 
trucks el memories having F.U.N. at 
U.C.R. you can’t drink K.P. smashing bot- 
tles cotuit town dock all the times all the 
partys that ruined you know who we are 
when me and el bmg parked mb car on a 
pine tree and el lost his hair all the people 
who make a party mb bp el df bmg pr ks ch 
ry bm dh and for me kp mf ds tj js wh 11- 
bean my race truck and the ltd only need 
two wheel drive how many miles on that, 
1,000,000 hitting carb with snow balls it’s 
on sale at the ****** dollar store love 
you mom & dad & ann & little kenny know 
what it is before you pick it up thanks K.P. 


What’s up: JD IS KM JR CW JC RW BA, 
Cape Codder FD: GH BM EM JW AB DB 
RC SP, Pumpkins, Trapped in New York, 
Helicopter with JG, $1.25 on route 6, road 
trip to NJ, Jarrod’s Hyundi, Jarrod’s other 
Hyundai, Gold Russ at the tent, XWO 4 
life, Hoyt’s scam, but Barry, Freshmen 
Baseball, V M 1, make me a sandwich BAS, 
Thanx mom dad and Jo, nice lude, signs. 
Maiden ^ 

“Your friends can find you in their worlds. One by one, a string of pearls.” 

“You’re never fully dressed without a 
smile” likes: mom dad erin bh ck sp tr sc ja 
sm kk Id mt all friends tennis memories: 
don’t forget paris hmcmg 95 roses? well 
duh calc clan hmcmg 96 friendly’s where’s 
the can prom 95 w/ dp Ik at 3 am prom 96 
oh iye sing it whatever french exchange 
strawberry pie bad dog smile! best dressed 
trms rspff concert people watching ucp how 
was the movie? magic dab cccc open at 
least we looked good coach mongolian bar- 
becue fazio’s tratorria airheads no i’m rag- 
gedy ann big lollipops boy oh boy eighties 
music ehap gang tinaag let’s cook some- 
thing i don’t get it Ig jw + dfs classes rock! 
football games grocery shopping w/ jp oh 
my how are c/g? wclfb no i didn’t kill it! bi^ 
babies i don’t think so mw rule md + e 
you’re the best tbiytc thanks for everything 
love you! 

Michael Tanionos 
Tani, Meathook 
To be happy 

“I wish 1 was a catfish” likes: family bball 
fishing sleep dislikes; school service rd lad- 
ders friends: ed dl sb cd bm tc jg cs ab mb 
homecoming 95’ w/jk jg th jr Id trip to Utah! 
w/ed jb 2mnysprkys bball 95’ xmass tour-? 
ney 2/27/96 myhz w/bm cd bg db mf 3/* 
14/96 ncaa tourney fshn w/cs ed at speck 
wzup? prom 96 w/ab jb ah cfjh where’s the 
limo? 6/96 at pc rolln 4 mad cash 7/27/96 
myhz w/bm cd mf db bg jt ml ph at mm dl 
the bomb! 9/13/96 mad words at Iwmce 
w/ed ac i want shoes! homecoming 96 w/ed 
tc ag frazzled a thxy 1 1/2/96 masquerade 
w/ed tc jb km wg ah jg she broke the bed! 
mad memories THANKS DAD I 


“Open your eyes, look within ... are you 
satisfied with the life you’re livin’?” likes 
fam MIKE bren sam cor ph md kt jp all 
friends-thnx. beaches soccer #11 pictures 
gm tennis dislikes: being lost lies snobs 
wlking in rain @ 4am fightig cold nghts @ 
fnwy no car rumors memories: all x w/ 
MIKE-thnx so much-alwys remember b- 
ball w/kt md av car accdnt w/er skortin- 
what fence? caught @ cc w/av ca anatomy 
lessons w/sn-do u have any gr poupon cor’s 
S rocket w/br @ 99 gnsta boogie w/af at md 
in sc hmcomngs 95 & 96 & prom w/mf- 
loved it! sldding w/ph & janitor habib prtys 
@ ca’s ph’s mfs- my hse-good morning sue 
360 in escort gt w/br ca jp x-mas dnce- 
crazy lost on pwerlines w/mg running frm 
spd w/act & ec-where’s my shoe? canobie 
w/ MF summr 96 w/pv br md mj @ cafe 
speed racr w/mm allman bros summer ’96 
s.c. w/ca & br-dncing brs! thnx mike bren 
sam 4 everthg 7/14/95-luv u alwys mike-U 
R the best! thanx M & D 

Amy Beth Tedeschi 
Aimes, T 

To find the scoop 
with BR 


Hillary Thomas 
Bill Nacho 
To be happy + com- 
every day 

“1 out of every 4 people is mentally unbal- 
anced. If your 3 closest friends seem OK, 
you’re the one.”- “God grant me the seren- 
ity to accept the things 1 cannot change; the 
courage to change the things I can; and the 
wisdom to know the difference,”- Nieburh. 
Random memories: #9, ’n stuff, Nil, 
sporks, cucumbers, Virginia, style?, yellow 
blankie, Nantucket, Jack, snow warz, freak 
in’ comedian, P-town, Geneva Point, 
STUMPY!, the door is locked .... prom 
’95 + ’96, vice baby, poodle skirts, whip it!, 
water running, whatever, waves, happy 
massager, tactress. glowing, revolving door, 
lock-ins, 911 w/AT, 9x, “can we have a 
break?”, Tyler, the blue bus, magic cara- 
van, + silver bullet! Mis amigos- 1 love you 
guys and thanks for the memories! Yeehaw! 
We made it! HT + JAH 5/9/95- forever 
“because you loved me”- M, K, E, S, S, C- 
Good luck class of 1997! 

“The truth is out there” Likes: bonding, ac- 
tion, warm fuzzy, boiler room, hoodlums, 
salsa boys, STUMPY, handy, Geneva 
Point, Whip it! Sleigh ride, Pina Coladas, 
vice baby, frothy foam finger, uninut, 
whatever, cappuccino, magic caravan, 
jimmy, marshall kabobs, X-Files, the god, 
youth group, hug lines, trains, EBF, warsh, 
#2, banana, keep it in the closet w/ a 
broomstick, 20 lbs of bacon aw yeah! Mem- 
ories: summer 96, April vac 96, 6/24/96- 
mattress, P-town, canal nights, lock-ins, 
works cited, prom w/ja, homecoming, 
camp burgess, MM, SC, BBB, X-mas Eve, 
Dang Crow & the Stumpettes Friends: 
Katie-1 love ya, best friends. Crystal- thanx 
4 making me laugh, RN HT CB BJ KK EP 
PS MF JH JR CC SS- 1 love you all and I’m 
going to miss you!!! To my fam- Love ya! 
Good luck to the class of 97- We did it!!! . , 
. . . . ’n stuff 

Kristen Anne 

Kris Krissy Kriten 
To find true happi- 
ness and fulfill all 
my dreams 

“1 out of every 4 people is mentally unbalanced. If your 3 closest friends seem OK, you’re the one.” 

“I stood on the edge and looked down to 
see the light of a new life shining up on 
me”-bm likes: Im dd ml sc kc af at Is sb md 
bigdog mass magic chicken salad jg remem- 
bers: ’94 summer w/chris; he 95 w/girls/wk 
b4-people on the roof sleeping w/rugs! cry 
fest 95- why not 98? b-ball thanx woody! bk 
and sleepovers ghettobootie w/bugs candy- 
man pie; petty games w/ Im-that’s what i'm 
screamin! 1 rainbpbaw5; Im-did u hear 
about umass? Prom 95 w/mr thanx cu 
around; alanis-u got 2 give me . . . mess 
femmes francais; z-line w/br tinag-who 
raised u? Masquerade-pp ch tb! erasers/ 
hootchie, seriously; 96 w/ af/mm-E dance 
naked! “g” no soup 4u; phillie; my 2 bfs- 
loren/annie thanx 4 listening bass fam ur if 
the best thanx wb! aunt uncle k j 1 gram ' 
papa-thanx for everything mark matthew 
luv and miss u thanx 4 leavin me! mom 
and dad your luv and support has been 
great i couldn’t have done it w/out u! I love 
u all- #12 

“A single victim cannot be used over and 
over” kv never going 2 4get sy mollys 
death, jen do you have your tigers eye? 
hanging of barbie will always be remem- 
bered jg ab bk cs cr i will always love you 
“where u from? “Massachusetts” us freaks? 
rb pictures from so long ago didn’t do him 
just boal of successfuly never going through 
lunch line u big fats o cry baby baad hair 
cuts chapstick dreams pillow person will 
kill jg and your blankey becker you better 
always take care of gizmo and keep my 
stinkin locker jg yer gonna be late always 
remember eriems getting lost is my spe- 
cialty mm why me silly? jg monotonus 
someday i will grow sji love tie all of my car 
acc reeses peices sv chips whoppers sc chips 
don’t make a good meal when jg and me 
tour cd the mall every day nov 17 nothing 
else to say i just hope i graduate and never 
see you lovely people again thank you mrs 
Antis i love you. 

“What I want is what I’ve not got but what 
1 need is all around me.” Friends- pv cd kc 
jl ndjc kp sk jg km pb jk bk ed kgag tc ts jb 
likes-snflrs fh sb c’s- plf #7 fam G omni 
bagles barn trends dislikes-feet ladders 
“that bus ride” dy 1 1395 ad memories 
prom 95 wen nd-d’s kchn prom 96 w/cd & 
erw steak for petty w tc & ts fenway rd 
rmbr the little people wtii mman sunshine 
w jb legion gms w pv jhkns w ke odu-did 
you get it on my towel? fh 94-96 2gether we 
lit up the world ppiac w nd cln bk 21 ft grls 
w jl homecoming 95 & 6 hlf days tms w me 
pquiz w jm to my 2nd fam crosbys & pow- 
ells thnx 4 all ur support jl-my sld gmd u 
mke me laff nabst advee evr lyacdbb 1 wll 4 
evr watch u gluck kc-bff thnx 4 etng lya 
neves & brackens- thnx pam-my vry bst 
frend I will always b here 4 u gluck mom & 
dad-thnx 4 all ur support 1 promise to 
make u proud I luv u good luck 97! Thanks 


“Whereever we go whatever we do, we are 
taking this luggage with us” like: beatles 
movies Caribbean reef squid dislike: un- 
tamed heart I'abio scared of: spam sunny D 
Iw remember: i was ridin my horse down 
by the rio grande there’s a snake in my boot 
it puts the lot-ion in the basket brain cloud 
are you the singing bush blue car hoyts evil 
dead roof crpse rpe action techno lunch 
w/wg jd & rw soccer trio-me CG & AF 
movie nights we’re going to whales cd-it’s 
so beautiful bee’s basement night swim- 
ming sing w/ af on rock nice horn joe guc & 
rw-singing tree don’t apologize sp/ great 
grilled cheese & spgtios so yung jarr stod 
confrontation w/sh Jen b 800 vrbl whatever 
presidents day kc jam dicanjoe kermit 
grover mr bean ms + 300 miss u cy & ty 
sweet charity 8 yrs beci still have my trunks 
ring my bell water fight nigba right now kb 
is talking to me jen b-the door to the uni- 
verse is u/ may the force be with you 

Robyn Vockrodt 
robina ballena del 


To sing with the 
coyotes in a prairie 

Colin J Walsh 
To eat drink and be 

Friends jj kb ef bb sm ss jc tc tc (anyone i 
forgot can fill their initials in here: ) 

Likes Dave Matthews Band, bumpin in the 
chi coldtor mr flynn french class with jen g 
chess buddies raging parties at efs house 
dislikes: whateva dudes aka 4:20 dudes 
grateful dead people like bg and hoochies 
memories: the mystery object in weasels 
car stranded in Gayhead Ronis on tuesdays 
drivein hangin w/knipper and ef after 
school rhcc at night pottery w/mc and jb. 
“not in the school truck” french exchange 
96 DMBx2 kb ss jj ef bb ns? sm ap tb. 
smashing pumpkins and buffet mr. naylors 
class w/kev and burch sam diegos the cat 
with no nose dead body in erin’s car count- 
ing crows ef kb buzz sm. thanks to my fam- 
ily Rockin with Kev Sampson and Cob in 
Kevs basement 3 w/bg, jb ef? That’s it 

“Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are taking this luggage with us 

Matt Wellman 

‘It is better to duck than to not. 

“What I Choose is My Choice.” Likes; jc 
mg btd jb bm kg cd km bl bs sb kd nc Iv md 
jg JPC the rest know who you ur! nvr-4-get: 
hmcniing ’96 ’97 w/ blbskdsb masquarade 
1st dy school w/the gng dvmatt w/kdssmr 
prts @ jills & my house umass w/ jpe 
phmabmdb “what time is it” good xs @ 
grumpys ceb bosbs trps 2 rwu bsg ’94 swt- 
nw/jpe july 4 s-ball thnx leaky chrldng d & 
d w/ mgblbs ceb-dmpstrs xrds life in stl all 
sndynek trps w/jpc icknkys intrk b-ball gms 
w/mg tavrn annlv prty w/jperamr 12ks vs 
hingham DEM w/jpc yankees win the 
world series “its about time huh jpe” neil, 
pumpkins, soxgms w/jpc the pinkfrog jpe 
crashin through my windows snoops 
chicken bone the “hornet” dad thanx 4 be- 
ing there even though ur so far! behave 
michael, ashley & alex. thanx 4 everything 
mom & beavis i luv u all! thanx 4 the mem- 
ories jpe. i luv u always & FOREVER! 

Stephanie Lynn 

Willis. Wilhite, 

To Make It To 
Scargo Tower 

t i I’ 

“Plastic soul, man, plastic soul To infinity 
and beyond!” loves: the beatles monty py- j 
thon action snowbanks shopping carts or- jj 
ange volvos J Goldblum A Banderas and 
my friends! memories: Cake mix fight w/ 
cd and rv Wallace's w/ sh twac w kc and cd 
home from boston w/jc summer 95 blue car 
night swimming saturSdays love pentagon 
ocbfee cokefee accidents units tikiport fa- 
bio harspoon Chatham rotary com pwt 
cranberries nabs ltdan road signs drive 
thrus spontaneous bleeding ntless monkey 
ts crpsrpe A-teem But Barry! z dollars! I 
could stay a bit longer! 1 found this wooden 
spoon sir! Make me a sandwich! The cof- 
fee-I can’t find it. Let it be. Living is easy 
with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you 
see. It’s getting hard to be someone but it 
all works out, it doesn’t matter much to 
me. And in the end, the love you take is 
equal to the love you make.-The Beatles 

Endeavor to persevere live always ques- 
tioning authority be standing on your own 
two feet know matter what live free your 
alive only a short time and dead a longl 
time so do what you want never trust any^ 
one mad respect to my three boys black^ 
brenty and last but not least polky I’ll secj 
you first to all the other people peace its; 
been real I’ll try not to forget you rememJ 
ber couit all the concerts new york slang 
and all the good times I like women mean 
people and having fun I hate dirty hippies 
and sandwich I’ve been to the cross roads ' 
stared down the devil turned my back on 
death and kept on walking strait into the 
rising sun to the women your fine * thats a 
stone groove my man; ohoh fold your ear J 
there’s more at the door the drums shall ' 
beat so my heart shall beat-and I shall live a 
100000 yrs 


Jesse Michael Creeden 

“Remember these days, because they won’t 
last forever.” Jesse Michael Creeden, SHS ’95, 
was open-minded, open-hearted, and had a 
great sense of humor. His friends and family 
called him “Smiley.” At SHS, he was senior- 
year captain of the swim team and MVP, a 
three-year Pilgrim Conference All Star, and, in 
his junior and senior years, qualified for sec- 
tional and state competitions. He was dedicated 
to his goals and had an enviable work ethic. 
Swimming was important to Jesse — so were his 
friends. “A kid whose halo was held up by his 
horns,” he was with them for the laughing and 
the joking; he also provided a shoulder to cry 
on. When the UMass business major died fol- 
lowing a Dec. 29, 1996, car accident, he left a 
void in the lives of those who knew him as peer, 
coach, friend, hero, inspiration, son, or brother. 
He was a Star Wars fan; may the Force be with 

Christopher Scott Melanson 

Christopher Scott “Melon” Melanson, class 
of 1994, was captain of the swimming team and 
diving team, senior year MVP, the first state 
diving champion from Cape Cod, and a Pilgrim 
Conference All-Star. He also was captain of the 
Track and Field team. Chris was a very compet- 
itive athlete who could not tolerate second 
place, yet went out of his way to help the oppos- 
ing teams. His teammates remember his pa- 
tience and his generous spirit as he helped them 
with girls, diving, and school — not necessarily 
in that order. Chris became a cheerleader at 
Union College, and was planning to help the 
Bourne High cheerleaders prepare for their pep 
rally when he was injured in a November 26 car 
crash, and died from the injuries on January 24, 
1997. He was an amazing person who never 
stopped helping others. The lives he touched 
will never forget the positive spirit he related to 






















'n a frosty Sunday morning, Novem- 
ber 3, 1996, about 300 people showed up 
for the benefit 10-mile walk for our class- 
mate, Justin Crompton. Justin, a talented 
artist and golfer, suffered an accident on 
his mountain bike this summer. From that 
time on, the Class of ’97 made plans for a 
fund raiser to help Justin’s family cover the 
medical expenses. Support of food from 
Dunkin Donuts and Coca Cola, and assis- 
tance from the Lyons Club helped defray 
expenses. Seniors got pledges from the 
community and then proceeded to walk 
along the Cape Cod Canal from the rail- 
road bridge to Herring Run and back a to- 
tal of 10 miles. Justin and his family, along 
with 300 friends covered the 10 miles. This 
has helped unite our class and is for a good 
cause and a good friend. 

Walk & Ride For Justin 






“t," ' 


Jeff, Joel, Joe, and Heather dress for a cold walk. Carrie, Nathan, Justin, and Joanne Crompton. “G” leads the walk. Meg zipped up tight against 
the cold. Justin with Bobb, Chris, Roy, and Kit. Kelly and Chris with “G”, Brian, Jill, and Stephanie. Walkers along the Cape Cod Canal. 





Senior Masquerade 

One of the most fun filled nights the 
Class of ’97 has encountered this year was 
the Senior Masquerade held on Saturday, 
November 3, 1996. A night full of games, 
contests, and dancing. All who attended 
were dressed in colorful and different cos- 
tumes. Some were: the scarecrow, joker, 
biker girl, Indians, Mr. Spock, and some 
even more unusual costumes such as a stop 
sign or our all time favorite, a slush puppy. 
The winner of the Donut Eating Contest 
was Brian McCarthy. Chris Darmon won 
the Apple Bobbing Contest and the Limbo 
winner was Jared McElroy. “G” was 
among the chaperones dressed in a cos- 
tume that “fits”, a TI-82 graphing calcula- 
tor or as it said on his costume, “TI-G”!!! 
This evening was full of Halloween spirit 
and great class unity. 

Flappers Shannon and 
Bridget. TI-G with Dave and 
Brian. Savvas as Mr. Spock. 
Katie, Susie, Corinne, 
Danielle, Kara, and Missy. 
Slush Puppy Steve. G.I. 
Amanda, Batman and Robin, 
aka, Jason and Sam. Meg and 
Cristan were the next contes- 
tants on the Price is Right. 
Bloody Corrie and Brenna. 
Brian with surfer Kristine. 
Rebecca and Robyn. Matt 
and Heather. 







Pirate Mandy, hayseed Kelly, biker Kelly, 
flapper Katie, and Indian Christine. Mummy 
Bobb. The boys or girls or is it boys? The three 
chipmunks are Meg, Stephanie, and Jill. Ben, 
Mike, Russ, Justin, Tim, Steve, Kevin, 
Damian, and Kelly. Maid Amy. Cat — Meg. 
Raggedy Ann and Andy are Meg and Chris- 
tina. Joe and Chris. Girls Mike and Devon. 
The donut eating group. Jenn Brabants 

Jenn and Cerissa as court jesters. In- 
dian, So Yung Morris. Monk Chris, 
Doctor Laura, Jester Janice, and Nicole 
the cow. 50’s Kristen and Katie. Nicole 
and Jen. Bank robbers Scott, Nick, and 
Nate. Monk Russ, and clown Craig. 
Hayseeds, Kelly and Katie. Jeff and 
Kevin. Hail, hail, the gangs all here. 
Jimmy, er Eric. 

Coach Brogioli directs the boys to the starting line. Kevin Buckingham, Brian Stanton. Bohh Burf >. 
Mike Moloney, Matt Joyce, and Ross Nyhan work hard on the hilly home course of SHS. 

#3 In The State 

Whatever It Takes 

Coach Kevin Brogioli has set forth all ef- 
forts in his coaching of the Cross Country 
teams. Along with being appointed new 
Department Head for English, he has led 
the boys’ team all the way to the All State 
Meet. Under the guidance of Coach Brogi- 
oli, a girls’ team was created three years 
ago. He has helped us to realize that deter- 
mination is a key factor in the sport of 
cross country. 

Steve Burns, Steve MacPherson, Dave LeGacy 
show their efforts as they head toward the finish 


X he 1996 Boys’ Cross-Country 
team shined through this season. With a 
record of 9-1, and a first place finish at 
the Atlantic Coast League meet, these 
guys showed that hard work and deter- 
mination does pay off. ACL All-Stars 
for the Knights were Andrew Coughlan 
and Garrett Alder, and an Honorable 
Mention went to Mike Moloney. For 
the second staight year in a row. Sand- 
wich qualified for the All-State Meet. 
With the great performances by Garrett 
Alder, Andrew Coughlan, Brian Stan- 
ton, Steve Burns, Mike Moloney, Keith 
Lewison, and Dave Legacy this group 
turned in a third place finish at the 
state-wide competition. This successful 
team was guided by Coach Brogioli and 
led by senior tri-captains Mike Molo- 
ney, Dave LeGacy, and Steve Burns. 
The Leadership, Sportsmanship, and 
Dedication Award went to senior Steve 
Burns, and the Most Valuable Players 
were junior Andrew Coughlan and 
sophomore Garrett Alder. The under- 
classmen of this intimidating team have 
shown the great depth and talent 
needed to recover from the loss of so 
many seniors. Sandwich Cross-Country 
has a lot to look forward to in the fu- 

ont to Back (1 to r) B. Burgess, D. LeGacy, M. Moloney, S. Burns, S. MacPherson, A. Johnson, C. Car- 
e, M. Joyce, J. Carlson, J. Novero, B. Stanton, J. Aldrich, K. Lewison, G. Alder, B. Larson, A. Cough- 
1, C. Soward, R. Mahoney, T. Abreau, P. Morris, D, Gaudino, J. Stella, A. Holland, N. Irving, N. 
ompton, M. Cahill, T. Coveney, K. Buckingham, J. Lanoie, R. Green, Coach Brogioli 


Girls Place Second At 

Pilgrim Conference 

Coach Tony Compton has been at the 
helm of the Girls’ Swim team for five sea- 
sons. He has guided the swimmers consis- 
tently to Sectionals and States. Coach 
Compton’s record with Sandwich started as 
1-9, 6-4, and for the last three years has 
been 8-2. In the last three years, the Sand- 
wich swimmers have broken every school 
record. What an accomplishment! This 
year, first year Sandwich High history 
teacher and former SHS swimmer, Julie 
Bach, has been the assistant to Coach 

Captains Brenna Romanowicz and Jen Dewar. Marissa Meuci starts her 
dive. Kelly Curran during the 100 fiy. Missy Lanoie finishes her swim. Se- 
nior girls are Jen Dewar, Brenna Romanowicz. Cerissa Creeden, Marissa 
Meuci, Jill Campbell, Missy Lanoie, and Kelly Curran. 


Assistant Coach Julie Bach gives Jill Campbell 
some last minute pointers. Cerissa Creeden braids 
Erin Whoriskey’s hair before diving, Jen Dewar 
competing in the 100 breast stroke. 

he Girl’s Swimming and Diving 
team had a successful season, ending 
with an 8-2 record with their only losses 
to Duxbury and the ever powerful New 
Bedford. Under the guidance of Coach 
Tony Compton and new assistant 
coach, Julie Bach, this team placed sec- 
ond in the Pilgrim Conference Swim- 
ming and Diving Championships. Most 
Valuable Player Becky Hunnewell’s rec- 
ord setting performance in the back- 
stroke and 100-yard freestyle led this 
team to Sectionals and States. She was 
also chosen for both the Boston Globe 
and the Boston Herald All-Scholastic 
Team. Co-captain Jen Dewar was 
awarded the Leadership, Dedication 
and Sportsmanship award for her part 
in guiding this large team in the highly 
competitive Atlantic Coast League. De- 
war was part of the 200-yard medley re- 
lay and the 200-yard freestyle, along 
with Hunnewell, and Kelly and Ryan 
Curran who competed at South Section- 
als and States. Along with Hunnewell, 
Dewar, Curran & Curran, Co-Captain 
Brenna Romanowicz, Jill Campbell, 
Caitlin Selfridge and Elena James were 
also part of Sectionals. Divers who 
qualified for Sectionals were Cerissa 
Creeden, Marissa Meucci and Erin 
Whoriskey. The swimmers and divers 
that were chosen for the Pilgrim Confer- 
ence All-Stars were Dewar, Hunnewell, 
Ryan Curran, Creeden, and Meucci. 
This season has been full of great ac- 
complishments, spirit, and determina- 
tion. Hopefully this positive attitude 
will follow the girls’ team into next year 
to guide them through another success- 
ful season. 

From Bottom to Top (I to r) A. .McGinn, E, James. L. Fcinstermaucher. Coach Bach. L. Bax- 
ter. J. Ryan, R. Johnson. C. Selfridge. K. Scott. Coach Compton. E. Whorisky. R. Curran. D. 
Connolly. K. Romanowicz, K. Hartman, C. Bradley, ti. Caruso. M Nicoletti. R. Berg, .A, 
Douglas, S. Ely. J. Campbell. M. Lanoie, J. Dewar, K. Curran, B. Romanowicz. C, Creeden. 
M Meucci, B. Hunnewell 

Hard Work And Dedication 

Brings Team To Tournament 

Former Sandwich High graduate and 
field hockey coach, Cassie Lemire, will be 
leaving the Cape after this season. Coach 
Lemire was JV coach under Suzanne Erick- 
son and in 1993 she took over as varsity 
coach. Her teams have made it to the State 
tournament for four years. This year’s team 
wound up with a 10-5-4 mark and placed 
second in the Atlantic Coast League. The 
team went to tournament play, losing in 
the first round to Falmouth. She always 
kept the program competitive and the play- 
ers skill level and confidence improved un- 
der her guidance. 

The team awaits the start ot their homecoming game against D-Y. Sarah 
Kinchla rushes to stop the ball. Kelly Perry hurries to recover for one of her 
teammates. Sarah Alves waves to a spectator during warmups. Kelly 
O'Connell and Katie Murphy running to keep up with the play. Mandy Mor- 
rison gets ready to take a free hit. 

he end of the 1996 Varsity Field 
Hockey season brought with it the end 
of a legacy. Along with the loss of nine 
seniors, Sandwich Field Hockey is also 
losing their coach of five years, Cassie 
Lemire. The girls will always remember 
a season filled with the glory of hard- 
earned victories, as well as the disap- 
pointment of devastating defeats. The 
record of 10-5-4 shows the hard work 
and dedication displayed by every 
member of this distinguished team. 
Throughout the season, the Lady 
Knights managed to keep up their in- 
tensity, with a balance of great goalt- 
ending, and strong offense and defen- 
sive play. ACL All Stars included Se- 
niors Sarah Alves, Sarah Kinchla, and 
Junior Kristin Crosby. Kelly Perry, also 
an ACL All Star, led the team as a Se- 
nior captain along with Laura Varley, 
Mandy Morrison, and Katie Crupi. The 
backbone of the team was the strong de- 
fense consisting of Seniors Katie Mur- 
phy, Sarah Alves, and Sarah Kinchla as 
halfbacks, with Laura Varley as 
sweeper. Ready to push the ball into the 
net were Kelly Perry and Mandy Morri- 
son, both valuable players on the for- 
ward line. Seniors Anthea Rich and 
Kelly O’Connell not only contributed to 
the forward line, but were also back on 
defense any time they were needed. 
Katie Crupi, a third year starting var- 
sity goalie, proved once again to be a 
valuable asset in net. The LDS award 
went to Laura Varley and Sarah 
Kinchla received the MVP award. 
Highlighting this memorable season 
was the first night game against Hing- 

ham. It was a constant battle up and 
down the field, but it was the Lady 
Knights who came out on top in the end 
and qualified for the state tournament 
with this win. The Lady Knights met 
Falmouth in the first round of tourna- 
ment play. The girls put up a good fight 
against the tough Clippers, but were un- 
able to pull off a win. It was not the way 
these Seniors wanted to end their final 
season, and not the way they wanted to 
bid farewell to their coach, but the 1996 
season is one that will always be re- 
membered as one of disappointment, 
laughter, tears, and most importantly, 


Anthea Rich celebrates after scoring a goal. Laura 
Varley cheers on the team. Katie Crupi in her 

op Row (1-r): K. Crosby, J. Silva, A. Abbott. J. Bess, S. Rogers, K. O’Connell, K. Resnick. K. Powell. 
. Crupi Middle; Coach Perry. K. Beaton. K. Murphy. S. Alves, K. O’Connell, A. Rich, Coach Bass, 
loach Lemire Bottom; K. Perry. L. Varley. K. Crupi, M. Morrison. S. Kinchla 

A Young Team 

Finds Its Feet 

Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach, Ted Tedes- 
chi, has lived the game of soccer. He grew 
up playing soccer in Italy, and played in 
college. He has been coaching in Sandwich 
for 25 years, including nine years at var- 
sity, and 15 years at JV and freshman. 
Highlights of Mr. Tedeschi’s coaching ca- 
reer at Sandwich include qualifying for 
South Shore Sectional finals in ’75 and the 
semifinals in ’94. Coach T doesn’t just fo- 
cus on the exceptional years, “Every year is 
special, or I would not be coaching,’’ he 
says. He remembers the early years of 
coaching with Mr. Evans and the fabled 
former rivalry between Sandwich and 
Nauset. Coach T’s favorite memories, how- 
ever, are of coaching his three sons, Ryan, 
Sean, and Adam, and his daughter, Amy. 

Senior team members are: Mike Flanigan, Tom Cummings, Jim Picariello, Adam Colas, Craig Ham 
ton, Russ Norton and Joe Noonan. Joe Noonan restarts play with a corner kick. Craig Hamilton mak 
a shot on net. Russ Norton secures play at the midfield. Josh Rogers and Jim Picariello embrace aftei 
goal. Adam Colas moves into the play. 


X or possibly the first time in Sand- 
wich Boys’ Soccer history, three fresh- 
men made the Varsity Team. With only 
four returning players, Mike Flanigan, 
Russ Norton, Jim Picariello, and Joe 
Vineis, the 21 member varsity squad in- 
cluded three sophomores, making for a 
very young and inexperienced team. Se- 
nior Captain Mike Flanigan provided a 
rock solid anchor for a defense that 
lacked previous varsity experience. 
Flanigan was also voted unanimously to 
the Atlantic Coast League All Stars, and 
was one of eight players in the league to 
be named to the Eastern Mass. All- 
Stars. Halfway through the season, se- 
nior captain Ryan Bridgeman had to 
leave the team due to a bad knee that 
had hampered his play even before high 
school. Junior, Joe Vineis, filled his 
shoes with enough skills, work ethic and 
leadership to be selected for an honor- 
able mention in the Atlantic Coast 
League. “It was a good year overall.” 
stated Coach Tedeschi, “You can’t al- 
ways look at the wins and losses. We 
played competively with the best teams 
in the league.” It came right down to 
the next to the last game before the 
team was denied entry into the state 
tournament. “We could have, and 
should have made the state tourna- 
ment,” said Coach Tedeschi, “but there 
was a clear absence of luck.” With a 6- 
10-2 record, the team needed only four 
more points to advance to tournament 
play. With the number of underclass- 
men on this squad, next year should be 
a “winner”. 

ttanding(l to r) R. Norton, J. Picariello, A. Golas, T. Cummings, C. Hamilton, M. Flanigan, J. Noonan, 
oach Tedeschi Kneeling (I to r) J. Vineis, B. Jenkins, K. AIvc/i, M. McCreary, M. Reed, J. Harrington, 
. Frazier, C. Oldham, B. Hdladiz Sitting (I to r) J. Picariello, B. LeGacy, B. Graham, D. Souza, C. 


A Season Of 

Triumphs And Downfalls 

Brent Pearsall has been a physical education 
teacher at Sandwich since 1993. During that 
spring, he introduced and coached boys’ lacrosse 
as a club sport. It is now an official school sport. 
Coach Pearsall was the JV boys’ soccer coach in 
’93 and this year became the Varsity Girls’ Soccer 
Coach. He came to Sandwich from Salem State 
College where he played soccer, and also played 
soccer for Barnstable High School. The girls soc- 
cer team would like to say "thank you" to Coach 
Pearsall for an exciting year and wish him the 
best of luck with the underclassmen. 

The three senior captains: Corrie Antonowicz, Amy Tedeschi, and Meg Devine. Meg Devine attempts 
throw in at the Homecoming game. Corrie Antonowicz with a heads up play. Robyn Vockrodt dribble 
the ball past her opponent. Senior players with Coach Pearsall and their mascot . 



JL he Girls’ Varsity Soccer team had 
a season full of triumphs and downfalls. 
Led by first year coach, Brent Pearsall, 
the girls showed a great effort and 
played tough against competitors. The 
team turned in their best performances 
with a 1-1 tie to Whitman-Hansen, a 
1-0 loss to ’95 State Champs Marsh- 
field, and ended the season with a 
strong game vs. second place Plymouth 
North. Tri-captains Amy Tedeschi, 
Corrie Antonowicz, and Meghan De- 
vine led the team with high spirits and 
positive attitudes. Other senior players 
included Autumn Anderson, and 
Robyn Vockrodt, who was awarded the 
Most Valuable Player award and also 
selected as an Atlantic Coast League 
All-Star player. She served as a major 
defensive factor for the team. The Lead- 
ership, Dedication, and Sportsmanship 
Award was accepted by Corrie An- 
tonowicz. The goalie, Whitney Smith, is 
just one of the junior players who had a 
significant effect on the team’s season. 
Other juniors included Lisa DeNaples, 
Aimee Comeau, Megan Rich, Pamela 
Varley, Courtney Gerhart, and Erica 
Raspa. Strong junior players included 
the outgoing Amy Frye and the power- 
ful Michelle Pitta. This year’s returning 
sophomores were Kristen Larkin and 
Laura Swift. First year sophomore play- 
ers included Kristen Mogilhicki and 
Heather Castellanos, who turned out to 
be a valuable defensive player. The 
team had three freshman additions 
which included Nancy Golas, a defen- 
sive player, and Kim Voelxon and 
Meghan Rielly, who are described as 
the “dynamic duo’’, and played a great 
offensive! With the depth of underclass- 
men on this varsity team, next season is 
sure to be a successful one. 

Fop (1 to r) Coach Pearsall, M. Pitch, M. Riley, L. DeNaples, A. Comeau, K. Mogilnicki, W. Smith, L. 
|>wift, K. Larkin, A. Frye, H. Castellanos, P. Varley, K. Voelxen Bottom (1 to r) N. Golas, C. Gerhart, R. 
Vockrodt, A. Anderson, C. Antonowicz, A. Tedeschi, M, Devine, E. Raspa, M. Pitta 




Girls get together to build team spirit at the begin- 
ning of the game. Amy Tedeschi, team captain, 
heads the ball to help the team. Autumn Ander- 
son listens intently to Coach Pearsall’s pep talk. 


Pain Is Temporary 

Pride Lasts Forever 

New Assistant Coach Trisha 
Cullinane with LDS recipient Erin 
Flynn. Coach Cullinane will be re- 
turning next year as Head Coach 
of the girls team. She has brought 
a new look to Cross Country. For 
these girls, a change is coming 

The Sandwich girls at the start of a race against Middleboro. Heather Scott is 
closely followed by Danielle Broyer at a home meet. Senior tri-captains 
Heather Scott, Erin Flynn, and Cristan Greenlaw. The team at the pep rally, 
getting ready for their meet at Franklin Park in Boston. Erin Flynn, Beth 
Buckingham, and Acadia Senese pushing it for their victory against Middle- 


A he Lady Knights made a big im- 
pact in the Atlantic Coast League. 
While their overall record was 2-8, ev- 
eryone came to realize that these Sand- 
wich girls were not going to sit back and 
let a meet be taken. A fight would be 
fought, for every place and for every 
meet, as a team and individually. A 
fourth place finish in the ACL meet is 
proof of this. Under the guidance of 
Coach Brogioli and new Assistant 
Coach Trisha Cullinane, this young 
team led by senior tri-captains Cristan 
Greenlaw, Erin Flynn, and Heather 
Scott turned a lot of heads. Coach Culli- 
nane will be returning next season with 
the new title of Head Coach of the girls 
team. The Leadership, Sportsmanship, 
and Dedication Award went to senior 
Erin Flynn, and the Most Valuable 
Players were ACL All-Stars sophomore 
Kelsey Piper, and freshman Lauren Sul- i 
livan. The future of this youthful team 
looks promising. 

ront to Back (1 to r) Coach Brogioli, H. Scott, C. Greenlaw. E. Flynn. Coach Cullinane, A. Senese, D. 
|royer, L. Shields. K. Piper, L. Sullivan, B. Buckingham 


Devine And Trent Reach 1,000 Points As 

Girls Are Tournament Bound 

Sandwich Girls’ Basketball celebrates when 
two of our star basketball players break 
1,000 points in the same game on January 
8, 1997 against rival Dennis-Yarmouth. 
Kara Trent and Meghan Devine will now 
join the ranks of the 43 other Cape Cod 
players to have reached that goal. Meghan 
will always remember the layup of her life, 
and Kara will remember her glorious free 
throw. What made those points so much 
more meaningful is that the two, who have 
played together for many years, made their 
landmark points together. The final con- 
gratulations and maybe the most meaning- 
ful was the standing ovation received from 
the crowd and teammates, the flowers, the 
game ball, and a team cheer. It was a night 
they will always remember. 


Coaches Cosgrove and Woodbury, with team members, watch as the team poises an 
easy victory over ACL rivals, D-Y. Kara Trent fakes out her opponent and looks for 
the open player. Amy Frye and Danielle Broyer look for a rebound. The team 
warms up before a big game. The girls celebrate their victory. 

Loren McCarthy wrestles for the ball against a 
D-Y opponent. Danielle Broyer works her inside 
moves to score two points for her team. Meghan 
Devine shoots for two, helping reach her 1,000 
point mark. 


'ompeting in one of the toughest 
leagues, the Girls’ Varsity Basketball 
team ends their season with a strong 
record and finds themselves tourna- 
ment bound. Working together, the 
team used their best qualities: desire, 
endurance, and strength. This group of 
energetic young athletes, under the di- 
rection of Coach Bob Woodbury, 
started the season with a goal of qualify- 
ing for the state tournament. This goal 
was accomplished along with many oth- 
ers: winning the Coca-Cola Christmas 
tournament and beating Whitman-Han- 
son on their home court for the first 
time in four years. The team was led by 
senior co-captains Meghan Devine and 
Kara Trent who successfully surpassed 
the 1 ,000 point mark, ironically on the 
same night. They also finished the sea- 
son passing Kate Devine’s record at 
1,117. Kara now holds the all-time rec- 
ord of individual points for Sandwich, 
and will be going to UMASS-Amherst 
on a full Division I basketball scholar- 
ship. Meghan will be playing for West 
Point next year. Other team members 
inlude juniors: Erika Raspa, Jamie Go- 
voni, Loren McCarthy, Amy Frye, 
sophomores: Kristin Larkin, Katy 
Johnson, Danielle Broyer, Acadia Sen- 
ese, Julie Silva, and the lone freshman: 
Erin Buckley. According to Coach 
Woodbury, “This year’s team is proba- 
bly the best all-around team to ever play 
at Sandwich High School.’’ With the 
loss of only two seniors, these girls have 
the background, skills, speed, and talent 
necessary to succeed, and hopefully re- 
peat this winning season next year. 


Coach Robert Woodbury, Kristin l.arkm, Katy Johnson, Erika Raspa, Jamie Govoni, Loren Mc- 
Carthy, Danielle Broyer, Acadia Senese, Amy J-'rye, Julie Silva, Meghan Devine, Kara Trent 

Blue Knights Stepped Up To 

Face The Challenge 

Mike O’Brien has been coaching basket- 
ball for twenty-six years. A highly re- 
spected coach throughout the region, 
Coach O’Brien has been named Atlantic 
Coast League Coach of the year in the 
1994-95 season. He was also named 
Cape and the Islands Coach of the Year 
in 1993-94. Teams he has coached have 
made it as far as the South Sectional fi- 
nals. Suffocating defenses against op- 
posing teams put a winning attitude in 
his players. Mr. O’Brien is also head 
coach of the Track and Field team and 
is an AP English teacher. 



44 1 









Seniors S. Burns.J. Gibbs, C. Darmon, B. McCarthy, M. Tanionos, Coach O’Brien, 
B. Stanton, B. Lovendale, J. Cote, and D. LeGacy. 

An injured Brian Stanton looks over his shoulder during the National Anthem. 
Steve Bums races to the ball. Brian McCarthy floats and gets a shot over two oppo- 
nents. Mike Tanionos and Brian McCarthy clear the lane of opponents. Tom De- 
Bose lines up a shot from the baseline. Chris Darmon launches a three-pointer. 

Joe Cote looks to steal the inbound pass. Brad 
Lovendale calls for the ball to start a fast break. 
Jason Gibbs elevates for the rebound. 


A he 1996-97 Sandwich Blue 
Knights had a hard fought season in one 
of the most competitive leagues in Mas- 
sachusetts. Every game was a battle for 
the Knights. The team was guided by 
head coach Mike O’Brien and senior 
co-captains Brian McCarthy and Chris 
Darmon. “It has been a frustrating sea- 
son.” said Coach O’Brien. It was not 
until the eleventh game of the season 
that Sandwich had their full squad. De- 
spite the bad luck with injuries to two of 
the players, the team stepped up to face 
the challenge. Team members include 
seniors Brian Stanton, Brian McCarthy, 
Chris Darmon, Steve Burns, Brad Lov- 
endale, Joe Cote, Tom DeBose, Mike 
Tanionos, Dave LeGacy and Jason 
Gibbs. This years juniors were Matt 
Guild, Shaun Silva, Brian Madden, 
Brian Govoni, and Matt Roberts. Sand- 
wich used their size, speed, and pressing 
mentality to force key turnovers to win 
important games. Among Sandwich’s 
most triumphant wins were a close 
game to Whitman-Hanson at home and 
a three point win over Randolph. Sand- 
wich’s size in the point consists of 
Mike, Steve, Brian, and Bo. Joe and 
Chris led the team in three-pointers and 
had an excellent defensive season. De- 
spite a few tough games, this team had 
more heart and desire than showed by 
their record. Darmon and McCarthy al- 
ways showed great support and enthusi-J 
asm to their teammates. The juniors 
this year will have to step up for next 
year’s season. Brian McCarthy was this 
years Most Outstanding Player and 
Chris Darmon was the recipient of the 
award for Leadership, Dedication, and 


Team (back) J. Cole, B. Stanton, M. Roberts, S. Burns, B. McCarthy, M. Tanionos, B. Govoni, 
Coach O’Brien, (front) J. Gibbs, C. Darmon, B. Lovendale, M. Guild, D. LeGacy, S. Silva, B. 

The team dedicated this year’s season to 
the memory of Christopher Melanson 
and Jesse Creeden. Both Chris and 
Jesse were former swim team captains, 
voted MVP’s, Pilgrim Conference All- 
Stars for three years, and qualified for 
sectional and state meets. In Jesse’s 
memory, senior captain Nate Boudreau 
swam and won the 200 freestyle and the 
500 freestyle in the meet against Taun- 
ton. Against Cohasset, diver Matt Mar- 
tinez scored his personal best, just shy 
of breaking Chris’s school record. The 
team was thrilled to capture the Confer- 
ence championship and to meet their 
goal of remaining undefeated in this 
season dedicated to Chris and Jesse. 

Captains Kevin Knippenburg, Nathan Boudreau, and Ryan Currier. Steve 
Bloomenthal takes a breath during the 500 yard freestyle. Nathan Boudreau cele- 
brates after taking first in the 200 yard freestyle. Ryan Currier shows off his 
strength. Tim Coveney and Adam Colas get prepared for the 400 yard freestyle re- 

Season Of Strategies Lead To . . . 

Pilgrim Conference Champs 

Kevin Knippenburg prepares for the 100 yard 
freestyle. Damian Caputo poses to get his time af- 
ter completion of a relay. Diver Matt Martinez 
enters the water during one of his many successful 


X V season of strategies. “We knew 
it would be tough, but we managed to 
go the distance and win it all,” said 
team captain, Kevin Knippenberg. Un- 
der the direction of Coach Tony Comp- 
ton, and assistant Coach Sherry Ro- 
manowicz, the swimmers and divers 
had an undefeated season in their 
league meets. Our closest meet of the 
season was with our rival Duxbury. It 
came right down to the wire in the 400 
relay, but we won by using strategy. It 
could not have been accomplished with- 
out the leadership of our team captains 
Nate Boudreau, Ryan Currier, and 
Kevin Knippenberg. Team members 
Tom Fougere, Brendan Simison, Matt 
Martinez, Jason Martinez, and Mike 
Cahill have been standouts. A new 400 
free relay record was set by Nate, Tom, 
Brendan, and Jason. “We far exceeded 
our expectations. We only had 18 swim- 
mers out. We had good swimmers, a lot , 
of supporting cast and role players, and T* 
in the end it worked,” said Coach 
Compton. This season has been dedi- 
cated to the memory of Jesse Creeden 
and Chris Melanson, former members » 
of the swim team. Memorial scholar- 
ships have been set up in their memory?t|^H 
One of the special moments was at the 
meet against Nauset. The Nauset co- 
captains presented a cash donation to 
the Jesse Creeden Swim/Dive Scholar- 
ship Fund at the start of the meet. We 
proceeded to beat them at home, and 
later tied them at their pool. Sandwich 
diver Matt Martinez placed third and 
Sandwich swimmers came in second in 
the league meet. 

(top) M. Martinez, A. Johnson, B. Simison, S. Penny, A. Coughlan, J. Martinez, M. Ciccone, J. 
McNabb, T. Fougere, (middle) Asst. Coach S. Romanowicz, M. Cahill, D. Caputo, A. Golas, S. 
Bloomenthal, M. Lindholm, Coach Tony Compton, (front) K. Knippenberg, N. Boudreau, and 
R. Currier 

Canel Cup Champs Are 

State Tournament Bound 

Brian Ferreira is in his third year coaching 
the Blue Knights Hockey team. He has pre- 
viously played for Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Institute and has also skated professionally 
with the Bruins. Coach Ferreira has turned 
the hockey program around. They are State 
Tournament bound for the first time in 
five years. This year, he can count on the 
whole team to contribute to the scoring. 
The defensive goal tending has also greatly 
improved. This team has worked long and 
hard to win their games. Coach Ferreira 
stated “Our goal beginning the year was to 
make the tournament, but 1 never thought 
we’d be in after 1 1 games.” 

Brian MacQuade skates the puck out of the zone. Jay Graceffa moves in for a good 
scoring chance. The team celebrates their Canal Cup win. Pat Lehmann looks for 
open ice. Senior players are Brian MacQuade, Devon Brady, Joel Carlson, Jared 
McElroy, Brian Polcaro, Peter Murphy. Kevin Welch keeps the puck in the zone. 

Devon Brady moving around the defender. Peter 
“Murph” Murphy takes his man out of play. Co- 
captains Devon Brady and Brian MacQuade plan- 
ning the next play. 

Front Row: P. LaMontagne, J. McElroy, B. Polcaro, Coach Ferriera, D. Brady, B. MacQuade, 
, Coach Sherwood, J. Carlson, P. Murphy, N. Hunt. Middle Row: J. Wiehe, C. Tardiff, P. Leh- 
imann, J. Graceffa, M. Cotter, C. Bello, J. Henly, M. Levine, J. Mohre. Back Row: C. Sheehan, 
M. Anderson, D. MacQuade, T. Lane, M. Christopher, L. Christo. 


hey began the season with hopes 
of making the States, and the 1996-97 
Sandwich Blue Knights Hockey team 
has done just that and more. Under the 
guidance of Coach Brian Ferreira and 
Assistant Coach Dan Sherwood, Senior 
co-captains Brian MacQuade and De- 
von Brady led the way, with Peter Mur- 
phy and Jared McElroy providing lead- 
ership as well. From the first moment 
they stepped onto the ice, the team took 
it upon themselves to see that this was 
an improvement over last year’s frus- 
trating season. This young team has 
worked hard and long to win most of 
their games. Peter LaMontagne and 
Nathaniel Hunt have been solid in goal. 
High scorers for the team include se- 
niors Devon Brady, Brian MacQuade, 
and Peter Murphy; junior Pat Leh- 
mann; sophomores Jordan Mohre, 
Mike Levine, and Kevin Welch. One of 
the highlights of this season was win- 
ning the Canal Cup. Trailing 2-1 going 
into the final period, the Knights 
stormed back with five third-period 
goals in a three-minute span. “This is 
better than any of the wins I had during 
my playing days,” said Coach Ferreira. 
Devon Brady was awarded the MVP for 
the game. We will be hearing more 
about the success of this young team in 
the future. 

Go Blue. 

Fight White 

Competition Squad: Stephanie Furman, Betsy Berendson, Kate Feeley, Caitlin McGee, Suzanne 
Delory, Liz Pardo, Jamie Dore, Nicole Brault, Kristen Douglas, Erin Sollis, Kerry Dimecco, 
Adriene Holt, Missy Lanois, Stephanie Wilhite, Missy Baker, Jill Enwright. Soccer Cheerleaders 
practice their mount before a game. The Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders perform a routine at 
half time. 

Basketball Squad: Kerry DiMecco, Kate Feeley, Suzanne Delorey, Katie Marnik, 
Stephanie Furman, Liz Pardo, Katelyn McGee. Nicole Brault, Kate Papadopoulos, 
Katie Murphy, Jen Brabants, Erin Sollis, Jill Enwright. Stephanie Wilhite, Missy 

Hockey Squad: Danielle Duerr, Corey Hammer, Sue Cronin, Hilar 's, 
Hunt. Jen Hixon, Jen Raynor, Laura Murphy, Caitlin Lonergan, Co [ 
leen Murphy, Kellie Vaillencourt, Erin O’Reilly. ^ 


V.^ nee again the Varsity Soccer Cheer- 
leaders had an incredible season. Under the 
guidance of Coach Dawn Capra and senior 
Co-captains Stephanie Wilhite and Jen Bra- 
bants, they out did their previous perfor- 
mances. They blew away the students and 
faculty members this year with their rockin’ 
half time routines and their jammin’ home- 
coming pep rally. The Leadership, Dedica- 
tion, and Sportsmanship Award was given 
to Stephanie Wilhite. The team consisted of 
seniors Stephanie Wilhite and Jen Brabants, 
juniors Kristen Douglas, Jill Enwright, Erin 
Sollis, Liz Pardo, Kerry DiMeco, sopho- 
mores Suzanne Delorey, Katelyn McGee, 
Nicole Brault, and Katie Papadopoulos, and 
freshmen Kate Feeley, Anna Nelson, 
Stephanie Furman and Kerry Souza. 

This has been another fun and exciting 
year for the Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders. 
They’ve shown that they have put in an un- 
limited amount of time as well as effort into 
each half time dance routine and cheer. Un- 
der the guidance of Coach Dawn Capra, 
they’ve been able to accomplish the task of 
out doing previous years stunts, cheers and 
dance routines. For the co-captains 
Stephanie Wilhite and Missy Lanoie and se- 
niors Jenny Brabantz and Katie Murphy, 
this will be their last cheering season. They 
will be greatly missed next year. The other 
squad members include: juniors Liz Pardo, 
Erin Sollis, Kristen Douglas, Jill Enwright 
and Keri DiMeco; sophomores: Nicole 
Brault, Katelyn McGee, Suzanne Delorey 
and Katie Marnik and freshmen: Kate Fee- 
ley and Stephanie Furman. 

The 1996-7 season was very exciting for 
the Hockey Cheerleaders. The season was 
filled with memorable times as well as cheer- 
ing for an almost perfect S.H.S Hockey 
Team. Rose LaMontagne returned for an- 
other year, but now with a new co-coach. 
Monice Maurice. She brought new cheers 
and a great spirit to the squad. Captain Sue 
Cronin showed her talent and leadership, 
followed by three other seniors: Hilary 
Hunt, Corey Hammer, and Danielle Duerr. 
Returning squad members were juniors: 
Laura Murphy, Colleen Murphy, Lee 
Johnson, and Jenny Raynor. With three new 
additional members came more great ideas 
and personalities. The three new members 
included: juniors: Jen Hixon and Erin 
O’Reilly, and the baby of the squad, sopho- 
more Kaitlin Lonergan. 

This year all winter cheerleaders, includ- 
ing the competition squad, came together to 
perform an awesome routine for the winter 
pep rally, designed by hockey captain Sue 
Cronin and basketball co-captains Missy 
Lanoie and Stephanie Wilhite. The pep rally 
reflected everyone’s hard work and dedica- 
tion. This was the first event that unified ail 
of the Sandwich cheerleaders. 

Senior Hockey Cheerleaders: Susie Cronin, Hilary 
Hunt, Corey Hammer, and Danielle Duerr. 



Soccer Co-Captains: Stephanie Wilhite and Jen 

>: Soccer Squad: Liz Pardo, Suzanne Delorey, Nicole Brault, Jill Enwright, Kerry Souza, Katie Papa- 
} dopoulos, Kate Feeley, Anna Nelson, Stephanie Furman, Kerry DiMecco, Katie Marnik, Co-Cap- 
! : tain Stephanie Wilhite, and Co-Captain Jen Brabants, Kristen Douglas, Eirin Sollis, and Katelyn Mc- 
T Gee. 

JV Soccer: L. Kelly, A. Ciruli, R. McGee, K. Miller, D. Rocci, B. Smith, J. 
Mason, J. Handrahan, B. Kirrane, Z. Broderick, R. Loud. S. Penny, J. De- 
shuta, M. Foley, K. Earl, C. Stutzman, J. Rodenbaugh, J. Keenan, M. Karnes 

JV Field Hockey; C. Clifford, S. Rogers, S. Tomasek, B. McMillan. J. An- 
tonchecci, K. Johnson, B. Fitzgerald, J. Raynor, L. Sullivan. J. Peterson, M. 
Hunt, S. Kirby. E. Burke, H. Hendy, K. Resnick 

JV Hockey: J. Thomas. R. Martin, A. Keene, J. Handrahan, T. Wilson, C 
O'Connor, F. Wagner, B. Colb, J. Mogardo, J Henley. .A. .Antonellis, Coach 
Dan Sherwood, M. Gilfoy. K. Henley. J. Harper, J. Lanata. K. Broyer 


Ninth Grade Field Hockey: A. Roden, A. Grady, K. Tonini, S. Miller. C. 
Connors, C. Parkinson, L. Kinchla, L. Smith, J. Texeira, M. McDonald, E. 
Buckley, J. Lemire, J. Bassick J. Willis 

Freshmen Basketball: Coach Owen Keenan, B. Jackson, M. Archembault, T. 
Bolton, T. Stanton, J. Orello, R. Green, D. lannotti. M. Toolidge, A. Tho- 
mas, B. Ellis, G. DePontbriand, D. Ricker, M. Burke 

JV Girls Soccer: S. Scalese, J. Anderson, E. Davis, M. Kyttle, L. Hoppen, T. 
Boundy, S. Sogard, S. Flynn, Coach Sarah Hall. W. Scott, H. Reed, A. Cot- 
ter, C. Markum, B. Schaufus, C. Terry, S. Reed, M. Roller. E. Hibbard, A. 
MacDonald. L. O’Connell, L. Regis, B. Scott, A. Sproul 

' Basketball: J. Barrett, J. Fitzpatrick, S. Walsh, J. Hannah, M. Anderson, T. 
Brien, Coach Inman. P. Dugan, G. Alder, dK. Alvezi, K. Madden, A. Camara, 
Cumming, B. Jenkins 

eshman Basketball: Coach Aycock, A. Senese, B. Yaroch, S. Flynn, J. Ander- 
n. Coach Pearsall, L. Sullivan, L. Regis, W. Scott, H. Reed, J. Bassick, S. 

The junior varsity sports teams 
are important contributors to the 
success of the Sandwich High 
School athletic program. The JV 
teams provide the necessary 
training and practice for future 
varsity athletes. Playing on a ju- 
nior varsity level allows the play- 
ers plenty of playing time, as well 
as the valuable experience of be- 
ing a part of a high school ath- 
letic team. For everyone in- 
volved, the seasons were made 
up of victories and defeats. 
Throughout each sports season, 
the JV athletes proved to all that 
the combination of their desire 
and dedication would carry them 
through any game. 

J Basketball Cheerleaders: J. Ericson, A. Nelson, E. Kinchla, M. Monihan, B. 
B endson, J. Dore, K. Souza, B. Gibbs, T. Boundy, N. Connors, E. Giamarco, 



JV Basketball: Coach Cosgrove, M. Norton, S. Scalese, E. Buckley, A. 
Cotter, M. McGrath, K. O’Neil, J. Bess, B. Schaufus. M Roller, K. 
Resnick, C. O’Connell, ,C. Terry 





Duxbury loss 

Hingham jig 

West Bridgewater 

Middleboro j-g 



Duxbury y/m 

Plymouth North 


Nauset win 


Hingham win 

Plymouth North 
Nauset Xie 

Marshfield ^oss 


West Bridgewater 



girls SWIM TEAM 



Boston Latin 


North Quincy 
New Bedford 











Record 8 - 2 





Plymouth North 









Record 4- 10-4^°^* 





Loss 1 

Plymouth North 

Win 1 

Christmas Tournament 


Loss 1 


Loss 1 


Win 1 


Loss 1 

Dennis-Y armouth 

Win 1 

Whitman- Hanson 

Win 1 


Win 1 


Loss 1 


Loss 1 


Loss 1 

Plymouth North 

Loss 1 


Win 1 


Loss 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 

Record 10- 

10 1 

League 10-8 | 






Plymouth North 


Christmas Tournament 









1 Dennis-Yarmouth 

Win 1 

1 Whitman-Hanson 


1 Middleboro 

Win 1 


Loss 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 

Plymouth North 

Loss 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 


Win 1 

Record 1 7-3 

League 1 5-3 



Duxbury on T' 

Whittnan-Han ^ 

Hingham y 

N^'‘^^'f?arinouth ' 



^^'"‘^outh North 


Duxbury on 



Dennis- r a 


Record b ' 


Middleboro Win 

Randolph Loss 

Dennis-Yarmouth Loss 

Hingham Loss 

Marshfield Loss 

Rockland Loss 

Whitman-Hanson Loss 

Plymouth North Loss 

DuxbuD Loss 

Record 1 - 8 

boys cross country 







Plymouth North 




Catholic Memorial 
Apponequet Invit 











Third place 
a -First place 

Bay State Individual First place 

1 Record 10-0 

boys SWIM 


B.C. High 







New Bedford 








North Quincy 










Pilgrim Conference 




i bird 

Record 10-2- 


League 6 - 0 













Plymouth North 




Canal Cup 


Plymouth North 
Don Bosco 

Record 1 8- 
League 1 3- 
























William Sangster 

For 23 years, William Sangster has touched the lives 
of the students, faculty, and community of Sandwich. 
When Mr. Sangster first came to Sandwich, he was a 
health and science teacher in the junior high, and also 
the athletic trainer. One of many memorable achieve- 
ments was with his health class. They lobbied for the 
ban of selling cigarettes to minors under 18 years of age 
and was successful. Mr. Sangster was at the Wing School 
for a short time and then went to the Oakridge School as 
Assistant Principal. Students found him tough, but fair. 
He treated them with respect and dignity and always lis- 
tened to them. Mr. Norton mentioned that he and Bill 
Sangster worked so well together. He was his right hand 
man, and could always be counted on to ensure the deci- 
sion made was the correct one. He was excellent in deal- 
ing with any emergency, and was a great public relations 
person. Mr. Sangster could be found at more dances 
than most students ever attend. If he wasn’t chaperon- 
ing a dance, then he was refereeing a sport, either bas- 
ketball or lacrosse. Something he was always teased 
about was the use of his famous walkie-talkies. Mr. 
Sangster is now the principal at Ashland Middle School 
and we wish him all the best in his new endeavor. We 
will miss him dearly. 



Courtney Marline 

Courtney Martine Ramella: daughter, sister, 
and friend. She was very special. She recognized 
nature’s beauty, knew all the flowers and plants, 
had an abiding respect for all life, and loved all 
animals. A 1994 graduate of Sandwich High 
School and member of the school band, she’s re- 
membered for her shy, soft-spoken way, her 
sense of caring, her generosity, and her big 
heart. In giving herself to others, she blossomed 
like the sunflowers she loved. We’d like to have 
seen her blossom to her greatest potential. On 
January 12, 1997, Courtney was riding in a car 
when it hit a patch of ice and crashed. At 
twenty, Courtney’s walk in life had ended tragi- 
cally and too soon. Courtney was witty and sen- 
sitive, a kind and loving person. We miss her; 
she’ll be in our hearts, and we will remember 
Courtney, always. 

Jonathan Colwick 

Tragedy struck on January 23, 1997. when 
Jonathan Colwick was in a one vehicle accident. 
Jonathan’s high school years involved playing 
soccer, baseball, and hockey. As captain of his 
hockey team both his junior and senior years, 
Jon was voted most valuable player in the Canal 
Cup his senior year. Jon was a senior at Rogers 
Williams College majoring in criminal justice. 
His dream was to return to the Cape and be- 
come a police officer. Jonathan was not only a 
great athlete, but an individual who loved life, 
hockey, and his relationships with his many 
friends. He loved the ocean and particularly en- 
joyed walks on Sandy Neck Beach with his girl- 
friend Stephanie and his black labrador. Snoop. 
He was an individual who put others before 
himself, a person who would light up the room 
with his presence, known to do anything to help 
someone else. Those who knew him considered 
themselves lucky having him as part of their 
lives. There will not be a day in our lives that 
Jon will not be missed. Our love for him will 
last forever. 


Hope you smile like this all your 


Mom, Dad, Beth & Brian 

Kevin Buckingham 


Congratulations! It’s hard to be- 
lieve you are about to graduate. 
Work hard at whatever you choose 
to do. Remember always that we 
love you and are very proud of you. 

Mom. Dad. Heather & Stephanie 

Russell Norton 

Katie Crupi 


Ever since you were a little girl, 
you have filled my life with special 
joy. From the gifts you made in 
school for me to the “growing up” 
stories you told me. your life added 
new meaning to mine. And now 
that you are grown it means even 
more to me that we continue to 
share so much. I wish you all life's 
brightest and best. May all your 
dreams come true. I love you so 

Love. Mom 

Smooth Sailing Mandy. 


Aunt Rita & Uncle Vin 

Amanda Morrison 

Love Mom and Dad. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; And 
do not lean on your own understanding, in 
all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will 
make your paths straight. (Prov. 3:5,6) 

John Sotirkys II 

Cristan Greenlaw 

Dear Cristan, 

We will carry you m our hearts with pride 
and love as you walk down your amazing 
path of life. 

We love you very much. 

Mom. Jonathan. Nicole &. Wendie 

Dear Meg, 

Congratulations! It has been our 
joy watching you grow and mature 
as a wonderful young woman. 
Seems like this photo was just yes- 
terday. Life holds the very best for 
you. Go for it, and know that we 
are always here! 


Mom, Dad, & Erin 

Meghan Sylvester 


Luck and happiness with all life’s 
new adventures! 


Mom, Dad, and Monica 

Steve MaePherson 

Dear Jason. 

Words cannot describe how 
proud we are of you! May the rest 
of your life be as healthy and happy 
as you are now. Good luck!!! 


Eddie, Pam. Heather & Bethany 

Jason Gibbs 


When you’re married and have kids, heed 
this advice; 

1. Always get written directions for your 
child’s away game before you leave the 

2. Check the time of the game before you 
leave the garage. 

3. Make sure child has all equipment and at- 
tire needed before you leave the driveway. 

4. Make sure parents have extra blankets, 
coats, umbrellas, chairs and sunscreen be- 
fore going down the street. 

5. Check to see if child is in the car before 
heading on that highway. 

6. Do not give pointers to child’s coach dur- 
ing the game. 

7. Be sure to hug and praise child after the 
game. Thanks for all the memories. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Bradford Clark Lovendale 

Congratulations and best wishes, Kris. Your 
journey is about to begin, enjoy the ride. 
You’re the best. 

Love always, 

Kate & Kev 

Brian McCarthy 

The road, it stretches and waits for you 


Mom & Dad 



May all your dreams 
come true. 


Mom, Dad and Kate 

Meghan Devine 


You deserve the best — 
whatever you do — do it 
with all your heart. 

Hugs and Kisses, 
Mom, Dad & Mike 

Amanda Morrison 

Courtney Bolton 


May you always dance through 
life with joy m your heart and a 
lightness in your step. You are des- 
tined for greatness in all you en- 
deavor for! 

Love Moody 


We’re so proud of you. May this be the be- 
ginning of great new tomorrows. You are a 
very courageous and unique individual. 
May your intelligence, heart and inner 
strength guide you as you enter this new 
chapter of your life. Thank you for adding so 
much excitement and happiness to our lives. 
We will love you forever. 


Mom, Dad, & Tracey 

Sarah Caitlin Alves 


Thank you for all the wonderful memo- 
ries. We love you and are very proud of all 
your accomplishments. We know you’ll be 
successful in any path you chose! 


Mom & Dad 
Bill & Ryan 

Christopher Darmon 

Christopher Clark 


You’re a STAR of the day today (and ev- 
eryday)! It’s your turn at life now so go for 
it! We love you so much. We’re behind you 
all the way in whatever you do and wherever 
you go. 

Congratulations on your Graduation! 
You’re the BEST! Wishing you love and 
happiness in your future. 

Our Love .Always. 

Mom. Dad. Kate and Colleen 



All our love. 
Mom, Dad, & Jennifer 

Jeff Graham 

Dear Brett, 

School brought many bad hair 
days. Our wish for you is a long 
life of happiness. 


Mom & Dad 

Brett Hickey 

Stephanie Wilhite 


It seems like just yesterday when I 
held you m my arms as a baby. My 
arms are always open to you. I am 
proud of you for the person you’ve be- 

My Love Always. 


Dear Jen, 


All our love and best wishes. 
Mom, Dad and Chris 

Jen Dewar 


A very happy child. 

Love you. 
Mom and Dad 

Kathleen Keough 

Tom Johnson 

Good Luck Tom! 


Mom, Dad & Katy 


Devin Brooks 


“Take the time to smell the 
flowers.” We are proud of 

Granma & Cjranpa Morrison 

My daughter, my shining star 
No matter where you go 
Nor how far 

Which ever roads you choose 
The sky’s the limit 
My love and admiration 
You'll never lose. 

Because. I’ll Always Love You, 

Dear Tony, 

We love you and are so proud! 

Mom, Dad, Heather 
Christopher, Lisa & Joe 

Tony Castellanos 

Dear Amy, 

Congratulations! we’re 
proud of your accomplish- 
ments. Good luck in the fu- 
ture. May all your dreams 
come true. 


Mom, Dad, 

Ryan, Sean & Adam 

Amy Tedeschi 

Ryan Currier 


Congratulations. You did it. We’re 
proud of you because we know it 
wasn't always easy. The world could 
sure benefit from your gifts of gener- 
osity, sensitivity and creativity. 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad & Sarah 


Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you and all your accom- 
plishments. Most of all. we are 
proud of what a nice son and 
brother you are. 


Mom & Dad 

Brian Stanton 


Love and God bless Nicholas. 
We’re proud of you always. 


Mom and Dad 

Nicholas Boucher 


Devin and his Dad have 
always been very serious. 

Amanda Morrison 

Julie Anne Hayes Gustafson 


"How beautiful it is to 
do nothing, and than rest 


The Folks 

Josh Long 

Travis. * 

In ‘81 . your hair was so long, and Oh. 
you were so cute, you! In ‘97. your head 
IS shaven, (and Mom would like to 
shoot you!) But. truth out loud, we’re 
both so proud, and from us and your 
brothers, you pass the test, you are the 
best, some books belie their covers. 

M & D 

Travis Hood 


You have been a joy from 
day one. 

Love you, 

Grammy and Tompa 

Amanda Morrison 

Nicholas A. Stavros 


The Road of Life is a long journey of 
learning and discovering. Know that 
our hearts will be with you on that jour- 
ney and may all your tomorrows be 
filled with love, peace, and happiness, 

Mom & Dad 


Dear Lynn, 

What a beautiful young 
women you have become! Best 
wishes in your future. 

Love your godmother. 

Pam Gibbs 

Lynn Pota 


“Wanna go one on one!” 

Jason Barrett 

To Marissa. My sunshine 
Your Mother's pride 
Your Father's joy 
Our dream come true 
Never forget how' much you 
are loved. 

Have fun and be careful. 

I love you. 


At the recently completed DECA Competition in Taunton, SHS 

DECA succeeded in sending 16 out of 21 students on to the State 

Competition to be held at the Seacrest Resort in Falmouth. Our 

winners were: 

* Kelly O’Brien: I st place Food Marketing Management Level. 4 
first place medallions 

* Laura Murphy: 1st place General Marketing Associate Level, 3 
first place medallions and a second place medallion. 

* Robert Marrs: Ist place Food Marketing Associate Level, a first 
place and a second place medallion 

* Jared McElroy: 2nd place overall Full Serve Restaurant, a sec- 
ond and 2 third place medallions 

* Christine Latimer: 2nd place overall General Marketing Man- 
agement Level, a first and a second place medallion, 

* Sherri Refers: 3rd place overall General Marketing Manage- 
ment Level, a first and a second place medallion 

* Missy Lanoie and Katie Murphy: 3rd place overall Financial 
Services Team Event, a second and 2 third place medallions 

* Jay Blackledge; 3rd place overall Full Serve Restaurant, a first 
place medallion 

* Brian Everett: 4th place overall Food Marketing Associate Level, 
a second and third place medallion 

* Rich Yohn: 4th place overall General Marketing Associate 
Level, 2 second place medallions 

* Tom Johnson; 6th place overall Vehicle Petroleum Marketing 

* Kelly Perry: 6lh place overall Quick Serve Restaurant 

* Ryan Lucas: 7th place overall General Marketing Associate 

* Jim McNally: 8th place overall Advertising & Visual Marketing 

The Caputo Family 
Cocoplum Antiques 
Cotuit Rd. Mobil, Inc. 
Kathleen Cronin 
The Nurse Family 
Jenna, Patricia, Bud Schermerhorn 
The Village Merchant 

Marissa Muecci 

Congratulations Seniors 
The Deli 

Rte 6A Sandwich, Mass. 

And The 
Class Of ’97 

Good Luck Jenny And The 

Place Of ’Q7 


Jason, Congratulations! T 

^ou Have Worked So 

Hard. We Are Very 

^ Proud Of You!! 


Cesspool Service 







Love Pam, Eddie, Heather, 

(508) 888-5871 

And Bethany Gibbs 

Lynn, Congratulations! We Are So 
Proud Of You!!! 


Love Pam, Eddie, Heather, And Bethany Gibbs 









Car & Truck Sales and Leasing 
Mechanical and Body Repairs 
Rentals - featuring Current 
Model Ford Cars, Vans S. Trucks 

ROUTE 44 at ROUTE 3 

(Samoset StJ 


( 508 ) 746-3400 







131 Route 6A 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Gift & Christmas Shops 
5 Merchants Square 
Sandwich, MA 02563 
(Rte. 6A - Opposite Purity) 


8 Spring 
Plymouth, MA 02360 
(opposite John Carver Inn) 

Sandwich, M A 02563 

Sandwich Crafters 
Heidi’s Gem 

23 Jarves Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Heidi Arnold Tori-Anne’s Newstand 

Corey And Peter 

Gibbs Rubbish 


We’re Proud Of You! 

Love Moms, Dads, Grandma, Grampa, Jann, 
Gerry, Sharon, Rick, Caitlin, Kendra, James, 
Kit, And Hannah 


Good Luck Class Of 1 997 


Dr. William C. Bowers 

Dr. Frank W. Arnold 

Future Luck Class Of ’97 


2 Jan Sebastian Way 
Sandwich, MA 02563 


Merchants Sq. 112 Davis Straits 

Sandwich, MA Falmouth, MA 

888-3938 457-4420 


48 Route 130, Forestdale 

Heritage Press, Inc. 

hdodem Printing CS Old-Fashioned Service 


CLASS OF 1997 

Dominic Macone, Jr. 

High Speed Copying 
Color Copying 
Business Stationery 
Business Cards 

Wedding Invitations 

267 Cotuit Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Phone 508 477-5454 
Fax 508 477-2854 


419 Palmer Avenue. Falmouth, MA (508) 548-8485 
331 Cotuit Road, Sandwich, MA (508) 833-1696 

Class Of 1997 

Sandwich Professional 

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Meetinghouse Mini- Mall SVStl 

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Sandwich, MA 02563 



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Dr. Charles K. Polglase, Optometrist 

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All Of Your Family” XOXO 


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To Them! 

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^ ^^OOO 

Congratulations To A Beautiful 
Grandaughter, Susannah! 

Enjoy Your Graduation Present! 
Grandpa Crimmins Grandpa Cronin 

Good Luck Class Of 


Scott Johnson 



Little Sister Sue! 

You Are One Of The Best Things That's 
Ever Happened To Me. Everyday Of Your 
Life, There’s Another Reason To Love You. 
You Have Grown To Be A Beautiful Person, 
Inside And Out. May Your Dreams Come 
True Through Music And Dance And The 
Sparkle Return To Your Eyes. 



Christopher Matthew 

T. J. 

Cronin Cronin 

Good Luck 

t > 

H To 

' The CLass Of 


May Your 
Futures Be 
Guided By 

* Spirit 

* Honesty 

* Grace 

Congratulations To 
The Class Of 1997 

’Wt'w ^UetuU.,,‘iO*%c ____ 

Good Luck 

Best Of Luck 

Class Of ’97 


Love To Hilary And Jason 





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21 ROUTE 6 A 



We're proud of you! 
You deserve the best. 


Mom. Dad & Mike 

Jenn Powers 


Kelly Curran 

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Michael Curran 
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Curran 
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Ryan Currier 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Currier 

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Jeffrey Daniels 
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Christopher Darmon 
Mr. & Mrs. William Darmon 
42 Newtown Road 
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Thomas DeBose 
c/o Mr. & Mrs. Derek LaSalle 
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Meghan Devine 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Devine 

62 Mill Road 

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Jennifer Dewar 
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Dewar 
16 Timber Way 
R.F.D. 2 

Sandwich. MA 02563 

Philip DeConto 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph DeConto 

252 Rte. 6A 

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Mr. & Mrs. Steven Diesso 
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Eric Dolan 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dolan 
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Holly Files 
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Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbs 
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Box 338 

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Sandwich, MA 02563 Sandwich, MA 02563 

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2 1 Greenville Drive 
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62 Main Street 

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So Young Morris 
Mr. & Mrs. John Morris 
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Amanda Morrison 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence 
57 Windsor Road 
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Ploughed Neck Road EX2 

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Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jewell 
25 Sandy Neck Road 
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Mr, & Mrs. Russell Johansen 
1 5 Indian Trail 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

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Mr. & Mrs. Scott Johnson 

74 Mill Road 

East Sandwich. MA 02537 

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Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jones 
46 Moody Drive 
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Jacob Josselyn 
Mr. & Mrs. Terence Josselyn 
24 Luscombe Eane 
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Mr. & Mrs. Robert Joyce 

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Elizabeth Katehis 

Ms. Jean Rice 

16 Old Farm Lane 

P.O. Box 1066 

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Mr. & Mrs. Frank 
191 Great Hill Road 
P.O. Box 105 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Christina Koestner 
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Koestner 
7 Dowager Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jordan Lacasse 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lacasse 

7 Holder Lane 

P.O. Box 857 

Sandwich, MA 02563 

Brian Lalumiere 

Mr. & Mrs. David Lalumiere 

44 Kiah’s Way 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Melissa Lanoie 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lanoie 
1 9 Evergreen Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Christine Latimer 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Latimer 
1 5 Crowell Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jason Lavallee 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lavallee 
8 Edward Kelly Road 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kathleen Keough 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Keough 

1 2 Morgan Trail 

Richard Lawrence 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard 

P.O. Box 421 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Russell Norton 
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Norton 
Quaker Meetinghouse Road 
P.O. Box 434 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Samantha Nurse 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Nurse 
18 Ridgewood Drive 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Jami Nydam 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Nydam 
1 3 Bayview Road 
P.O. Box 584 

West Barnstable, MA 02668 

Christopher Nyhan 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nyhan 
108 Tupper Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kelly O’Brien 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Brien 
4 Jeanne’s Way 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Kelly O’Connell 

Mrs. Linda Parent 

400 Quaker Meetinghouse 


East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Savvas Papadopoulos 
Mr. & Mrs. Symeon 
2 Robin Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Crystal Pape 
Mr. & Mrs. David Pape 
21 Kensington Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Christopher Paschal 
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Paschal 

9 Burbank Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Corinne Pereira 
Mrs. Susan Binney 

10 Greenville Drive 
P.O. Box 222 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Kelly Perry 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Perry 
18 June Lane 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Erin Petersen 
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Petersen 
30 Pine Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Megan Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Phillips 

1 1 Sarah Lawrence Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

James Picariello 
Ms. Frances Picariello 
10 Rolling Ridge Lane 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Lynn Pola 

Mr. & Mrs. Gustavo Pola 

12 Jarves Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Brian Polcaro 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Polcaro 

9 Deacons Path 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jennifer Powers 

Mr. & Mrs. William Powers 

19 Easterly Drive 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Anthea Rich 
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Rich 
45 Greenville Drive 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Joshua Rogers 
Ms. Claudia Naylor 
26 Lakeview Drive 
South Sandwich, MA 02563 

Julie Rogers 

Mr. & Mrs. George Rogers 
2 Capt. Towne Road 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Brenna Romanowicz 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark 
191 Rt. 6A 
P.O. Box 2203 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Steven Sampson 

Mr. & Mrs. David Sampson 

10 Overlook Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Paul Sandborg 
Mr. Paul Sandborg 
6 Old Fields Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Heather Scott 
Ms. Agnes Franklin 

Ian Searle 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Searle 
9 George Gallant Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Aaron Shaffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Shaffer 
12 Wellfield Road 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Jason Sietins 

Mr. & Mrs. Juris Sietins 

53 Hammond Road 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Mami Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith 

3 Pine Needle Lane 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

John Sotirkys 

Mr. & Mrs. John Sotirkys 

140 Pinkham Road 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Brian Stanton 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stanton 
7 Raymond Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Nicholas Stavros 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul O’Brien 
1 1 Indian Trail 
P.O. Box 1358 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

William Stewart 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stewart 
12 Heather Hill Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Jeffrey Streeter 
Mr. & Mrs. George Streeter 
72 Old Fields Road 
Sandwich, MA 02537 

Meghan Sylvester 

Mr. & Mrs. James Sylvester 

3 Locust Lane 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Michael Tanionos 
Mr. John Tanionos 
36 Atkins Road Apt. G-2 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Amy Tedeschi 

Mr. & Mrs. Silvio Tedeschi 

22 Deerwood Drive 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kristen Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thomas 

36 Easterly Drive 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Kara Trent 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Trent 
P.O. Box 157 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Marina Valle 
Ms. Margilyn Valle 
10 Evsun Drive 
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Mr. & Mrs. Martin Varley 
10 Quail Hollow Circle 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Robyn Vockrodt 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vockrodt 
88 Old Fields Road 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Colin Walsh 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Walsh 
16 Sleepy Hollow Lane 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Rebecca Weiner 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weiner 
30 Moody Drive 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Matthew Wellman 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wellman 
17 Pondview Street 
Sandwich, MA 02563 

Stephanie Wilhite 
Ms. Nancy Wilhite 
41 Deep Woods 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

Richard Yohn 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Yohn 
4 Great Bend Road 
P.O. Box 286 

East Sandwich, MA 02537 

42 Artisan Way 
P.O. Box 86 
Forestdale, MA 02644 

45 Woodridge Road 
East Sandwich, MA 02537 

Hillary Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Thomas 


My friends, it is time to say hello to the future. The past has provided many fond 
memories, the present is a moment we will cherish, and the future holds soon to be 
determined challenges. These past four years have provided us with laughter, stress, 
and tears. As a united family, we pulled together as loyal friends and made our mark 
on Sandwich High School. I will treasure the times we shared, the friendships we 
made and all the memories, (both the good and bad.) Remember these times as we 
move ahead, for all of us have different lives to be led. If at any point you’re down, or 
need a friend to help you turn things around. I’ll always be here to listen and to help. 

May you all reach your goals, find true peace and happiness, and return back home 
to share with us your accomplishments. May you never forget “that the road to a 
friends house is never a long one.” My door will always be open and I hope that our 
friendships will grow through the ages. It has been a remarkable ride and I’m truly 
proud of all of you. You will always be NUMBER ONE in my eyes. “Live long and 



Pope John Paul II undergoes 
surgery for an inflamed 
appendix in October His chief surgeon, 
□r. Francesco Crucitti, announces that 
the 78-year-old leader of the Roman 
Catholic Church is free from "previously 
undiscovered serious ailments.” 

Reuters/Archive Photos 



In November, a hijacked 
Ethiopian airliner crashes 
after running out of fuel. 
The crash occurs near a 
resort beach in the 
Comoros Islands in the 
Indian Ocean. At least 
1 23 of the 1 75 people 
on board die, including 
the hijackers. 

After 36 years. Central 
America’s longest civil 
war ends when Indian 
rebels and military 
leftists sign a truce 
in Guatemala. 

British TelecommunF 
cations agrees to 
purchase MCI 
Communications for up ^ 
to $21 billion in 
November. The deal is 
the biggest foreign 
purchase of a U.S. 
company ever concluded. 

King Hussein of 
Jordan (right] 
visits the West Bank of 
the Jordan River In 
October to show 
support for the 
Palestinian-lsraeli peace 
talks and the 
establishment of an 
independent Palestinian 
state. It is Hussein's 
first visit since Jordan 
lost the territory to 
Israel in the 1 967 Arab- 
Israeli War. 

™ Reuters/A(i^®» Photos ■ 

gather in 

^ Alija Izetbegovic, leader of 
Bosnia's Muslim Party of 
Democratic Action, is elected 
chairman of the country's new 
three-person presidency in 
September. The election is held 
in accordance with provisions 
of the U.S.-brokered Dayton 
peace agreement. 

Toronto, Canada on 
October 25 to protest 
cutbacks in social 
services by the Ontario 
Thousands of people 
march through the city 
during “Metro Days 
of Action,” organized 
by labor and social 

AP/Wide Worid I 

A U.N. -negotiated treaty 
banning chemical 
weapons worldwide is set 
to take effect in the 
spring. The treaty 
prohibits the 

development, production, 
stockpiling or use of 
chemical weapons, and 
calls for the destruction 
of existing supplies. The 
treaty is signed by 1 60 
nations, including the U.S. 

President Boris 
Yeltsin wins reelection in 
July, despite persistent 
health problems. After 
successful heart 
surgery In November he 
returns to work. 

The Miss World beauty 
I pageant, held in Bangalore, 

India in November, raises a storm of 
protests, some violent, including one 
by a group threatening to stage a 
mass suicide during the pageant's 
telecast. A new Miss World is crowned 
without incident. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

A pipe bomb explodes in 
n Centennial Olympic Park after 
the first day of competition at the 
Summer Olympics In Atlanta. Flags fly 
at half-mast to mourn the 1 person 
killed and more than 100 injured. 

AP/Wide World 

In a group so 
large it could be 
tracked by satellite, 
hundreds of thousands 
of refugees abandon 
camps in Zaire in 
November and begin a 
journey home to 
Rwanda, which they had 
fled to escape a civil 
war. Closing of the 
camps forces the 
refugees to flee. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

r- m Mass graves containing the 
" bodies of Muslims, allegedly 
murdered by Serbs in 1 992 during the 
Bosnian civil war, are excavated in 
Bosnia-Herzegovina throughout the 
year as a shaky peace negotiated in 
1 995 continues. 

July 17, 
Trans World 
Airlines Flight 800 
explodes 13,700 feet 
above the Atlantic 
Ocean, killing all 230 
passengers and crew 
members. The Boeing 
747-1 00 was en route 
to Paris from New 
York. The cause of 
the explosion remains 
a mystery. 

-A Anti-American Saudi 
terrorists are 
blamed for a truck bomb 
that kills 19 U.S. service 
people on June 25 in 
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 
Mourners grieve at a 
memorial service held in 
Khobar, Saudi Arabia. 

Agence France-Presse 

■ Prince Charles, 
heir to the 
British throne, and 
Diana, Princess of 
Wales, are divorced on 
August 28. 

According to one 
observer, "The 

marriage of the 
century is over.' 

Israeli right-wing leader 
^1 Benjamin Netanyahu wins 
the May 1 996 election for 
Prime Minister defeabng Prime 
Minister Shimon Peres, whom 
many Israelis think is making too 
many concessions to Israel's 
Arab neighbors. 

More than 300 Tutsi refugees 
in the African country of 
Burundi are slain by Hutus, a rival 
ethnic group. The covered bodies, 
mostly women and children, illustrate 
the ferocity of the conflict. 

A lone 
gunman kills 
1 6 kindergartners, 
their teacher, and then 
himself, at a Dunblane, 
Scotland school in 
March 1 996. A month 
after the tragedy, 
officials tear down the 
school gymnasium in 
which the shootings 

AP/Wide World 

AP/Wjde World 

AP/Wide World 


BIntI Jua, a 
'r' gorilla at 
Chicago's Brookfield 
Zoo, becomes a hero 
when she rescues a 
3-year-old boy knocked 
unconscious after falling 
1 8 feet into the ape 
enclosure. The boy 
suffers brain contusions 
but soon recovers. 

One of the 
r longest armed 
stand-offs in U.S. 
history occurs outside 
Jordan, Montana 
between the FBI and 
members of an anti- 
government group 
calling itself the 
Freemen. The 81 -day 
siege ends peacefully 
in June. 


The U.S. Army issues 
strict new policies for drill 
instructors and female 
trainees, as hundreds of 
complaints of sexual 
harassment are revealed 
in November. Drill 
instructors are now 
required to leave their . 
doors open if a / 

female is inside. / 
and women must 
travel in pairs. \ 

After thousands of ^ 
veterans complain of 
illnesses since the 1991 
Persian Gulf War, the 
Pentagon warns they 
may have been exposed 
to chemical weapons. 

The Pentagon reveals 
that up to two tons of 
sarin nerve gas may have 
been released. 

Six-year-old beauty 
pageant queen JonBenet 
Pamsey is found 
murdered in the 
basement of her parents' 
Colorado home the day 
after Christmas. Her 
death raises a nationwide 
awareness of 
controversial youth 
beauty pageants. 

Speaker of the House 
Newt Gingrich (P-Georgia) 
is fined $300,000 in a 
bipartisan vote after the 
House Ethics 
Committee's year-long 
investigation into alleged 
financial improprieties. 

: Robert Press Images 

Arain against 

American churches, 
mostly in the South, is 
a serious problem in 
1996, as hundreds of 
churches are burned 
down. Residents of 
Portland, Oregon 
survey the damage 
inside a church after a 
June fire. 

□n August 1 1 , a 
boater rescues 
1 0-year-old Taylor 
Touchstone from the 
snake- and alligator- 
infested waters of a 
Florida swamp 1 4 miles 
away from where he 
disappeared August 7. 
Although exhausted 
and badly scratched, 
the autistic boy 
recovers fully. 

Former U.N. ambassador 
Madeleine Albright is 
nominated for Secretary of State by 
President Clinton on December 5. 
Confirmed in office in January 
1 997, Albright is the first woman 
to head the State Department. 

Theodore Kaczynski, alleged 
^ 1 ^ to be the "Unabomber," who 
killed 3 people and wounded 
more than 2D others with mail 
bombs since 1978, is arrested in 
Montana in April 1 996. Information 
provided by Kaczynski's brother 
leads to the arrest. 

AP/Wide World 

Seven-year-old pilot Jessica 
Dubroff is killed when her 
Cessna airplane crashes shortly 
after take-off in bad weather from 
the Cheyenne, Wyoming airport. 
Her flying instructor and her father, 
the plane's two passengers, are 
also killed in the April 1 996 crash. 

i ' 

AP/Wide World 


1^ Jefferson Clinton 
defeats Republican Bob 
Dole and Independent 
H. Ross Perot to 
become the 42nd 
president of the U.S. 
and the last president of 
the 2Dth century. 

Clinton is the first 
Democrat since 
Franklin Roosevelt to 
be reelected to a 
second term. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

abnormally heavy 
rains in November 
undermine the roadbed 
of Oregon's Interstate 
5, creating a 40-foot- 
deep sinkhole, into 
which two semitrailer 
trucks tumble. 

The Citadel, South 
^ 1 ^ Carolina’s traditionally 
alFmale military academy, 
admits four women, including 
Petra Loventinska [left] and 
Jeanie Montavlos. Montavlos 
and another female cadet later 
drop out, citing harassment 
and "sadistic” hazing. 

AP/Wlde World 

^ A civil jury finds former football 
I star D.J. Simpson liable for the 
June 12, 1994 wrongful deaths of his 
ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and 
her friend, Ronald Goldman. In a 
unanimous verdict, the jury awards 
$8.5 million in compensatory damages 
to Goldman's parents. The Brown and 
Goldman families are each awarded 
$12.5 million in punitive damages. 

J Nationwide, 
forest fires 
blacken more than 
twice the acreage lost 
to fires in an average 
year. California, 

Montana and Oregon 
are particularly hard hit. 

^ Topsail Beach, a town on an 
^1 island off the coast of North 
Carolina, is one of many Eastern 
locations hit hard by Hurricane Bertha 
in July. Six powerful hurricanes, all with 
winds over 110 miles per hour, made 
1 996 a near-record year doing $3.5 
billion in damage in the U.S. 

Kurt Miller, Then^^nlerphse 

All 110 people aboard a 
ValuJet DC-9 are killed in 
May 1 996 when a fire breaks 
out in the cargo hold. The plane, 
en route from Miami to Atlanta, 
crashes and disappears almost 
completely into the Florida 
Everglades, making it difficult for 
workers to retrieve wreckage. 

Schwarz Gamma/Liatson 

Security guard Richard Jewell 
is investigated as a suspect in 
the July Olympic Park bombing. After 
three months of media frenzy, during 
which Jewell is a virtual prisoner in 
his home, the U.S. Justice 
Department admits there is no 
evidence against him. 

Six-year-old first- / 
grader Johnathan ' 
Prevette is suspended from 
his Lexington, North 
Carolina elementary school A 
for violating the city f 

schools' sexual conduct 
guidelines — he kissed a female 
classmate. Prevette is quickly 
reinstated after a nationwide 
controversy over the suspension. 



tuwz 'ttioaiKM9i|l»uof 

iP/Wide World 

^Egyptians begin 
work to 
preserve the Great 
Sphinx from the 
ravages of wind, 
pollution and time. The 
4,500-year-old statue 
is located in Giza near 
the giant pyramids. 


Shannon Lucid [right] 
spends 1 88 days in 
space, breaking 
American space 
endurance records 
after joining the crew of 
the Russian space 
station Mir. 

The Mars 
Surveyor Trolley, 
named Sojourner, is 
carried on-board 
Mars Pathfinder, an 
unmanned spacecraft 
launched in December 
Sojourner, a free-roving 
probe the size of a 
child's wagon, will 
photograph the Martian 
surface and determine 
the composition of 
rocks on Mars. 


A 9,300-year-old 
skeleton discovered in 
July near Richland, 
Washington is the oldest 
and most intact set of 
human bones ever 
discovered in Morth 
America. Research is 
suspended, however, 
as the tribes from the / 
Native American 
grounds where it is 
found claim the u 

skeleton as an T 

ancestor and want the 
bones buried. 

Trauma Seal, a new 
medical adhesive that is 
applied like a lip-balm 
stick, is in clinical trials at 
10 hospitals and health 
care institutions 
nationwide. The 
biodegradable adhesive 
could eliminate stitches 
and return visits. 

New York Police 
Department canines 
begin wearing three- 
pound, infrared cameras, 
scouting out potentially 
dangerous areas before 
police officers enter the 
scene. Handlers are 
developing bullet-proof 
vests for the dogs 
to wear. 

A new category of animal 
is discovered in the form 
of bacteria that live on 
the lips of lobsters. 
Symbian pandora, which 
lives on food scraps 
from lobster lips, is called 
“the zoological highlight 
of the decade.” 

Videogame giant Nintendo 
releases its long-awaited 
Nintendo 64, a new hardware 
system that draws players into the 
game and moves three times 
faster than any existing system. 

AP/WidB World 

In August, scientists 
discover evidence of 
bacteria-like life on a meteorite 
found in 1 984 and believed to be 
part of the crust of Mars 4.5 billion 
years ago. It is the first possible 
proof that life is not unique to Earth. 

Satellite dishes 
become one of 
the year's hottest-selling 
electronic consumer 
products. Owners find 
the savings of not 
paying for cable 
services cover the cost 
within a few months. 

An expedition to raise the 
I Titanic, the legendary 
''unsinkable'' ocean liner that sank 
on its maiden voyage in 1912, 
from its North Atlantic grave more 
than two miles deep, ends in failure 
in August due to rough seas. 

Monterey Bay 
Aquarium opens a new 
wing in March 1 996. 
The million-gallon indoor 
ocean showcases the 
marine life of the 
outer reaches of 
Monterey Bay, 5 to 
BO miles offshore. 

The Hubble Space Telescope 
captures new images of 
quasars, the universe's most powerful 
and baffling phenomena. Previously 
thought only to exist in colliding 
galaxies, new pictures indicate 
quasars can also exist in undisturbed 
galaxies — causing astronomers to 
revisit their theories. 

AP/Wide World 

from Icefand’s 
Loki volcano blast 
33, OCX) feet in the air 
on October 9. Molten 
rock from the volcano’s 
5-mile-vvide fissure 
melts through more 
than 2,000 feet of 
glacial ice, threatening 
the island with 
widespread flooding. 

^*i^The world's largest flower, the 
Htl^pitan Arum, also known as the 
“corpse flower,” blooms in London’s 
Kew Gardens for the first time since 
1 363. The flower is nicknamed for 
its strong stench when in bloom. 

suggests that hormone 
therapies can keep 
middle-aged men 
stronger and more 
youthful. A 
releasing skin patch 
caled Androderm is 
prescrted by many 
doctor s to 
suppl eme nt the 
natural hormone. 

An "oxygen bar" in 
Toronto, Canada allows 
patrons to pay $1 6 to spend 
20 minutes breathing pure 
oxygen. The owners of the Og 
Spa Bar claim the treatment is 
a healthy way to reinvigorate 
the body and offer fruit "flavors" 
to liven up the experience. 

Mary Leakey, shown with 
husband Louis Leakey in a 1 959 
photograph, dies in December. 
Discoveries by the Leakeys 
throughout their careers are 
some of the most important 
in paleoanthropological 
history. Her greatest 
discovery was a trail 
of 3.7-million-year- 
old footprints, which 
proved that 
hominids walked 
upright far earlier 
than previously 

--.X The Smithsonian Institution 
celebrates the 1 50th 
anniversary of its founding with a 
nationwide tour of prize exhibits, 
including this stovepipe hat worn by 
Abraham Lincoln. 

UPl/ Corbis-Bettmann 

Princeton) and NASA 


AP/Wide World 





A 9,300-year-old 
skeleton discovered in 
July near Richland, 
Washington is the oldest 
and most intact set of 
human bones ever 
discovered in North 
America. Research is 
suspended, however, 
as the tribes from the 
Native American 
grounds where it is 
found claim the 
skeleton as an 
ancestor and want the 
bones buried. 

New York Police 
Department canines 
begin wearing three- 
pound, infrared cameras, 
scouting out potentially 
dangerous areas before 
police officers enter the 
scene. Handlers are 
developing bullet-proof 
vests for the dogs 
to wear. 



Shannon Lucid [right] 
spends 1 88 days In 
space, breaking 
American space 
endurance records 
after joining the crew of 
the Russian space 
station Mir. 

Videogame giant Nintendo 
releases Its long-awaited 
Nintendo 64, a new hardware 
system that draws players Into the 
game and moves three times 
faster than any existing system. 

AP/Wide World 

^Egyptians begin 
work to 
preserve the Great 
Sphinx from the 
ravages of wind, 
pollution and time. The 
4,500-year-old statue 
is located in Giza near 
the giant pyramids. 

Trauma Seal, a new 
medical adhesive that is 
applied like a lip-balm 
stick, is in clinical trials at 
10 hospitals and health 
care institutions 
nationwide. The 
biodegradable adhesive 
could eliminate stitches 
and return visits. 

A new category of animal 
is discovered in the form 
of bacteria that live on 
the lips of lobsters. 
Symbian pandora, which 
lives on food scraps 
from lobster lips, is called 
"the zoological highlight 
of the decade.” 

^-1 An expedition to raise the 
Titanic, the legendary 
"unsinkable" ocean liner that sank 
on Its maiden voyage in 1912, 
from its North Atlantic grave more 
than two miles deep, ends in failure 
in August due to rough seas. 

1^ The Mars 

Surveyor Trolley, 
named Sojourner, is 
carried on-board 
Mars Pathfinder, an 
unmanned spacecraft 
launched in December. 
Sojourner, a free-roving 
probe the size of a 
child's wagon, will 
photograph the Martian 
surface and determine 
the composition of 
rocks on Mars. 

In August, scientists 
discover evidence of 
bacteria-like life on a meteorite 
found in 1 984 and believed to be 
part of the crust of Mars 4.5 billion 
years ago. It is the first possible 
proof that life is not unique to Earth. 

Satellite dishes 
become one of 
the year's hottest-selling 
electronic consumer 
products. Owners find 
the savings of not 
paying for cable 
services cover the cost 
within a few months. 

^ 1996 Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photography by Randy Wilder 

Toronto, Canada allows 
patrons to pay $1 6 to spend 
20 minutes breathing pure 
oxygen. The owners of the Og 
Spa Bar claim the treatment is 
a healthy way to reinvigorate 
the body and offer fruit "flavors” 
to liven up the experience. 

Mary Leakey, shown with 
husband Louis Leakey in a 1 959 
photograph, dies in December. 
Discoveries by the Leakeys 
throughout their careers are 
some of the most important 
in paieoanthropological 
history. Her greatest 
discovery was a trail 
of 3.7-million-year- 
old footprints, which 
proved that 
hominids walked 
upright far earlier 
than previously 

The Smithsonian Institution 
celebrates the 1 50th 
anniversary of its founding with a 
nationwide tour of prize exhibits, 
including this stovepipe hat worn by 
Abraham Lincoln. 

UPl/ Corbis-Bettmann 



The Hubble Space Telescope 
captures new images of 
quasars, the universe’s most powerful 
and baffling phenomena. Previously 
thought only to exist in colliding 
galaxies, new pictures indicate 
quasars can also exist in undisturbed 
galaxies — causing astronomers to 
revisit their theories. 

1^ Monterey Bay 
Aquarium opens a new 
wing in March 1996. 
The million-gallon indoor 
ocean showcases the 
marine life of the 
outer reaches of 
Monterey Bay, 5 to 
6D miles offshore. 

AP/Wtde World 


'The Late Show" 
host David 
Letterman (right), who 
had been hinting at 
retirement, re-signs 
his contract with 
CBS, keeping him at 
'The Late Show" 
through 2002. 

RP/Wide World 


Former NFL 
commissioner Pete 
Rozelle dies on December 
6. Rozelle is credited 
with transforming 
professional football into 
America's top spectator 
sport, and with inventing 
the Super Bowl. 

The ever-present Cindy 
Crawford releases a 
book on applying 
make-up. Basic Face 
enjoys a long run on the 
best-seller lists. 

The National Women's 
Hall of Fame opens in 
Seneca Falls, New York, 
inducting 1 1 women, 
including author Louisa 
May Alcott, and Oveta 
Culp Hobby, the nation's 
first female colonel. 

Archbishop of Chicago, 
Cardinal Joseph 
Bernardin dies of 
pancreatic cancer in 
November, Bernardin 
was known for being a 
reconciler in churches 
torn between tradition 
and modern culture, as 
well as for speaking out 
against physician- 
assisted suicide. 

Mother Teresa. 1979 
I Nobel Peace Prize winner, 
suffers a heart attack in late 
December, It is the 86-year-old 
Roman Catholic nun's fourth 
serious illness in 1996. 

AP/Wide World 

Basketball megastar 
Michael Jordan 
launches his own 
cologne: Michael 
Jordan Cologne. Demand 
for the fragrance is so 
high that manufacturer 
Bijan Fragrances limits 
sales to 1 2 bottles 
per customer 

Duchess of Yoric, 
and Prince Andrew, 
Duke of Yarkand 
son of Great 
Brkain^ Queen 
E b abeth I. are 
divorced in May 
1936. Tergw" 
subsequently goes 
pubic wfth TV 
appnnr>~r~ and 
an autabioo r ephy. 

4. In April 1 996, singer 
I Michael Jackson is seen 
escorting a woman later identified 
as Debbie Rowe, an employee of 
Jackson's plastic surgeon. In 
November, Jackson announces 
that he and Rowe are married and 
that she is carrying his child. 

Regis Philbin 
appears with 
host Rosie O'Donnell on 
ABC’s "The Rosie 
O'Donnell Show.” The 
talk show, which 
premieres in 1996, 
gains quick popularity 
and respect. 

AP/Wide Wnrid 

Music megastar Madonna 
L gives birth to Lourdes Maria 
Ciccone Leon, a 6-pound, 9-ounce girl, 
on October 14. Madonna's big year 
continues when she wins a Golden 
Globe for her role in Andrew Lloyd 
Webber's on-screen rendition of the 
musical Evita. 

In October, TV talk-show host 
T Jenny Jones testifies during the 
Michigan murder trial of Jonathan 
Schmitz. Schmitz was accused of killing 
Scott Amedure, who revealed romantic 
feelings for Schmitz during a March 
1 995 taping of a "Jenny Jones Show." 

AP/Wide World 

In a small. 

secret ceremony 
on an island off the 
coast of Georgia, John 
F. Kennedy Jr. marries 
Carolyn Bessette, a 
Calvin Klein publicist, in 
September. Kennedy, 
who dated Bessette for 
two years, had long 
been considered one 
of the world’s most 
eligible bachelors. 

Stephane Cardinale. Sygma 

Universal Crty from Shooting Star 

boxer Muhammad Aii 
is the final athlete to 
bear the Olympic 
torch, lighting the 
Olympic flame at the 
opening of the 
Centennial Summer 
Olympics in Atlanta 
on July 19. 

i Miss 
Kansas, ^ 
Tara Oawn 
Holland, is 
crowned Miss 
America at the 
1 996 pageant on 
September 14. 

L Angela Lansbury 
i“^appears in her final 
season as mystery writer Jessica 
Fletcher on CBS’s “Murder, She 
Wrote.* The hugely successful 
show ran for 1 2 seasons. 

Basketball player 
^p^Kobe Bryant joins 
the Los Angeles Lakers 
straight out of high 
school, signing a multi- 
million dollar contract / 
during the team's / 
1996-1997 season. 

'^ohn F. Kennedy Library 

More than 4,CXX) 
items owned by former 
First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy 
□nassis and President John F. 
Kennedy are auctioned off in 
April 1 99B, including a 
necklace of simulated pearls 
shown in this 1 9B2 
photograph. The fake pearls, 
valued at $5IX) to $700, sell 
for $211 ,500, bringing the 
auction total to $34.5 million. 

New York Yankees fan Jeffrey 
Maier interferes with a fly ball 
during game one of the American 
League Championship Series on 
October 9. The hit is ruled a 
home run, tying the game 4 to 4 in 
the eighth inning and making Maier 
New York's hero for a day. 

Veteran comedian George Burns 
dies in March 199B, just weeks 
after reaching the age of 1 00. The 
legendary Burns won an Oscar, an Emmy 
and a Grammy Award in an Illustrious 
career dating back to vaudeville. 

As a stand against the invasion 
of his privacy, George Clooney, 
star of NBC's "ER,” boycotts 
Paramount's "Entertainment Tonight” 
after its sister show “Hard Copy” runs 
unauthorized footage of the actor's 
private life. 

Lee / Archive Photos 



Tom Cruise stars in 
Jerry Maguire, a 
romantic comedy about a 
sports agent who 
decides to change his 
shallow ways, and 
spends the rest of the 
movie trying to regain his 
success. It is a 
breakthrough role for 
Cruise, who is 
normally depicted as 
a cocky winner. 

English actor/director 
Kenneth Branagh plays 
Hamlet in his star- 
studded remake of 
Shakespeare’s classic. 
Despite running four 
hours, the movie is a 
critical and box-office 

NBC's Thursday night 
drama "ER” features 
television's first HIV- 
positive prominent 
character. Jeanie Boulet, 
a physician’s assistant 
played by Gloria Reuben, 
is relatively open about 
her condition and helps 
confront the stigma 
of AIDS. 


igv» w#-*. 


Scott Adams’ Dilbert, the 
comic strip about office 
politics, captures the nation’s 
imagination. In book form. The 
Dilbert Principle becomes a 
national best-seller. 

.--da Patrick Stewart 
1^ [left] and Brent 
Spiner [right] star in 
Star Trek: First Contact, 
a movie featuring 
characters from the TV 
show “Star Trek: The 
Next Generation." 

20lh Century Fox from Snooting Star 

ki- ■‘.j:.,; t' j-, Warner Bros. TV from Shooting Star 

To honor the 20th 
anniversary of its 
release, producer George 
Lucas issues a ’’remade" 
Star Wars, with new 
scenes, computerized 
special effects and 
souped-up animation. 
Lucas’ grand plan calls 
for a nine-film cycle, 
including prequels. 

^ V ^ Actors Winona Ryder and 
Daniel Day-Lewis star in The 
Crucible, which opens in December. 
The screen adaption of Arthur 
Miller's famous play about the 
Salem witch trials is written by 
Arthur Miller himself. 

you I do! 

Academy Award- 
winning actor 
Tom Hanks’ first effort 
at directing receives 
critical praise when 
That Thing You Do!, a 
movie about the 
meteoric rise and fall of 
a 1 9BDs rock band, 
opens in October. 

20th Century Fox from Shooting Star 


Model Brooke Shields [center] 

moves to television in NBC’s 
"Suddenly Susan," a sit-com premiering 
in September. Shields plays a columnist 
opposite magazine editor Judd Nelson 
[far right]. 

4 -; 

Sherry Stringfield, Dr. Susan 
Lewis on NBC’s "ER," leaves 
the show at the peak of her 
character’s popularity. In her final 
episode, when Dr. Mark Greene, 
played by Anthony Edwards, declares 
his love for Susan, the show garners 
rts highest ratings ever. 


publishes The 
Lost World, a 
sequel to 
Jurassic Park, 
the colossal 
novel and 
movie. The 


generate just as 
much hype, with a movie 
already in the works. 

NBC from Shooting Star 

Explosive special 
effects rivet 

audiences to their seats 
as they watch 
Independence Day, 
one of summer’s 
blockbuster movies. 

4 -; 

Bugs Bunny and Chicago Bulls 
basketball star Michael Jordan 
share top billing in Space Jam, a 
partially animated feature film that 
opens in late November. 

20th Century Fox from Shooting Star 


4 Tom Cruise stars in 

Mission: Impossible, based i I 
on the 1 960s and '70s television 
series of the same name. Despite 
critical put-downs, the movie is a 
huge box-office hit. 

20th Century Fox from Shooting Star 

Actors Brad Pitt (left] and 
Jason Patric star in 
Sleepers, a film about four men and 
their extraordinary scheme to 
revenge the abuse they experienced 
as boys. The controversial movie 
also stars Dustin Hoffman, Robert 
De Niro and Kevin Bacon. 

John Lithgow [front right) 
earns both an Emmy and a 
Golden Globe Award for Best Actor 
in a Comedy Series in NBC’s '‘3rd 
Rock From the Sun," a sit-com 
about a family of aliens living in 
contemporary America. 

America’s favorite sit-com 
father. Bill Cosby, enjoys the 
success of his new CBS show, "Cosby." 
In January 1997, however, tragedy 
strikes as Cosby’s son Ennis is killed in 
Los Angeles in an apparent 
random robbery. 

Michael J. Fox 
returns to television in 
September as a deputy 
mayor in ABC's "Spin 
City," a sit-com about 
the inner workings 
of New 'York's 

Stars Bill Paxton and Helen 
Hunt flee a tornado of 
awesome proportions in Twister, 
another summer blockbuster, 
which tells the story of storm 
chasers highly devoted to studying 
the inner workings of tornadoes. 

Dream Works SK6 from 
Shooting Star 





Folk and blues artist 
Tracy Chapman returns 
to the scene in 1 996 
with the single tSive 
Me One Reason." 
Chapman receives five 
Grammy nominations in 
January 1 997. 

The artist formerly 
known as Prince 

Emancipation, a three- 
hour, three-CD afcum, 
in honor of his release 
from his Warner Bros, 
reconfing contract. 

Guitarist Slash of Guns 
N’ Roses forms his own 
band. His new group. 
Slash’s Blues Ball, is a 
six-man blues band 
pounded in the bhjes- 
based hard rock of 
the 1970s. 

British pop 
r superstars Liam 
[left) and Noel Gallagher 
cancel the remainder of 
a U.S. concert tour in 
September amid rumors 
that their band. Oasis, is 
breaking up. Denying the 
reports, the brothers 
announce they will 
release a new album in 
the summer of 1997. 

The Beatles’ Anthology 3. 
the third and final album 
from the reunited remaining 
members of the band, is released 
in November. Following the example 
of their two previous anthologies. 
Anthology 3 sells in record 

Rocker Sheryl Crow joois 
the ranks of musicians 
who have had their 
afcums banned from 
Wal-Mart. The retail 
giant obiects to a lyric 
alleging that kids Idi each 
other with guns they 
obtained from the store. 

Kiss bass guitarist Gene 
Simmons strikes a familiar 
pose as the band kicks off a reunion 
tour with a June 2B concert in 
Detroit. The tour marks the first 
time the original members of the 
band perform together since 1979. 



Canadian pop artist Celine 
7^ Dion tops the charts in 
1 99B with the album Falling Into 
You. which sells more than 1 B 
million copies worldwide. 

After 10 years of separation, members 
of the band Van Halen are reunited with 
their former lead singer, David Lee Roth (nght), 
at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. 
Roth later claims he thought he was rejoining 
the band, who chose a different lead singer. 

Heavy metal band Metallica 
is the headlining act for the 
summer concert Lollapalooza, 
traditionally an alternative-rock 
show. Metallica remains high- 
profile, winning an MTV award for 
the year's Best Hard Rock Video 
in September. 

No Doubt, fronted by lead 
singer Gwen Stefani, releases 
Tragic Kingdom, which includes such 
chart-toppers as “Just a Girl,” 
"Spiderwebs,” and “Don't Speak.” 

Counting Crows' second album, 
1 Recovering the Satellites, is 
released in October. The long awaited 
follow-up to 1 993's August and 
Everything After debuts at number one 
on the charts. 

George Strait is honored by the 
Country Music Association in 
October with three major awards — 
Single of the Year for "Check Yes or 
No," Album of the Year for Clear Blue 
Sky, and Male Vocalist of the Year. 

Steve Jennings. LGI 

_^^^The hit 

single J 

“Where It's At" 
kicks off the new 
Beck album 
Odelay, which is 
released to popular and 
critical acclaim. Spin magazine 
awards Beck Artist of the Year. 

Mike Hashimoto/NGI from LGI 

Toni Braxton's second album. 
* Secrets, is released in summer 
1996. Braxton wins R&B Single of the 
Year for “Let It Flow" at the Billboard 
Music Awards in the fall. 

Tim Mosenlelder, LGI 

Fourteen-year-old singing 
sensation LeAnn Rimes is 
I nominated for the Country Music 
Association’s Horizon Award after 
the breakthrough success of her 
single "Blue.” The popular new star 
is often compared to country 
music legend Patsy Cline. 

The music world is stunned in 
I September by the death of 
rapper Tupac Shakur, killed in a drive-by 
shooting in Las Vegas. Speculations as 
to the killer's motive abound, but the 
year ends with no answers and 
no arrests. 

Alanis Morissette's Jagged 
Little Pill reigns the charts, 
becoming the all-time top-selling 
album by a female artist. 
Morissette also dominates the 
1 996 Grammys by winning four 
awards, including Best Album. 

James L Lance. LGI 


Death Row Records 
co-founder Dr. Dre, often 
dubbed the “godfather of 'gangsta' 
rap,” begins distancing himself from 
hard-core rap. “Been There, Done 
That,” his break-away anthem, 
premieres on MTV in September. 

P^R.E.M.'s 12th 
.^,i^yalbum. New 
Adventures in Hi-Fi, the 
group’s first recording 
since 1 994’s Monster, 
is released by Warner 
Bros, in September. 

The Wallflowers, with 
HU ' Jakob Dylan, son of 
legendary folk artist Bob 
Dylan, release Bringing Down 
the Horse, which features hit 
singles “One Headlight” and “Bth 
Avenue Heartache.” 

AP ' Wide World Lisa Leone. LGI Adele Starr, LGI 

The New York 
Yankees win the 
World Series, beating 
the Atlanta Braves in a 
four-game sweep, after 
losing the first two 
games. It is the first 
series title for the 
Yankees since 1978. 


Tennis pro F’ete Sampras 
wins the eighth grand- 
slam title of his career 
at the U.S. Open in 
September. Steffi Graf 
wins the U.S. Open 
Women's title, beating 
Monica Seles. 

Pro boxer Mike Tyson 
loses his Heavyweight 
Champion of the 
World title to Evander 
Holyfield in a November 
match. Holyfield, a 
former two-time world 
champion, reclaims his 
title in the surprise win. 

Chicago Bulls star 
Dennis Rodman furthers 
his controversial 
reputation by kicking a 
photographer in the 
groin during a game 
against the Minnesota 
Timberwolves in January 
1997. Rodman is 
suspended for up to 11 
games without pay, 
costing him more than 
$1 million, in addition to 
a $25,000 fine to the 
NBA. as well as a 
reported $200,000 
settlement with the 

Baltimore Orioles second 
baseman Roberto 
Alomar is suspended for 
five games, deferred to 
the 1 997 season, when 
he spits on an umpire 
during a heated 
argument over a 
questionable call in the 
National League play-offs. 
Controversy ensues over 
the leniency of the 

Team USA wins the World 
Cup of Hockey, beating 
Canada 5-2 in the final. Eight 
teams from Canada, Europe and 
the U.S. participate in the 
World Cup, which replaced the 
Canada Cup. 


Twenty-year-old golfing 
phenom Eldrick 'Tiger” 
Woods turns pro in August, making 
the transition from exceptional 
amateur golfer to well-endorsed 
professional, including a deal 
with Nike worth an estimated 
$40 million. 

^In June, the 
Avalanche beat the 
Florida Panthers in the 
NHL Stanley Cup 
playeffs. The final game 
in the series remains 
scoreless until 1 ;05 
a.m., when the 
Avalanche finally score 
the winning goal in the 
third overtime period. 

Paul Molitor of the 
Minnesota Twins becomes 
the 21st player in major league 
history to reach 3,000 career 
hits. The milestone is reached in 
September, when Moirtor triples 
against Kansas City Royals rookie 
pitcher Jose Rosado. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

Race car driver Terry Labonte 
wins NASCAR’s Winston Cup 
championship with a total of 4,657 
points after finishing fifth in the 
final race, the Napa 500, at the 
Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

Led by quarterback Brett 
Favre, the Green Bay Packers 
beat the New England Patriots 35-21 
in Super Bowl XXXI at the Louisiana 
Superdome. It is the Packers' first 
Super Bowl since 1 968. 

1996 USA Today, reprinted with permission 

April 1 996 marks the 
100th running of the 
Boston Marathon. More than 
38,000 contenders participate. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

AP/Wide World 

U.S. Olympian ^ 

Michael Johnson ' 
wins the 200-meter final 
in a world-record time of 
19.32 seconds. 
Johnson's triumph 
comes three days t 

after he wins the A 

400-meter race, M 

making him the first ) 

man to win both v 

events in one ^ 


U.S. Olympian 
Dan O’Brien 
racks up 8,824 points 
to take the gold medal 
in the decathlon, a 
grueling, 10-event 



ip ^ 

The U.S 

I womens 
gymnastics team takes 
the gold at the Summer 
Olympics. Kerri Strug, 
second from right, is 
the heroine of the 
competition, landing her 
final vault despite a 
dislocated left ankle. 

_J^U.S. swimmer 
1 Amy Van Dyken 
wins the women's 
1 00-meter butterfly 
event at the Olympic 
Games with a time of 
59. 1 3 seconds. Van 
Dyken wins a total of 
four golds. 

Olympic swimmer Tom 
Dolan captures another 
gold for the U.S. as he wins 
the 40O-meter individual medley 
on July 21. Dolan wins with a 
time of 4:14.90. 

^ Jean Driscoll [front right) of the 
I U.S. takes the silver in the 
women's 800-meter wheelchair race, a 
demonstration sport, at the Summer 
Olympics. Driscoll, seven-time winner 
of the Boston Marathon, retires at the 
end of 1996, after setting several 
world records during her career. 

Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal 
jumps from the Orlando 
Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers in 
July. The deal is the richest in NBA 
history, paying O'Neal $1 80 million 
over 7 years. 

^ The Chicago Bulls win their 
I fourth NBA championship in six 
years as they defeat the Seattle 
SuperSonics in game six of the NBA 
finals on June 1 B. 

Minnesota Twins star 
centerfielder Kirby Puckett 
announces his retirement from 
baseball in July. A serious eye 
ailment forces Puckett to give up 
the game, but he manages to 
maintain his upbeat attitude at 
press conferences and interviews. 

UFESJYjLjfl ^ i 



Helping consumers 
maintain privacy, 
marketers promote 
home AIDS tests. 
Consumers draw their 
own blood and then send 
it away to be tested 

I A “Sesame Street” stuffed 

- toy causes panic among 

1 holiday shoppers. Tickle Me Elmo 
i sells out In stores nationwide, and 
I has shoppers fighting over scarce 
[ inventory and paying hundreds of 
: times the toy's value. 

My Twinn Doll Company 

Advancing technology 
means more options 
on telephones, 
including Caller ID, 
which becomes more 
common than ever in 
1 996. The display unit 
allows people to see the 
name and number of 
their caller before even 
answering the phone. 

Authors Ellen Fein and 
Sherrie Schneider 
release The Rules, a 
controversial manual 
teaching women 
strategies for getting a 
man to propose 
marriage. While the book 
draws criticism from 
both sexes, it is a 

^ The My Twinn Doll Company 
I offers individually crafted 
dolls that replicate, from a photo, 
the eye color, hair and facial 
features of a living girl. Each doll 
comes with two matching outfits, 
one for the doll and one for 
the owner. 

The U.S. Postal Service 
issues stamps 
Hanukkah, the first non- 
Christian religious 
holiday ever featured 
on a stamp. 

Casual Fridays become 
more and more 
widespread in American 
work culture. Businesses 
allow employees who 
normally dress in 
professional clothing at 
work to wear more 
comfortable, casual 
clothing on Fridays. 

The minimum 
wage is 
raised to $4.75 in 
October, and will 
increase again to | 
$5.15, effective I 
September 1 , 1 997. 

The beverage 

introduces a new 
concept — bottled 
water with caffeine! 
One bottle of the 
uncarbonated water 
contains as much 
caffeine as one cup 
of coffee. 

Nail polish colors get darker 
and funkier. Deep browns 
and blues are popular forms of 
expression and style. 

inspires an 
avalanche of 
filling stores 
with spotted 
toys, backpacks, 
games and other 
odds and ends. 

























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